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Kabimba asks Zambians to contribute money to help the Post clear its tax bill

Headlines Kabimba asks Zambians to contribute money to help the Post clear its...

Wynter Kabimba
Wynter Kabimba

Rainbow Party leader Wynter Kabimba has made a passionate appeal to Zambians from all walks of life to dip in their pockets and help save the Post Newspapers.

Mr Kabimba alleged that it is now clear that President Edgar Lungu is bent on closing down the newspaper using state agencies such as the Zambia Revenue Authority.

He feared that the closure of the Post would mark a sad picture in the development of Zambia’s democracy.
‘Ultimately the real losers would be the poor Zambians, whom the Post speaks for,’ Mr Kabimba said.

‘As poor as we are, let us dip in our pockets and contribute whatever we can to help the Post clear its tax arrears.’

In an interview in Lusaka, Mr Kabimba said the amount of money the ZRA is demanding that the Post Newspapers pays within 10 days is too high for a newspaper to manage given the short period of time.

‘The Post has stood behind poor Zambians throughout its over twenty year history and it is now time for Zambians to stand by the newspaper,’ he said.

He added, ‘Closing down the Post will see those officials in government go on a wanton plunder of resources which should be avoided at all costs.’

Mr Kabimba claimed that President Lungu is using the ZRA to see to it that the Post Newspaper becomes extinct.

‘Unfortunately this President is so scared that he has now targeted critical media such as the Post as his next target for harassment but in this case he is now going to outright closure, he wants to see the Post closed.’

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    • kabimba,,, ,,, everyone knows that this fight is for you kabimba and the post vs lungu and RB,,,, So dont abuse poor Zambians by asking them to throw stones for you.. deal with it as we Watch!!

    • Kabimba ‘s appeal is nothing but a total show of foolishness in his small brain. How on earth can the very people he and Mmembe helped PF to oppress dig deep in their pockets to bail his post? Mmembe must be hallucinating big time. I think he is totally lost his marbles completely.

      I remember warning Mmembe and his post for his stupid and biased reporting in favour of PF even if the party in government was in error. I wrote here telling Mmembe that PF is a snake which you can charm for years but one day its gonna turn against you and bite you hard. He never listened at all because he had immersed himself so deep in PF ‘s rotten antics to a point where he became totally blind to see PF ‘s corruption.

      Mmembe praised each and every action which PF took to punish Zambian citizens…

    • Such statement can only from a casualty of advanced Alzheimer disease period. Instead of investing in orphans, widows, and multitudes of our helpless senior citizens in deep economic distress, you start lobbying for a useless hate milling tabloid? Outrageous to say it all.

    • What an insult to the Zambian tax-paying public! The only political leader The Post covers favourably is Wynter Kabimba, the most loathed of all politicians Zambia has ever had. His ex-party, the PF, had to celebrate, along with all well meaning Zambians, except Wynter’s family and The Post countywide when he was sacked both as Cabinet Minister and Secretary General in the PF. Now he’s asking you to fund this insanity.

    • Its a useless call coming from a casualty of advanced Alzheimer disease. Even Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir who had offered to shred his dollars on these chaps, has since written them off with the vault turned off. Tax evasion is serious crime world over. Impose a civil tax fraud penalty on tax evaders.

    • The post is behind PF ascending to power is part to the economic troubles this country is going through. For this reason Post News Paper (the past) is being taken under by the very crooks it supported to ascend to power that is fine by most of the people. However, we shall give moral support, not financial support, to the Past News Paper so that it just survives this pressure till it destroys the other crooked camp. That is all we can offer, to a media house which brought this much trouble to Zambia.

    • @Ndobo, have empathy what if it was LT?
      If The Post opened up to allow us comment like we comment for these unknown cowards, then probably someone like the Ndobo’s may bail out fellow Lozi Mmembe.
      The “poor” people Kabimba may ask is GBM, not president Mulyokela.

    • You have just shown you’re still a criminal for sympathising with criminal activities. Get lost. Concentrate on Ministry of health bringing in those life saving drugs for yourself

    • We already have the Zambian Watchdog which also reports straight from Cabinet and State house. You created this Kabimba with your Fred and we told you to limit yourselves when you were ruling. You actually enjoyed what Edgar is now doing when Sata was still alive. Even the violence in the political arena was supported by you Kabimba. Now you are at the receiving end. Enjoy.

    • @Nostradamus
      How can you forget that mmembe is bemba raised by his lozi mother,, the chap has issues just this Davis chama who was fathered by a Tonga bull but raised by bemba grandpa

    • Power is sweet. look at that mouth. This time Kabimba was ruling in PF. Full of arrogance. The snake has finally beaten the charmer; that is what the spectators die to see. Things change but at least he stole enough for his family.

    • Ok, before you sleep/ slip into a depression, a word of advice. Tell Fred to continue the good work of exposing government you are doing. At least you are paying back for the sin you committed of firstly giving us Sata as president who brought us into this current situation of national bankruptcy as him, yourself and Mmembe have become dollar millionaires. But what poor we wont do is to bail out millionaires. Use the millions you made from ilunda chalo. Thank you.

  1. Kabimba I am glad that you have shown your true colors before elections so that we can see what a fool you are. Those taxes are a legal obligation and just might pay a nurse or a doctor instead of another trip abroad.

  2. Really?? ” What have you done for me lately??” The Post and his Kabimba were the key architect of what is at play now. You created this baby lion and thought you could tame it as a pet and we warned you that once that Lion grows, the story will be different. Well, the Lion you thought was a pet is now full grown, and guess what..it loves the taste of human flesh and blood just like the wild ones. Have fan being its dinner. I’m not sending a single ngwee to this Dojo of crooks just to save them so they can come back and plunder even more.

    The Post can die and its void will be filled by other papers. That is the truth about capitalism, badly managed companies die and never to be remembered. The best managed ones survive

    • Oh, and one more thing. So the Tax bill is genuine and correct. I thought some Finance manager from the POST put out a statement saying you had paid all your tax obligations and these were cooked up figures by ZRA to fix you. Has the story now changed? If the Tax figures were fake why then ask Zambians to help clear the fake Tax Bill? Why not just go go to court and prove that the Tax bill is fake and post paid all the taxes owed to ZRA. Honestly, this is a Cause I can support because truth is truth and should be supported regardless of who brings it.

      There is something fishy about the POST dealings. Too many lies being peddled here. Good luck to those who still believe in this Past Newspaper.

    • MMD Chief boot ur a bitter man. Very bitter. In as much as the post is wrong, it wasn’t wrong by sending yo party straight to the rabish pit. At least thru it we got mr sata who saved us from mmd madness.

      I want to advise my frends at watchdog. In as much as I don’t like them, but they are fine guys and hard workers. May be after 100 years UPND may come to power. Let them not fall in the post’s trap

  3. What a joke,we also now know why post has been attacking lungu it was to squeeze him so that he can tell zra to stop THEM bcoz of yo bad reporting.this is proper blackmail.zambians open yo eyes this group has been doing this to all govts mmd,pf.it is just lungu who has challenged them to pay tax.court no installments workers pay tax in full whether sick or ~we dont get protection from post but from God Neither Do We Get Food From Yu .How many poor pipo have been supported by post.yu just use yo money yu dont remember them today yu want contributions nonse.try other things. UMWAICE ATI APO NATOLELE FULWE ATI NAKABILI NKATOLAPO FULWE, WALOBA TAX.JUST PAY BWANA OR CLOSE YO POST WE VE OTHER PAPERS AND BETTER ONES ARE YET TO COME.

  4. Messers M’membe & Co should just pay their tax obligations. It is disingenuous for Kabimba to assert that there is a conspiracy by State House to shut down M’membe’s tabloid. These are self-inflicted wounds by M’membe because of poor financial management. Remember the non remittance of departure fees to NAC? M’membe has form when it comes to poor financial management.

    So I say to Kabimba, M’membe & Co, just cough up the monies and ZRA will be on their way

  5. YABA ELYO FWAKABA, ECLTWATOTELA TO BE FAITHFUL TO ZAMBIANS PREVIUS GOVTS WERE FEARING THEM FEAR TO LOOSE ELECTIONS.ZRA swaa,swaa next go to hh,kabwili,gbm,chitotela,swaa,swaa go zanbeef,nawakwi,znbc,mtn,zoona,next its you get pay now or close b4 ~zra

  6. Zambia is at an interesting juncture where both the culprit (bad managers) and the victim (gossip mills) are both culpable. I doubt very much that it is even ethical to start bailing out private entities that have contributed to mismanagement of our economy by colluding with tax authorities to evade and postpone tax obligations. Add to that the fact that we have organizations that only churn out useless PR releases when their collusion is exposed. Useless! Useless! Useless all around this matters!

  7. The Post created the PF government just like God created MAN.Food for thought.As the fire is burning we are watching from the terraces.It’s PAY BACK TIME LOL

  8. I thought Mumembe Namakando said it doesn`t owe ZRA anything so where do you want to take the money you`re pleading from poor Zambians? The problem with you guys at the post you think you`re the only ones who are wise and always right. Tell you what! I HATE YOU WITH PASSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Kabimba you are talking nonsense

    The post newspaper/Mmembe have committed a criminal offense by not paying Tax and you support of them? You think us who pay Tax are happy to see Mmembe get away with paying?

    And this same Mmembe and the Nchitos mismanaged Zambezi Airlines or whichever airline! They are thieves/criminals!!! People of zed want Mmembe to pay tax! He can fool some people but he cant fool all the people all the time!!

  10. If they fail to pay, pls ZRA do not just close the company,but arrest them too. Tax evasion is a very serious offence. Let it be a lesson to all business houses. In fact ban them to operate any business in Zambia in future.
    People this is not politicks but pure rudeness by M’membe and his team. No wonder the paper has gone down. Me my friends and family have agreed never to contribute even 1 ngwee to thus cause.

  11. Every dog has it’s own day. When you are hunting with one bullet, you wait for a clean shot. Mmembe has found his match this time around

  12. Kabimba is feeling the heat. Before that stupid appeal, let Kabimba tell us how much he has contributed himself. Post is a private firm, why would any one in right mind want to help Mmembe and Kabimba? This just shows how dull Kabimba is………….


    • @Peter, interesting that you mention that considering that Kabimba was in fact Justice Minister for the PF govt. Guess you agree with late Sata’s statement about the calibre of his ministers. Yeah, Kabimba happens to be one of them… altho’ ex.

  14. The Post can die, no problem. There are many people and institutions that can take up the challenge and start new and probably better tabloids. It’s not a question of if there’s no Post, Zambia will come to a stand still.

  15. Not a single Cent will you receive from me for your newspaper. When the paper was making money how much did the post donate to the poor? I hear one Rajan Mahtani will soon have a stash of Dollars, why don’t you approach him for help? Better still the past newspaper is a privately owned entity and if it is still viable why not approach financial institutions for loans. Has the newspaper been run to the ground like Zambia Airways that no financial institution will extend credit to it?

  16. feel for the employees, Fred will never fail to put food on the table and pay his medical bills but my worry is those young journalists and other support staff. While I don’t support WK.s call closing the paper will add to the list of jobless youths.

    • It is not good for them to continue working for the Past newspaper. This paper is against two big political parties (PF and UPND), so whosoever will win next year, PF or UPND will face trouble from the past newspaper because they want their puppet to be the President of Zambia.

      It is not good to bail out the past newspaper, let it be closed as soon as possible.

  17. Terrible legacy, Meembe, had a profitable tabloid, but failed to ensure it lived for ever due to growth of big-headedness in his conduct and behaviour.

  18. Post must just pay its tax. You see Mmembe is a crook. He always thinks he can champion every one………Yes it was in the two previous late regime when you championed not n this one. So better be careful Memmbe you might face your downfall now.

  19. aaaaa ba mudala ifintu nafishupa, we would have helped. so apa nikaamba i have no money for malasha and transport yabana ku skuul, yavuta. akongole chabe kuba zanke olo imwe amudala mungampempe kubanzanu ku sudan olo ku cuba. now why has been paying all this while. futi ngatamutandiza adzapusa

  20. you can not bail out a private entity ,it is a family business. let family members pay the bill ,they were enjoying the money alone .Do not include inoncent zambians ,it is foolishness.This wanting to use poor Zambian in your fraud coz not paying taxes is defrauding the zambian public by the post . under the pretex of pesecution by political oponents it is absurd for the Meembe to think he can cheat zambian. So kabimba was a part to wantom plunder because he was in government himself this is serious brothers and sisters.

  21. Simple problem mmembe let hh & gbm rent the paper for 18 mouths they pay you in advance or i can buy then sale it to mulongoti or sale shares but too late this time yu thought it cant happen. Knowing &trusting yo friends at high & supreme courts who back u.that cap mutembo has his on share to deal. Contribution is out this is capitalism bwana only those yu have been helping will help yu bayeeee.


  23. Please please dnt hasitate to close down the post if they fail to pay the tax.if anything the post newspaper brings out confusion in the country and u winter kabimba donate the money to the post that u got from the pf government.

  24. ok yakosa ba Kabimba iyee, DOllar……dollar,,,….dollar……, we cant even afford ka jara mu pocket than you request for nonsense


  26. If there are people out there who thought Winter can be a president of a country, they now have got a glimpse into his calibre! Winter can’t be a President! In this matter PF are exhibiting the worst hypocrisy! PF enjoyed it when the Post was criticizing RB and the MMD and in some cases fabricating stories! I don’t like the Post, but the Post has the right to exist in this country. PF must stop behaving like jihadists-kill your enemy! ZRA and the courts should not be used in this PF suicide bombing mission! ZRA has an obligation to workout a tax payment plan that fits into the Post’s Cash Flows! Zambia cannot afford to have any company closing! I’m sure Mmembe now appreciates that RB is a democrat!

  27. The Post newspaper should just pay TAX like everyone else. There is nothing so special about them and its actually insane for Kabimba to start suggesting that Zambians should contribute to bail out the POST. What does he take Zambians for?

  28. Kabimba, the Post does not speak for the poor Zambians, it speaks for you. You and your fellow cartel members can bail out the Post. Zambians have lost interest in the Post, haven’t you noticed that the Post remains unsold on the streets the whole day. Mmembe is a crook and is used to avoid paying debts. Mmembe is fighting tooth and nail to campaign for you in his useless paper. Jus pay DBZ and ZRA.

  29. The post newspaper has a lot of property that they can simply sell and reduce the debt. Besides Fred also has massive properties around the country, let him auction them first and reduce the debt owed. Thereafter, the post must sell its shares to the general public and only that way, will they be able to pay off their debt. It is absurd for Kabimba to ask the Zambians to contribute when they are already paying the debts accrued by PF through taxes. Best solution is to even privatize the post, am sure Edgar Lungu, Kambwili and their cronies will also be interested to buy it. Good luck though!

  30. Over our dead bodies. Let pigs fly first. The Post made this thorn bed, let them sleep in it. When they were benefiting from contracts, did they even think of sharing any thing with us.

  31. My hard earned ngwee kulipilila post? CANT NEVER!iwe kabimba that’s being selfish! were we there when you were enjoying the post’s coverage? awe pay yourself.

  32. i can’t infarct for me to make sure that i don’t support the post i have even stopped buying there exaggerate priced paper.

  33. This is utter nonsense, and a man thinking like this is vying to be president! Why didn’t the Post pay tax? Did Zambians share the profit from the post? Amuchibone kumulomo kusalala anga ngu kwale. Alakwenda matakosha webo aba bwako ba ku Post.

  34. When they start giving us newspapers for free. As longs as they are running a captialist model the rules of the game still apply.

  35. Rainbow Party and the Post Newspapers can start by selling one of the choppers which they bought for the tripartite campaign / election. Or TRY to get a loan from a bank and use the chopper as equity. LOL.

    Our hard earned cash we say NOOOOO.

    Ifintu nafilubana.


  36. These guys must think we are idi0ts, Kabimba is only saying this because he knows it’s only the Post that gives him coverage, without the Post no one will be hearing about him. So it’s not really about saving the Post, it’s all about saving him.

  37. Walya nganga ndiye walya nkhuku. Kabimba as a beneficially of The Post, kindly help them pay. To ask the Zambian People is an insult on the innocent souls.

  38. In taxation, first you pay then you seek refund for over-payment or overcharging. In extreme cases, a payment plan can be agreed upon and signed by the two parties (Post and ZRA). This belated payment agreement is extremely rare and is at the discretion of ZRA. Therefore, it is responsibility of ZRA to authorize Post Newspapers to pay in phases. The decision makes business sense in order to preserve jobs, promote media diversity, and avoid perception of political alignment to the ruling party to fix dissenting views.

  39. this man is a fool does he kno what he is talikng he is a assshole y should v hepl the post tell the owners of post to sell their houses and all expenice cars and their woman also stupid


  41. Only a cretin can think like that. This is a private company and if they are unable to make a profit and pay their taxes , they should voluntary wind up and sale the company. They had a huge following and readership from 1991 to 2009. After that it has been on a sloppy slide due to its links with the previous Government ( RBs).
    It’s a season of prayers , Kabimba get down on your knees and pray for the taxes to go away!

  42. Kabimba’s brand of Socialism: The poor must bail out the rich private entities. Animal farm style. What a joke this man is. Doesn’t he have family to rescue him from such embarrassment?

  43. Let ex-Post employees who benefited through jobs in Government and foreign service during PF’s rein bail out their master.

  44. 1usd = 361.00 zim dollar
    1usd = 568.2 malawian kwachs
    1usd = 14.3 rand
    1usd = 14200zmk or 14.3 zmw rebased

    Source is wwe.xe.com

  45. If the Giant ‘News of the World’ news paper for media Mogul Rupert Murdoch could be closed on 7 July 2011.[8][10] following a scandal when the paper was alleged to have hacked into the phones of families of British service personnel killed in action., What more with these known Hackers of private conversations, Tax evasion is a very serious crime in other developed Countries, Let them not transfer the blame to innocent Zambians. Someone somewhere must take responsibility. No need for political expedience. It should be business with Cooperate transparency ………..

  46. The Post preach transparency. Let them pay ZRA to show transparency.
    Post has trucks..Mmembe must sell 5 of those truck and he will home and dry.

  47. Zambia wapya ifipuba fyaisa. This is yet one of the landmark evidences of what people have always said about this guy (Kabimba). The man (Mmembe makes money, buys courier trucks , funds his friend’s SOCIALIST PARTY chews the change and asks his dull lawyer to ask the public to pay his debt obligation to ZAR. I would not be surprised if this call was made to his close friends only or their family members. Mmembe should be known by what he has been and is. This Guy once schemed and cry foul that RB wants to close his useless print media called the PAST. RB told him (Mmembe) that he had no intention of closing the past news paper (The post news paper). This cha (Mmembe will praise you even if you are completely useless as long as you turn a blind eye to his craftiness and dubious…

  48. I still smell a stinking stench with incredible nausea from the press coverage the Post gave to the PF when Sata was still alive. Even when the injurious effect his tribally bigoted governance was wrecking on our national fabric, the Post kept on saying it was all fine, Michael this & Michael that! Even when he disappeared from public eye to continue his torturous journey to the end, for M’membe it was, & quote: “Zonda uzalema, we actually spoke to Michael today & he is working hard to improve lives of Zambians”. Even on Tuesday night 29th October 2014 as the stinking Satan was kicking the bucket breathing his last at London’s King Edward VII hospital, Fred was still busy claiming, & quote: “We just spoke to Michael & he is coming back home soon”. Well, the lumpen did except in…

  49. Kabimba is day dreaming ! Zambians to make contributions to the Cartel which is even buying planes and expensive vehicles for campaigns in 2016 ? Mmembe is a very rich man and let him just pay the tax.Imagine if it were RBs or Lungus company which has failed to pay tax,a four paged article was going to be written.We do not want people who are hypocrites in Zambia.

  50. If Kabimba had an iota of intelligence he would have refused to be used to make such an absurd announcement. But because this man lives in the past even though he looks young, he cannot see beyond the forest. What Kabimba does not understand is that there is only one Govt. His colleague membe is just a citizen whose responsibility is to pay tax where it is due. The Govt, uses this money to build roads, hospitals etc. This is the money Mmembe keeps for himself and the poor people he owns in Zambia. It is difficult to fathom how dull some peoples can be.

  51. …..supine position, as cargo! On September 19, 2014 during the opening of parliament, Zambians were exposed to that most tragic event reminiscent of the blockbuster movie “The Night of the Living Dead” when Sata was wholly confused, he could hardly talk, walk or breath and appeared to officially open parliament. It was disheartening to get a man to come & die right before our eyes & the Post still insisted he was fine. So, you must dance to the PF tune, osa lila lila kwati kamwana, mambala iwe. You get what you deserve and you pay up all you owe ZRA, NOW!

  52. It is a ploy to deceive Zambians. The money from corrupt oil contracts will be used to pay the tax liabilities after which they will report in the Past that the goodwill of the people of Zambia has prevailed over govt. scheming. I know these chaps, they are master schemers and their intention for Zambia is evil straight from hell. Stay away from them, there are toxic and are willing to damage the country at the expense of their insatiable appetite for power and fixing of their perceived and imaginary enemies.

  53. can we do without the post, if we can then let it go , if we cant let try having it gone, we then can pay later if it hurts

  54. Kabimba foolish!! Which Zambian people daz he want to pay for post. Sell yo farm for yo stupid things with Membe. We abroad can pay for paint to clean UTH. Go to hell.

  55. Forget it. These guys were the vuvuzelas for the PF. Now that they have joined us in feeling the pain they say we should bail them out.


  56. Negarians will always,”M’membe and the post have DRANK THEIR OWN POISON.” Let them not complain but enjoy their new found love with the PF which was, is and will be the government for the POOR. DONCHI KUBEBA RELOADED. As for Kabimba, one piece of advice. NDEWO YABENE SIYO VULILA JACKET.

  57. Analyse this ..?The Post have denied that they don’t owe ZRA any money. Kabimba is insulting the intelligence of Zambians by asking them to bail Mmembe who allegedly owes them £12million through DBZ. This is a habit which needs stopping. Please Stick two fingers at this Kabimba and his Mmembe .This problem of Mmembe not paying his share of tax should have been stopped a long time.

  58. Kabimba is the dullest lawyer ever.Does he know the genesis of the Post?Fred never had the money to start the tabloid.It was funded by amongst others;Ronald Penza,Enoch Percy Kavindele,Anderson Kambela Mazoka & Simon Zukas.When the Post started doing well financially Fred began to literally insult the funders & challenged them to withdraw their shares.What normal person can help Fred?

  59. LusakaTimes, you should print out the article and comments and send them to the Post Newspapers so that they publish our comments.


  61. Kabimba is sick ayi I have always thot he is just being accused now with this I think balwele bamudala ba chachine ifwe ukupela membe ulupiya napapa

  62. There was a part of Zambia the post/mmembe derogatively referred to as Bantustan. Does Kabimba include the residents the Post insulted in this bail out appeal? Talk now.

  63. In reference to Winter Kabimba, I think Abraham Lincoln said it best when he said: “It is better to keep silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt”.

  64. Asking people to help the Post pay it’s tax bill means admitting that the post has been owing, something they have been arrogant about. So, you want poor people to bail out millionaires who meesed up. What sort of foolishness is this? The Post abandoned the poor when they were in bed with Sata’s PF, when they thought they could get favours and avoid or delay these payments. They are on their own. Leave the poor out of it.

  65. I will hapilly contribute to help prosecute you Kabimba for all the abuses done by PF with your active support as Sec General of PF.

  66. Can’t believe such a statement is coming from someone who wants to be republican president. We all know that the Post had tax issues as far back as Levy Mwanawasa’s era and were getting protected by the powers that be. The Post should just be a good Corporate citizen and pay up the tax that is due to government. there is a saying in English “A stitch in time saves nine” and this ably applies to the Post. i have no sympathy for the Post. They won’t get any support from me and should just pay up!

  67. I think it is unfair for Winter Kabimba to call upon Zambians to bail out a profit making organization like the post. Individuals pay taxes. Cooperations should pay their share of taxes. That is the money government should use to give scholarships to students and buy medicines. Let them pay now.

  68. In reference to Winter Kabimba’s utterances, I think Abraham Lincoln said it best when he said: “It is better to keep silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt”.

  69. The post are crooked lot. If you remember well they used to call him Michael and not Mr SATA, just to blind us and yet they knew in their hearts that it was protection from paying Tax that they prayed for all the time. What sort are they that are always at courts day in day out? These guys have the money to pay the dues but will not just give it out without a fight.
    ZRA, where were you all this time? How many other companies are avoiding paying tax accordingly? What about these shops in Kamwala and along Freedom way who sale so much without accounting for the Tax?
    This country has the MONEY but the ZRA are a let down probably because they earn hefty pecks hence do not care what is and what is not.

  70. INDEED THAT IS INSULTING OUR INTELLIGENCE,HOW CAN YOU HELP A COMPANY STEALING FROM YOU PAY BACK THE MONEY TO YOU???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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