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School management urges parents not to give mobile phones to their Children

General News School management urges parents not to give mobile phones to their Children


CHADIZA Boarding Secondary School management has confiscated over 60 cell phones that were used illegally by pupils in the school.

Speaking during this year’s Parent Teachers Association (PTA) Annual General Meeting (AGM) Headteacher Rose Miyombo said the school does not allow the use of cell phones in the school.

Ms Miyombo urged parents to stop giving cell phones to their children when going to school.

She said that 95 percent of phone use by pupils was wrong as most of them use phones to communicate with their boyfriends and girlfriends in and outside the school.

“All the confiscated cell phones will be auctioned and the money remitted to the school account,” he said.

Ms Miyombo revealed that the other big problem which the school was facing regarding discipline was beer drinking.

She said that some pupils especially boys drink beer carelessly adding that 17 pupils were sent on forced transfers this year due to indiscipline.

And commenting on the matter District Education Standards Officer Ben Ngoma said children must be disciplined in all aspects of their lives.

Mr Ngoma said that schools that have allowed the use of phones by pupils have struggled in obtaining good academic results because pupils spend a lot of time on the phone than studying.

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  1. Now this is an ancient headteacher, Is a boarding school a prison? I can understand if they said no phones in class. these days phones are even used for money transfer and research. Some people need to be retired, they have outlived their USE BY DATE

    • This makes sad reading. The Ministry wants to introduce ICT in Schools and this Headteacher tells students not to have mobile phones. Madam mobile phones are necessary for easy communication, money transfer, when a girl-child is in distress she can call a teacher.
      Use of phones in classrooms may be discouraged until when a strict mechanism is put in place to monitor their use.
      If you have a boarding master or patrons/matrons then phone can be kept with these people until a certain time of the day where students can sign them in/out.

  2. Facilitate. Do not punish. We are behind the curve in Zambia when it comes to incorporating realities and technologies in our curricula. Kids learn more than what the presumptuous Biology and Religious Studies curricula offer about reproduction. They also learn more about society than the useless careers and counseling masters can ever imagine. For as long as you remain close minded delinquency (which is only symptomatic) will continue unabated.

  3. Only in some parts of Africa! Surely, possession of a mere phone by a pupil cannot, in all sincerity, become a vehicle for learner-victimisation, you antiquated headteacher and standards officer! This is the century of very rapid progress. Allow access to technology!

  4. What was the ILLEGAL act that was committed with the mobile? Since when did school headteachers become law enforcers? Why cant the confiscated phones be given back to the parents instead of auctioning them? Very backward headteacher!! A mobile phone now is basically a computer which everyone should have, more especially pupils for learning!!

  5. Well, some so educated Zambians are so retarded heh! Do you know that Steve Jobs never allowed his children to own or let alone use electronic gadgets despite being the guru of apple himself? Yes that is true and is a fact. He wanted his kids to use nature around them to help them think creatively. Now you middle class Zambians pamper your children with all sorts of electronic gadgets – you are destroying your children in the name of modernity.

  6. When I was doing my high school some 40 years ago. we used to write alot letters to our girl friends in other schools . The head master at no time did he interfere with our affairs we were not disrupted from our school work because of writing love letters to our loved ones. Letter writing then was the only easier mode of communication now technology has opened the world to cell phones please ba Headmasters especially in boarding schools allow learners to use cell phones. There is nothing in evil that can spoil person it is just a communication device .

  7. They can own any other phone except a smart one. Truly speaking, whatsapp and facebook can be very addictive and can considerably deviate the attention of the pupils.

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