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“They continued their quickie in my presence”, says husband

Headlines "They continued their quickie in my presence", says husband


A CHIPATA man narrated how he found his wife in bed with a neighbour and watched the two secret lovers until they finished their act.
James Shumba, 30, told the Chipata Local Court that he found his neighbour, Lameck Banda, 34, in bed with Phelile Mwale, the plantiff’s wife, but despite being caught pants down, they just went on, and on and on.
After the act, a fight broke out at Shumba’s home and the plaintiff hit the defendant on the forehead with a brick. The court was not told at what point the plaintiff fetched the ‘weapon’.
Shumba of Nabvutika township told the court that he caught the two in the act one night after returning home from watching a Manchester United game at a nearby bar.
Shumba was narrating before Senior Court Magistrate Leonard Nkhata in a case in which he sued Banda of the same township for compensation for adultery.
“I had gone to the bar around 20:00 hours to watch my favourite team Manchester United on the big screen. An hour later, I went home but the door was locked. I could hear a man’s voice inside. I knocked non-stop until I broke the door down and found Banda on top of my wife in the act. Shockingly, they continued in my presence,” he said.
Shumba said Banda, with no remorse, arrogantly tried to fight him when he was through with the act. The visibly annoyed Shuma told the court that out of anger, he hit the defendant on the forehead with a brick.
And Shumba’s wife, Phelile, who testified against Banda, admitted to being caught in a sexual encounter with Banda.
Mwale said the affair with Banda started two years ago when she was pregnant.
“Banda is my lover and he pays me when I sleep with him. The fees range from between K20 and K50. It is true we were caught having sex that night. Banda came to our house after he discovered my husband was not home,” she said.
Mwale, who begged Shumba for forgiveness, told the court that she still loves Shumba despite cheating on him.
But Banda, who had a bandage on his forehead, denied sleeping with Shumba’s wife. He said the plaintiff found them chatting outside their house.
“I was at Shumba’s house to ask his wife to wash my clothes at a fee like she does for other people because my wife is away,” Banda said.
Passing judgment, the court upheld the claim and ordered Banda to pay Shumba K4,000 as compensation. The money will be settled in two instalments.



  1. Shumba, your wife is a fool. She will contract AIDS and bring it to your home! It is very disheartening to experience such incident. Your neighbour also is a fool, how can he do such a thing to a neighbour’s wife. If he continues arguing that he never touched your wife contact Chendanamwela in Kabwe to deal with him.

    • OMFG! Please, married people, have some morals for [email protected]( sakes. Frightening that in the middle of HIV/AIDS there are some people – married for that matter – that are still engaging in these dirty activities for just K 20 (or $1.4).

  2. Ku East nako kuli kantu, every day a Phiri, a Banda or a Lungu is upto something unusual. “Nichalo chakaena”
    Am not amused anyway!

  3. Nothing between me & my Manchester United. Can even afford to watch a bit of live porno after beating ba Liverpool. LOL!

  4. Shumba, your wife is a fool equally your neighbour. Let them marry or else she will bring AIDS at your door step. She loves money, Am sure your neighbour is not the first one to see and touch her nakedness! Ubupulumushi fyapwa kale!

  5. There is one thing Shumba did not inlude in the narration when the two in the act.Shumba’s wife Phelile was shouting and pleading-“Msiyeni Anitundila Kale”.That’s why Shumba didn’t disturb them.

  6. ..somehow I don’t buy Shumba’s story….to start with the game lasts 90minutes plus 15minutes half time break how did he find himself home within one hour..??….secondly, there is no way any man would continue the act despite realising that the husband is back….to add salt to the injury, Shumba manages to break the door and just stands there watching the two(unconcerned with his presence) finish the act…where on earth..??…in real life that can happen…why did he break the door then..?? I would understand if Shumba and his wife connived in order to raise some money….

  7. awe this is terribly funny but tragic at same time. There is too much of this drama going on pa zed. no wonder HIV is still a big problem.

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