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Do not Shoot the Constitution Bill down, it is progressive-MMD

Headlines Do not Shoot the Constitution Bill down, it is progressive-MMD

Raphael Nakacinda MMD Spokesperson
Raphael Nakacinda MMD Spokesperson

THE MMD has backed Government’s decision to table the Constitutional Amendment Bill in Parliament saying it is a progressive decision.

MMD spokesperson Raphael Nakacinda yesterday told the Cornelius Mweetwa-headed Parliamentary committee on legal affairs, governance, human rights, gender matters and child affairs that Parliament is best suited to enact the constitution.

“Parliament is in order to look at the constitution and so we are in agreement with this process embarked on by the Patriotic Front government,” Mr Nakacinda said.

He said the MMD understands the mistrust the PF has faced over the constitution-making process because it faced similar opposition when the party tried to put in place a new constitution.

“As MMD, we hope members of Parliament will rise above partisan politics and support the Bill. We now see a ray of hope because the PF has taken it to Parliament. Do not shoot the Bill down because it is progressive,” Mr Nakachinda said.

He submitted that the PF has done a noble thing by taking the constitution Bill to Parliament.

Mr Nakacinda said the MMD does not want the PF to fail in its quest to give Zambians a lasting constitution because, when it (MMD) was in power, the party wanted to give Zambians a people-driven constitution.

“We hope PF will learn from us and not repeat our mistakes,” Mr Nakacinda said.

Earlier, Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) appealed to the MPs not to alter the Bill.

“Parliament, you have a noble duty to ensure that the Bill passes. Please do not let Zambians down,” said FDD administrative executive, George Phiri.


  1. Pf government must be supported in it en devour to see that the poor are protected through the enactment of the constitution by parliament.we don’t need a constitution where only the elite are protected.eg the appointment of the unelected people to become ministers without being subjected to an election.

    • The concern is that parliament is not endorsing what the people suggested but it has been given mandate under this process to agree with the people or not to agree. Your appeal for a non partisan process is exactly the fear, they may not hear you. You can not guarantee that the debate and voting will be non partisan. There are certain issues that the people of Zambia must directly mandate; the constitution making process and the election of the President, it is never left to parliament.

  2. Let the non contentious closes in the constitution be passed like the 50%+1 clause. No altering. Then fine. but if you start altering some clauses to suit the PF, then we would rather the process fails and wait for a referendum.

  3. IWE the observer: isnt that the reason we end up having failed accountants like masumba with forged diploma as ministers just coz they were elected? being a people’s representative and having the capacity to run an office are two different things

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