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Government to Scrutinise the 65-year Market Lease to a Chinese Company

Economy Government to Scrutinise the 65-year Market Lease to a Chinese Company

File:Garbage piling at Luburma market
File:Garbage piling at Luburma market

GOVERNMENT intends to review the 65-year lease agreement the Lusaka City Council signed in 2002 with China Henan, the developers of Luburma Market, famously called Kamwala Market because there is seemingly discontent by the local people who are renting the facility.

Minister of Local Government and Housing Stephen Kampyongo told Parliament yesterday that his office has been flooded with complaints of high rentals by the private developers.

Mr Kampyongo said public-private partnerships (PPP) must be mutually beneficial, but it is clear that the Luburma Market case is not.

“I have a strong feeling that the developers of Luburma Market are benefiting more than the marketeers and this ought not to be the case,” Mr Kampyongo said.

He said by law, the lease agreement can now be reviewed because it is 10 years old.

“Charging in United States dollars has brought a lot of stress to our marketeers, especially at this time when things are not ok economically. I wish to assure our marketeers that the PF [Patriotic Front] is there for them and will not let them down,” Mr Kampyongo said.

He said he has since issued a directive to all developers not to charge in dollars.

And Mr Kampyongo has said while Government is concerned about street vendors, it will not chase them from the streets because they are earning a living there.

“We will not chase vendors like dogs. They are merely trying to earn a living,” Mr Kampyongo said.

Meanwhile, Mr Kampyongo has declared that the PF will win next year’s elections with ease.
“PF is coming back next year. Make no mistake [about this]. The works will speak for themselves,” he said.

Mr Kampyongo said the PF is a pro-poor party that has so far taken development to every part of the country.

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  1. Most fellow Zambians in GRZ have no brains. How can a a person with brains sign a 65 yrs lease on such buildings? Those buildings are supposed to be pulled down & put up with better structures. So we won’t see any change with those buildings for the next 55 yrs. Cancel the tender and arrest the corrupt people who were involved in this corrupt deal. This is where I miss Sata’s courage to cancel corrupt contracts.

  2. Dull Zambians who cant do any thing for themselves. Where on earth can that cheap building be leased for 65 years? Why didnt they built it than giving it away for nothing? This is how dull Zambians can be who think only a foreigner can run companies. Dull you are really even those who say are educated they behave the same …your dullness shall kill you….shaaa.

  3. The building does not have a lifespan of not even 40 years and you lease it for 65 yrs? Zambian politicians are dogs of the highest order and the problem we have in Zambia is that most people go into politics after failing to make it in life. 90% of Lusaka constituencies wards are run by grade 7s and what do you expect from them? some MPs who sit in council meetings cant even read or write and how do you expect them to read through the contract? they are just a bunch of foolish id10ts with no shame at all.

  4. This fo.olish minister is giving directives about the Dollar when they rescinded a statutory instrument that was supposed to bring order on the same practice! So now it will be at the whim of a politician to decide based on what? I get exasperated when I look at the Zambian landscape. Nobody wants to do things for the long-term benefit. Everything is wishy-washy, with a dolop of corruption here and there. Watch this news melt back into the shadows and business continue as usual for the next 55 years. Just watch!

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