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Let us dump the Kwacha and adopt the US dollar-Pamela Chisanga

Headlines Let us dump the Kwacha and adopt the US dollar-Pamela Chisanga

ActionAid Zambia Country Director Pamela Chisanga
ActionAid Zambia Country Director Pamela Chisanga

Action Aid Zambia Country Director Pamela Chisanga has called for the dollarization of the Zambian economy.

Ms Chisanga said time has now come for Zambia to dump the Kwacha because the local currency has become worthless.

She said many stakeholders have proposed remedial measures to fix the Kwacha but that Government and its agencies have failed to respond effectively.

Ms. Chisanga was speaking this morning when she featured on the Hot Seat radio programme on Hot FM discussing the state of the economy.

‘I think we have talked and talked and now it enough talking, what we need now is action and for me with the levels of frustration I have, I can just call for the dollarization of the Zambian economy, let us just dump the Kwacha and we start using the dollar,’ she said.

She argued that Zambia which adopted the use of the dollar has now started witnessing a slow but steady recovery of its economy which had completely collapsed.

‘Zimbabwe has now doing far much better than it was when it was using the ZIM dollar, maybe we need to go that route because there seems to be no response from those in government.

On the same programme, Centre for Trade Policy and Development Executive Director Isabel Mukelabai called for prudency on the part of the government in the management of public funds.

Mrs Mukelabai also called for policy consistency and predictability if Zambia is to manage the current economic turbulences.


  1. The key point is that we do not haove enough dollars. if we dollarise’ we shall be taking turns to get our dollar salaries.

    • Iwe Pamela chisenga! When your husband wets the bed, the best thing to do Is to dump the man first then burn the mattress,,, in this case you have to dump ka Lungu and we see if you can throw away the kwacha too! Wanufwa!

    • Exactly what people are crying for. Why should we continue mourning the value of the Kwacha each day that comes. PF has failed and the kwacha is dead. The only option is to go the Mugabe way.

    • Only two people will have dollars in Zambia. Alex Chikwanda from his currency changing and Kabimba from Illunda challo oil deals. The rest we will cry still. it is production that is not there ba Chisanga. The PF has destroyed all productive sectors of the economy.

    • Ba Pamela, what is your level of knowledge on economics to propose such a reckless option?

      Now I understand why the US education system has made the following basic courses mandatory in every academic program in colleges regardless of the program is pursuing:
      1).Micro & Macroconomics,
      2). State & Federal Government 1 & 2 (Political Science),
      3). American History.
      This kind of ignorance of mercenary mindset does not deserve a platform.
      You think dollarisation is the magic wand of economics in absence of productivity? Currency stabilization is an effect of valuable economic activity. More production, more exports orientation than import drive will give us a turn around. Ready to lecture you advanced econ if you can abdorb basic econ.Talking econometrics will be like Greek lingo to…

    • There are serious governance issues at Action Aid that Pamela should be focusing on correcting. E.g. circulating audited accounts with pages that give details of expenses reported in the income statement deliberately missing.

    • As usual Pamela is talking from her a**. Does she really know the dynamics of a sovereign country dumping it currency.

      Pamela stick to your agenda. This is simply attention seeking.

    • @Ndobo
      1. Pamela is very single, you may end up hers.
      2. Please don’t use such language to women you may end up in same bedroom, she can bring it up..
      3. Lungu don’t need women to undress for him to step down, he just have to do it this weekend.

    • The answer is to get rid of PF. Why do we even have to wait until 2016? These Pathetic Failures have really failed. We need to change govt immediately before Zambia becomes the other hole in the middle of Africa (the first hole is DRC where the ruling thieves come from).

    • We don’t need the US Dollar.

      What we need is to jump into the NEXT GENERATION CURRENCY!


      Then we can fire everyone at the Bank of Zambia and Lungu and Chikwanda can be retired FOR EVER!

      Or are we going to leave it to Kenya and their Mpesa to beat us to it? Zambians are very slow and dull!

    • Since independence we have never reached this low, thanks to PF they have managed to take us to a point where we are doubting our own currency. Shame to PF and its supporters.

    • @TheEngineer ubushimbe (spinsterhood) na nyelay yamu gwila mama uyu! I am amazed that after doing so well with the tax issues, she has become as disappointing as ka EL! We simply have inexperienced leaders running the show! Its a good thing she has only one year left on her contract! As for EL, he knows his contract is not going beyond exactly one year from today!


    • Which MMD? Because MMD is the party running PF now.I hope you are not talking about the ‘shell’ run by Bowman & Never?

    • Katongo, wake up and smell the coffee!

      RIGHT NOW Zambia is WORSE than Zimbabwe. In the four short years Sata and company have managed to put Zambia where Zimbabawe took 30 years to go, through reckless borrowing and the squandering of State Resources.

      The thing is it will just take a bit of time to show. But it is coming, the COLLAPSE of the Kwacha is only the first step!

      We owe MORE MONEY NOW than Zimbabwe!

    • Katongo! Clearly you don’t know that Kaunda left the dollar at K22, the only thing we need to ask ourselves is how did it get to K5000 before it got to where it is now. When the ZMK was 5000 to usd the rand was R10 to a dollar & now it’s R14 to usd. Can we have our so called experts fix this, we know it’s a global crisis but our Kwacha has slumped down a great deal.

    • @Vladmire u just like the ignorant Ndombo are sick pipo. Yo thinking is as sick as the woman’s. Ok let me confess, she is beutiful but her mouth has uttered raabhish just as most bloggers here.

      1) We can’t discard a very important world currency like the kwacha. That is our pride

      2) The PF under the able leadership of EL is on top of everything. Just today the Zambian kwacha is the strongest currency under the sun. This shows that the PF has discovered where the error was.

  3. The Kachema and Cartel politics of always portraying your own country as the worst on earth is doing more harm than good on our economy.

    • Iwe John Chinyo, You are bitter because the tribal Bemba PF has failed to run the country in 4 years, something that took UNIP 27 years. You will never get another chance to rob and ruin Zambia again.

  4. katongo nsambe – But the MMD is already back in power with Lupiya Banda and his team. I don’t know which MMD you are referring to. May be to individuals who were in MMD like Peter Magande and late Patrick Levy Mwanawasa MHRP.

  5. And she is called a news maker!! Tragic. I think when you mix NGO issues, which can be easily auctioned away, with national economy challenges, this is the kind of disastrous contributions you end up making. She is just too addicted to easy way out of issues. This is not a dollar Kwacha issue. Those are just manifestations of serious underlaying issues..and on the Kwacha, you aint seen nothing yet. Wait till the mid December FOMC meeting when Janet Yellen and her Fed sinks your copper price and Kwacha to their lowest levels ever seen in decades..am sure you will then call for the auctioning of the country to the US.

  6. The rhetoric, the defensive approach, the arrogance. You have a heavily bloated government which is living in luxury as Miles Sampa has revealed. You don’t give the mines their VAT refunds in excess of 600 million dollars.You have an inconsistent mine tax policy. And at the end of it all, you say these problems are global. Aha

  7. The statements coming from our politicians are compounding the problems because they are scaring the would be investors who are now holding onto their dollars waiting for election next year. Statements like null and void when the employer tries to reduce the work force, we will take over the mines, we will nationalise mealing companies etc, all these have a negative impact on the economy. The government is not responding to the challenges these companies are facing and no reasonable investor will want to invest in such an economy.
    Please stop blaming the so called cartel when you have failed to deliver. If there were positive signs we will have been singing songs of praises like infintu ni lungu but because ifintu nafilungula, we start blaming others.

  8. I wish Pamela could go further by explaining the current situation in zimbabwe. zimbabwe’ s main trading partners in recent years have been south Africa and zambia. The depreciation of the south Africa rand and the zambian Kwacha has made their exports to become uncompetitive in the two countries. when zimbabwe adopted the us dollar to help stabilise the money market, it worked because the us dollar exchange rate with rand and zmk was stable. However, recent depreciation of the rand and Kwacha has also affected zimbabwe’ s exports to south Africa and zambia. pamela’s suggestion of abandoning Kwacha is a recipe for economic problems in the long run. actually, there are some economists in zimbabwe who have called on the central bank to abandon the us dollar to avoid plunging the…

    (6) YA, YA, YA

  10. Comment:
    Concentrate on giving the government checks and balances as we are also monitoring your findings not that which you have started talking, thus the pride of Zambia which every on like you should find solutions not just getting funds and talking that which you’ve been corrupt to speak.

  11. This woman is dull. Dollar is not a currency to play with. If we were stupid enuf to do that it wld mean our products wil b expensive to export. Imagine exporting maize with Dollar price? Zambians when r u going to wake up & stop blaming Govt to do things fo u? If pipo were manufacturing in Z we cld ve an economy. Look at a Zambian definition of business, its to import inflation (finished goods) from other countries. Lets produce. Even farm produce. Malawi’s economy is farming based. Look at there kwacha. Lets think commercial farming, then we can export. Farming is 1st industry, every dvlped country started there. Not Dollar this, Dollar that! Think production

  12. You are RIGHT, Pam. This currency is going the zimbabwe way. Since zambia and zimbabwe is ruled by two useless patriotic fronts, zambia might as well the zimbabwean DOSE. Abandon the useless sata kwacha and adopt the US $ or Rand.

  13. I listened to her on Hot FM. I think it was more of an emotional statement devoid of rational and economical reasoning. Take leave Pamela you may end up with an emotional breakdown.

  14. Pamela l hear your heart but a leader should work at finding the solution. We want to hear the Government plan to overcome this. If adopt the dollar are going to stop living without electricity. As l wrote now we have no Power everyday in Garneton kitwe. It’s in difficulty situation a leader is knownot to display his abilities. Zimbabwe is using dollars what has changed?

  15. Ba Jaribu, how’s that going to help stabilize the economy? It’s the struggling economy that is making the Kwacha weaker, and not the other way around (i.e. it’s not the Kwacha making the economy bad). She’s implying that when you trade $US dollar then your economy will be guaranteed stronger. What kind of economics is this? Nah mum the weak Kwacha is one of the effects of the weak economy, caused by many factors.

    What is shocking in Zambia is how the Bank of Zambia and the gov’t doesn’t respond to how the economy is doing with positive policies to stimulate the economy. For example even right now, the interest rate is still at it’s all time high; the customs and other taxes are still very high; govt spending is still unabated and irresponsible; etc. Why the h3ll would…

    • continued…Why the h3ll would you have higher taxes and interest rates in a struggling economy like Zambia. In America and most other developed economies, the interest rate is almost zero. Shocker!

      The hotels are charging ridiculous prices that scare away potential tourists.

      In an economy where we lack other products to export than copper, you need to stabilise the economy with sound monetary policies. And bring in the rule of law to raise business confidence. Issues like awarding contracts dubiously and prosecutions based on politics don’t instill confidence. It’s time we diversified our economy – we have so much potential in agriculture and tourism industry.

  16. No No No!!
    Where will the dollars to pay salaries come from?
    Ask Zimbabweans who are going without pay.
    President Lungu should put on hold those projects like the construction of Universities which have no immediate impact on the economy.
    Ban the importation of such items like potatoes etc by Shoprite and the like. Introduce exchange controls for a limited time.
    The haters of Lungu are not suggesting what tribalist Upnd would have done. And they will only rule in their dreams.
    ZAMBIANS are not foolish.

  17. USELESS…..so Pamela is willing to leave her spouse for her rich neighbor coz hubby is going though rough times? USELESS….

  18. This is why you should never marry an African woman. The only great African women were of the generations of our parents and those before. Even the Arab African women have rebelled in the north. If you are in the Diaspora, get yourself a Latina with intelligence or an East Asian ( China, Japan etc. ) lady. Goodness what has this NGO broad been smoking.

  19. With the current situation In Zambia can u proudly sing our Nation Anthem? Click on – or + for no or yes respectively.

    “Stand and sing for Zambia, proud and free,
    Land of work and joy in unity,
    Victors in the struggle for our rights,
    We’ve won freedom’s fight.
    All one, Strong and Free.
    Africa is our own motherland,
    Fashioned with and blessed by God’s good hand,
    Let us all her people join as one,
    Brothers under the sun.
    All one, Strong and Free.
    One land and one nation is our cry,
    Dignity and peace beneath Zambia’s sky,
    Like our noble eagle in its flight,
    Zambia, praise to thee.
    All one, Strong and Free.”

    • Free? Unity? Rights? PF has made our National Anthem look like a BAD JOKE!

      The debt this Government has borrowed has MADE SURE we will spend the rest of our lives BACK IN SLAVERY, and our children TOO!

      And where is the “dignity” of standing on a street corner BEGGING the international community to come and bail us out because we stup!dly voted for a LIAR and CROOK called Sata. And then even followed that up by voting for a failed drunk Lawyer that stole his clients money?

  20. People in zimbabwe failed to remove mugabe are u saying UPND wil fail to remove lungu when 99 percent Zambians want HH in and lungu out even trafic police want lungu out as reports ZAMBIA REPORTS which kambwili has given a 24 h ultimatum over an other anti gvt story.Zambians are runing out of happiness.alungusha

  21. What kind of patriotism is this, dumping the Kwacha? There was a time when our currency was in worse state than it is today, but with certain measures that were instituted the Kwacha recovered. Similar or even better measures can be undertaken even today, and surely the currency can and will rebound. Zambia has not done anything to warrant a recourse to the Zimbabwe capitulation, surely?

  22. Before you think of dollarisation, think where would the dollars come from to sustain the flow of the currency in the market since you are not exporting enough then there is a question of BOZ losing its monetary policy.

  23. How does one call for the adoption of the dollar, when part of the problem is the supply of the dollar itself.

    The bigger problem in Zambia is that the level of policy discussion is of a very low calibre. I blame all of us educated Zambians for allowing non-experts to fill the void.

  24. ” Action Aid Zambia Country Director Pamela Chisanga ”

    This is what happens when you dollarize the economy. 1) inflation disappears. 2) so does much economic activity. Limiting the amount of Kwachas by limiting it to to the amount of dollars owned by the Reserve Bank or similiar, limits the amount of money in circulation in the economy, and with it limits economic activity to the availability of US dollars.

    The problem today is a government that is destroying the currency no matter what, supported by the always currency devaluation hunger Rothschild controlled IMF/World Bank. Don’t believe me?

    Google: laguarde lynn rothschild
    Google: wolfensohn jacob rothschild a global life
    Google: wolfensohn rothschild theaustralian

  25. Which planet does this lady live on? And by the way, what does the same Action Aid do? I strongly recommend that this woman reads the so Dead Aid book by Dambisa.
    The thing which emerging out of all these temporal challenges our beautiful country is going through is that most of the players be it in industry, retail, NGOs, Mining, Agriculture have gone to sleep for such a long time. Honestly speaking, if people were indeed serious with whatever they do, these should have known that life isnt linear and since our economy is afloat (depending too much on commodity exports, handouts especially the NGOs and being a net importer of everything from needle to cotton threads), one has to be strategic in their business plans.
    But what do we see with just disturbances by two items, namely…

  26. contd
    But what do we see with just disturbances by two items, namely electricity and the dollar, its all blame game on the Government. Whenever Government proposes to make policies that are long term and well thought out, the same who are crying loud today are in the forefront of opposing them.
    What we should all accept is this, we have never attained an economic equilibrium where exports balances imports. So the sooner we stop blaming President Lungu and the PF Government and start working, the better otherwise nothing will change with this attitude. Coming to the point of replacing our currency with the dollar, I think this woman does not even qualify to head anything and she should be fired immediately, no wonder NGOs in Zambia are just a hell of a joke. This time requires serious…

  27. contd
    This time requires serious reflection on our economy for short, medium and long term strategies and by this, am not suggesting you go and copy something from somewhere, its time to put our brains to think SMARTLY!!!!
    Am very impressed with President Lungu because in the midst of all this he is calm, collected and focused on issues that he can deliver whilst strategising for long term solutions, I call him a leader.

  28. Her fingers are of 2 colors!
    As for the economic problems, we sell copper and no one is buying! And we should be realistic the results of diversification won’t be felt even tomorrow but we want them yesterday !

  29. Think of the poor please.In this case your clueless friends will cede monitory control to Janet Yallen who don’t give a rat’s [email protected] about Zambia.I doubt if she really knows the location of Zambia.There are many case studies to really discourage you . Think about the panic you will send to the investors.The fed just released job statistics showing improvement.Markets reacted bearish instead because of increased payrolls.Imagine the impact of doralisation on investor confidence.This is the inconsistency we are talking about.This will increase cost of doing business.It is a case of poor becoming poorer!

  30. Mental slavery is manifesting here.

    Instead of finding ways to promote economic growth, we have cheap suggestions from cheap minds who do not seem to appreciate or comprehend national economics. No country has ever been developed with another country’s currency. A country’s citizens must have the capacity to protect, defend and expand their national interests. What is next? Dump the indigineous presidency and adopt US rule over us?

    • True, Nine Chale.

      Previously the west came here and collected PEOPLE for slaves. Now they are MUCH SMARTER. They make us slaves IN OUR OWN COUNTRY with help from id!ots like Sata, Chikwanda and Lungu!

      We must break out of this and establish sovereignty over our economy. Unfortunately we have a Government of TOTAL M0R0Ns that understand even LESS than nothing about economics! They are somewhere in the STONE AGE trying to figure out how the law of supply and demand works!

      They are so incompetent that they are incapable of managing a National currency, as Kambwilis “global” rubbish has proven beyond doubt. So what is the solution?

      As the World Bank and they will give you a story that keeps themselves happy. Ask someone with REAL INTELLIGENCE and you will be surprised!


    • THE ANSWER IS……………………… BITCOIN !!!

      Then these clowns will not be able to destroy Zambias economy….. for a SECOND TIME!


  32. I don’t hold economics in high regard because it has no fixed answers due to the so many complexities that weigh heavily on its predictability. Politics and even comments from armchair critics all influence perception on the economy and once perception has been warped things can turn like the way they have. The issue with mines and their investment incentives, average copper prices, perception in the business community that some business person could do better as president, appetite for foreign goods from food stuffs to building materials, awarding almost all big construction projects to foreign companies, huge govt establishment, lack of innovation in local technology, superstition, wrong thinking and wrong knowledge concerning religious faith are all valid variables in the economic…

  33. And you useless bloggers.The Internet you are using was developed by innovative people.help your country be innovative instead of whining like kids.Mark Zuckerberg,Bill Gates,Mukesh Ambani,Dankote, all have brought innovative ideas and contributed to the prosperity of their countries.Ati gov ituyanganapo lol

  34. South Korea, did not dollarise it’s economy when they were in a similar challenge many years ago… Look at what they’re today, and learn from them and see that they, first of got a firm conviction that settling an external debt is doing whatever it takes at local level and be productive locally, renouncing the luxurious life starting from the head of state up to the least counted citizen so as to create an autonomous economy, zero dependent on external capitalists…. YESSSS, this will seem ridiculous to many intellects, including the common man.., but believe me it’s AN affirmative action we need to depend just on ourselves to explore all that we have at our disposal… we’ve suffered enough the tricks of capitalists such as IMF, and false INVESTORS who just earn a living by make…

  35. Zimbabwe is still in a dire situation but has somewhat managed to stabilize the ship. Firstly, I think that’s because at the time it experienced the catastrophic economic downfall, it was still endowed with a strong infrastructure base (unlike Zambia) that complimented well with a ‘breadbasket’ agricultural system. Secondly, because of migration on a massive level (seeking asylum from Mugabe – genuine or not), there are millions of Zimbabweans doing all sorts in western countries and other African countries and sending DOLLARS back home. Many families in Zimbabwe are surviving on this. Compare this Zimbabwe scenario with its different circumstances, with where Zambia would be if it adopted the dollar.

  36. Pamela could be right, but first we have to make HH President of Zambia in order that he can flood Zambia with dollars.
    Nah Nah Nah, I am just joking, just like HH is speaking hot air in a vain attempt to get into power. If HH was serious about solving Zambia’s crisis, if he had any feelings for the suffering Zambian masses, HH would have increased the price of copper by now, but no he has no feeling he only possesses a desire to get to state house.
    Coming back to that Pamela, I did not realise until this statement that beautiful girls can also spew nonsense. If she doesn’t know any economics I suggest that she shuts her beak otherwise sexists will take advantage and label all women as just fit for bed.

  37. To give sweet Pamela an economics lesson, there are many Zambians who do not have even enough kwacha, or they have none at all. Dollarising would not make a dollar available to those people, unless Pamela and HH agreed to dish out dollars to the whole population of poor people. Are you ready HH seeing how kind you were at that orpharnage on independence day?

  38. No wonder she is the Country Director for “Action Aid Zambia”……Bunda bwankulombefye indalama kuma donors….Thanks to all the people here giving her some Economics lessons hope she can get on Lusakatimes.

  39. Comment: we are using foreign capitalism hence even the few products (especially raw materials) we export end up in few hands of foreign investors who remit the profit to their home countries leaving very little for zambia. For instance, we consider copper as our major yet it ony contributes 5% to our GDP. The govt has offloaded shares in zccm to the public, look at how many zambians are buying them. We are only good at talking

  40. We are using dollars right now. Zambia is an open economy with open foreign currency markets. The basic question is why was a local currency created in the first place? There is no route with challenges. The dollarization has also created other problems that are not easy to see from outside. It is a matter of law, regarding the legal tender. It is also a matter of politics of sovereignty. Students know a lot of things but they do not serve as teachers.

  41. The government have failed us,the only thing we can do is changing the government for a better zambia.Using dollars won’t solve the current situations.

  42. I do not completely agree with Pamela. Zimbabwe had very different economic fundamentals to dump their currency. Zambia is far from those issues so far. Kwacha must stay and it shall get better !!

  43. I always thought Pamela was rational but this is one of the dumbest statements she has ever issued I think my friend you need to go back to the drawing board read a bit on ‘dollariasation’ of economies and the mess left behind when you try to shake off the shackles of the currency. Like I say I listened in to your interview but like you said you are ‘frustrated by the situation’ so I guess you gave a frustrated response.

  44. Can the goverment of Zambia introduce Commerce,Economics and principles of Accounts as compulsory subjects like one has said earlier.
    Pamela if you do not understand what you are supposed to say consult the expert how the economy of the Country at large is managed.
    Why has not Britain moved to adopt the Euro currency despite the Pound being lower to it that the quetion I will leave to you.
    If you fail to answer send me the emil on [email protected] i will answer even others that are interested.

  45. The Kwacha is a proud symbol of our nation – why dump it becuase of incompetent people in charge. Change the people who run our economy to people who know how to run an economy so we can save our Kwacha !

  46. A very tragic statement from the Lady…Simply mind blowing to think she was advocating for tax issues just recently… shows you the complexity derived from the free money she lobbies for from the UK..

  47. This woman her reasoning are far much to be desired. Its like she is failing even simple basic economics. She again failed to advance her reasons as to why we as a country should abandon the traditional kwacha in preference for a dollar?? In Zimbabwe it happened for sure but you know what a chicken for example was costing for them to resort to a US dollar?? One chicken was ranging from 150 billion to 200 billion Zimbabwean dollar. So they say its difficult now to carry such huge sums of money so lets to resort to the US dollar. In my case and understanding as a country, we haven’t reached that alarming levels yet.

  48. I normally don’t respond to comments but I am tempted to do so given that this has been taken out of context. Those who listened to the programme can perhaps appreciate in what context I said this. I did indicate given the levels of frustration, I am tempted to say let us go the Zimbabwe way and abandon the Kwacha to avoid being stressed. It may not be verbatim, but close.

    We have of course seen government taking measures to try and stabilise the currency, but these have not achieved much and I do fear that they will leave us with more problems in the end as we are obviously drawing on our reserves to bump up the Kwacha.

    These problems although they have a global aspect to it, what matters is leadership and how that leadership then steers the country to manage the challenges…

    • Chilemoneka chisungu cahabapitile ba lipota. Twamyelelako panono bana Chisanga. You have to be a good listener and reporter to follow the meaning of her sentence: “I am tempted to say let us go the Zimbabwe way and abandon the Kwacha to avoid being stressed.”
      IAM TEMPTED TO SAY doesnt mean “Iam saying” although many people would want to see it that way.

    • I don’t even know why you are digressing and provoking unnecessary debate when you could have simply advocated for regime change since the current one is fast asleep amidst the myriad of economic challenges the country is facing!???

  49. We do not need to change the currency, we need to focus on the roots cause of this, this woman does not know what she is talking about. Suggesting we change our currency is not solution at all, we Zambian and Africans in general need to deal with our issues from the roots. Let us look, adopting anything of the west is never and will never ever be the solution but promote more of dependency on the west.

  50. Ba Pamela you are running out of ideas madam. We need to change the Party not the Kwacha. The PF has no capacity to change this loss of value in the Kwacha. Even under the challenging times there must dignity and honour………..So ba RB was better than ECL? I can not believe that our economy has really gone down so much in a short time…………It is really a shame that you would like to stabilize the Kwacha by offloading the Dollars on the market just like that……..How deep is your pocket and for how long?

  51. Ba Pamela there is no need to re-emphasize you wrong submission, least you expose your ignorance to unmanageable levels. All you need to do for now is to be humble and learn from basic economics from some kind bloggers. Off loading dollars in economy can never be and will never be a solution to our economic problems. What is needed for now is to revitalize the production industry to ensure the country is not staved of FOREX. They say, ‘mwikala patalala, mwine apatalalika’.

  52. Bamayo ba Pamela,
    Even if you have been sleeping without food you dont abandon your house;live by your affordable means.And before you wash your linen in public have a PA to check what you have to say,

  53. Pamela,
    dont lie your response does not befit you being a Director for the NGO can the goverment start regulating and put in place the requirement to run the NGO above all,there is need to have required NGO Developmental Syllabus of Study.
    Dont take stress when you are chewing free tax payers american money.

  54. This a failed state, you might as well become America then, not Zambia, now the country has no sovereignty, if you use US dollars, start flying US flag as well. Proud Zambia my ass

  55. Madam Pamela, please phone me on +251920341386 (or alternatively SMS your number). I am eager to discuss this dolarization issue in more detail. I very much like to listen before making any judgements.

  56. Zimbabwe is doingwell?????? Kwisa? Go there and see. People are suffering suffering suffering. Thats why they are all in neighbouring countries

  57. The problem is simple. Educate your people begging with President Lungu. They’re all uneducated, you can’t have people managing the country with no skills, knowledge or education. Abroad to work in government positions you need an education. To be a minister you need higher learning such as a bachelor or masters. Someone above mentioned it’s mandatory to have micro, macro, statistics, academic writing etc. Its not a joke to go to school, people sacrifice themselves. Yet these jokers in government choose and only hire their uneducated entourage. Birds of a feather: Flock together.

  58. Now it has gotten to getting her number.Hey sugar daddies,that is not a good idea clever though.I see some 419 scam number trying to pull a fast one lol!?

  59. What we need is our president to engage Chinese govt to help repair the economy by way of bringing serious investors.Knowing China,our problem can easily be fixed if we engage them nicely.

  60. I wouldn’t really pay attention to this woman or any woman who has bleached their skin. Look at the knuckles. This government can do better to ban these cancer causing creams.
    Adopting the dollar will not change things much. There is a lot more to be done with the economy.

  61. She is of the reasons why we are in this situation in the first place. Isn’t she the one who was claiming that we don’t get enough taxes from the mines? Unfortunately the government and many Zambians believed her and introduced unsustainable policies on the mines until we landed where we are currently. Did she really know that our major forex earner is the mines? And if we temper with them, we disturb the entire economy?

  62. If we abandon the Kwacha for the dollar, we shall simply be treating symptoms and not the root causes weakening the kwacha. We just need to find solutions to the causes which are very well known looking at submissions from other bloggers on this forum. And the issue of leadership is a critical one!

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Petroleum Transporters Association of Zambia has appealed to Government to prosecute Oil Marketing Companies

Petroleum Transporters Association of Zambia (PTAZ) has appealed to Government to prosecute Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) for abrogating provisions...

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