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Mfuwe Airport US$122 million tender awarded to a Chinese firm

Economy Mfuwe Airport US$122 million tender awarded to a Chinese firm

Mfuwe Airport
Mfuwe Airport

GOVERNMENT has awarded a US$122 million tender to China National Complete Engineering Corporation for the construction of Mfuwe International Airport.

Zambia Airports Corporation Limited (ZACL) managing director Robinson Misitala said the project will be completed in two years. Negotiations on the scope of work and conceptual design are underway.

Mr Misitala said this in Livingstone yesterday shortly after touring construction works at Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula International Airport, which scheduled for commissioning next month.
“Traffic for Mfuwe is still low at 30,000 passengers per year and our target is to raise the figure to 300,000 passengers per annum.

“During the rainy season when most lodges close, the airport equally stops receiving passengers. Our plan is to make Mfuwe Airport a small city by ensuring that it has adequate accommodation and other facilities to attract tourists,” Mr Misitala said.

He said design of the new airport will include a hotel and shopping mall.

ZACL has partnered with Zambia Tourism Board (ZTB) to promote domestic tourism and encourage Zambians to use air transport.

Mr Misitala said the construction of the US$60 million Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula terminal in Livingstone is almost complete.

“Harry Mwaanga is massive and beautiful with excellent facilities but utilisation is only about 20 percent. Our task is to raise utilisation level to 50 percent and this can only be achieved by enticing Zambians to move away from road transport and start flying,” Mr Misitala said.

Mr Misitala said Proflight and the coming on board of a national airline and Fast Jet Zambia will next year increase use of the airport.

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  1. Good ideas Mr Misitala. But what is the progress with KK airport? is the small city going to attract shanty compounds? How can you talk about the national airline which may or may not come to pass since PF has problems fulfilling its promises?

  2. Sometimes we Zambians just want too much luxury for reasons known by us. Though I last used Mufuwe airport in the year 2000, but I still do not support the idea of spending all this borrowed money to build a new one. E.g Perth International Airport is old but they just renovate it and it works.
    Mfuwe is a tourist area and game area, what about just renovate the current state of Mfuwe. You know tourists want to see old structures in areas like mufuwe because they show that game qualities of the area. So bwana GRZ I would advise you spend this money on buying some hosipital beds for UTH where people are lying on the floor with no sight of a doctor for weeks.

  3. It is spending money to make personal money naimwe. People should understand the PF project purpose. PF was a project to make money for Sata and his friends through contracts like Kabimba and Mmembe. Why do you think Kabimba and Fred are now so bitter seeing that EL is the one making money together with RB and Dora who used to insult PF.

  4. Another confusing project description – how can you award a tender before design is complete, what scope is awarded at the outset, nobantu? “Negotiations on the scope of work and conceptual design are underway. He said design of the new airport will include a hotel and shopping mall.”

  5. Why doesn’t that money go to Simon Kapwepwe International Airport? If there is an airport that needs renovations badly in this country, its that airport.

    • Clipmaster,You are spot on.The $122 million can well be used to renovate or construct modern facilities at Ndola So called international airport.Looking at the picture above of Mfuwe,I least say its in better position/Shape than Ndola and Solwezi airports.airports. Ndola Airport receives more passengers than the Livingstone and Mfuwe airports.The runway at Ndola is an old cement one which is too shot for modern aircraft. Its.Its about 2.8 km.Landing at Ndola is breath taking especially if you are using big planes like the one Ethiopian and Kenyan airways fly on this route.If well developed Ndola can be a connecting airport for DRC bound passengers thus generating the much needed revenue for the country.Of Solwezi airport this need urgent attention either relocating to a more big area or…

  6. More forex going out via kickbacks and to these shady Chinese companies. ..surely in the whole of Africa and the World is the Chinese the only ones who can deliver…don’t be cheated that they are good builders….it’s because Chinese are not transparent hence it is to steal via overpriced contracts.

  7. PF, first market Zambia to international world. It is very surprising to discover that South Africa is marketing Victoria Falls as if it is in their country. Zambia Tourism Board is too docile to do the marketing. I suggest the govt of Zambia grant some funds to private tour operators to do marketing on its behalf. Victoria Falls town in Zimbabwe is attracting thousands of tourists compared to Zambia, the reason being that Zimbabwe is really serious with marketing. The new Mfuwe Int. Airport will just be a white elephant. The current numbers given as 30 000 is just a pipe dream. The actual numbers range from 10,000 to 15 000 per year. And in Mfuwe tourists hate luxurious lodges or camps thats why some lodges with roofs of steel are struggling to market themselves. HH 2016

  8. How do you give a contract before conceptual design/framwork and conclusion of negotiations?……..ebu lazo ndandapo ubu

  9. This government thinks having bigger terminals and lounges will increase traffic of tourist, WRONG………market your products first and then work on how to receive the passengers…………..nfuwe receives one plane a day sometimes not even one

  10. I agree/disagree but we have other issues on the line. Infrastructure development is needed but how will they manage new facilities when they’ve failed to manage previous ones? It’s not because tourism is not working, its management that is not working. No matter the fancy and new facilities, you need to change the mind set. Jean Kapata and Steven Mwansa have no skilled labour in this department. Felix Chaila a sitting structure does not know how to market a destination! Hire educated people with degree is when this sector will take off. Warding contracts to Chinese means kissing goodbye to our wildlife.

  11. I think we know how criminal minds operate. Award Chinese contracts under the pretense of infrastructure development. Once they’re in, its easy to kill elephants for the tusks and ship to China and government officials will do everything in their power to help. In 5 years we will have 2 lions and 1 elephant remaining due to poor vision and a lack of leadership by PF government. They don’t seem to realize animals bring visitors to a destination and brings us forex. Get money in your pockets now, 10 years later you will feel the effects of your bad decisions.

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