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Give President Lungu a chance to settle-Kalaba

General News Give President Lungu a chance to settle-Kalaba

Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Harry Kalaba, MP (left) and Permanent Secretary Ambassador Chalwe Lombe at New York Palace Hotel on Wednesday 23rd September, 2015. Hon. Kalaba and Ambassador Lombe are in the advance party of His Excellency Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu, President of the Republic of Zambia, who is due to arrive in New York on Thursday to attend the 70th Session of the United Nations General Assembly and the UN Summit for the adoption of the Post-2015 Development Agenda. PHOTO | CHIBAULA D. SILWAMBA | ZAMBIA UN MISSION
Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba has called on citizens to allow President Edgar Lungu’s administration to settle and implement its development programs.

Mr Kalaba who is also PF Bahati Member of Parliament says experimenting on national leadership has a negative effect on the implementation of development programmes.

He says Zambia needs consistent leadership and cannot afford to be changing Heads of State.

Appearing on Mansa’s K-FM Radio, Mr. Kalaba said changing Heads of State has a negative bearing on a nation’s economic outlook and international perception.

Mr. Kalaba said it would be prudent to allow the PF government continue governing and complete projects currently under implementation despite some economic challenges such as the volatility of the Kwacha.

He said the current challenges Zambia is faced with such as the depreciation of the Kwacha and energy crisis need stakeholders to rise above partisan politics in forging solutions.

Mr Kalaba said government is currently promoting economic diversification by providing inputs for other crops apart from maize.

He said government is also rehabilitating and constructing new airports and setting up a national airline by June next year as part of promoting tourism.

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  1. Well all eyes can now see that this lame duck is the weakest president of all Zambian history.
    You talk about the airline every year you say in June. Your friend Mukanga chipuba said the same every year since 2011. so this promise is every june every june. next year kuya bebele bambuli

    • Foolishness, mediocrity and ineptitude in PF will never cease. These morons are in their 5th year in power and want more time for their clueless, visionless leader to settle! Kalaba, 2016 you are out of govt

    • What a travesty!! The man is settled hence he’s been taking holidays and breaks from work. What more proof do you need to validate the fact that this man is a failure. Two holidays in just ten months…

    • This one also. Zambia is at its lowest in all aspects, materially, spiritually, socially, economically etc. We already have the worst and we can only improve from where we are with the right person. But even Mike Mulongoti can do better as president than EL and his PF. We want change next year whatever you say. We want a government that will be prudent in its management of our funds and economy. Period! Just start packing banensu.

  2. Lungu is not worthy to be called a president and Zambians should be ashamed of themselves for voting into power a lazy drunkard who is ever on holiday

    Meanwhile Aleisa HH

  3. We don’t want to change the govt but the president appointed wrong pipo in Bank of Zambia n Zesco.Zambia is going through these challenges bcoz of firing Chitundu(Zesco CEO) and Gondwe(BOZ governor).He brought pipo like Kalyalya n mundende who only know theories.We are paying the price bcoz of listening to RB.It’s so pain-fall.The bank of Zambia had a chance to stop the kwacha from free falling when it was K7.5 per $1.The central bank should have intervened before these speculations in the country.Most pipo especially indians are keeping dollars at home and charging kwacha to dollars everyday.They are also charging in dollars bcoz indigenous Zambians have no manufacturing companies.To make matters worse the govt have no monitoring systems.Anyone can do anything in da country without…

  4. Mr, Kalaba you have nothing to say. Let me remind Harry that president RB was removed because of corruption. The economic under RB did not collapse. If the PF choosing of the leader at Mulungwishi Rock was born out of dishonest, PF is finished and will be divided into two groups, and PF will be voted out of power. I do not think it is wise for president Lungu to work with RB who was rejected by the people. That does not mean that president Lungu should not respect our former president RB. RB deserve respect. When people who belong to other political parties are treated as though they were trees, Harry expect the blessing to fall on PF or when government workers who belong to other political parties are fired. Government jobs belong to Zambians, not only to PF. Harry, take a look at Zesco,…

    • Harry, so you think that “changing Heads of State has a negative bearing on a nation’s economic outlook and international perception” ……


      Lungu has totally screwed up the Economy, turned our Kwacha into toilet paper, and made the Presidency a JOKE to the whole world by flying his audience, that did not even attend his speech, to the UN!

      Zambia should have NEVER elected this incompetent, lazy and clueless drunkard CLOWN!


  5. Mr. Kalaba, do you mean to tell us that 10Months into the job, Lungu has not yet settled? That means he never will. He has made 19 foreign trips in 9 months, which does not give him time to sit in the office and address the problems of the country. He is a tourist. You should have listened to Guy Scott when he told you that the man has no capacity to lead. He has failed us as Zambians. Do you remember when you were insulting Guy Scott with your dilated veins on your forehead? We are voting you out come 2016. This time it is our time to speak at the ballot and you will listen to us.

  6. Mr Kalaba, please be so kind as to tell us the exact time it will take to settle down; 1 more month, 6 more months, a year… Be specific. Suppose you were promoted/elected to be a CEO of a struggling firm, would you, after almost a year in leadership, still need more time to fix the urgent issues that the company has been going through for the past four years now, since 2011?

  7. we have tried to give him time to settle but instead he is using that time to do things contraly to what we expect of him.

    • Lungu is already well settled as a Global Tourist at Taxpayers EXPENSE.

      And well settled so he has plenty of time to go ON HOLIDAY.

      He is so well settled that the collapse of the Kwacha does not worry him at all.

      If he gets any more “well settled” he will be IN A COMA!!!!!!!!!

      We do not want a President that has Zesco, Zamtel, the Mines falling apart and that is so “well settled” that HE CANNOT EVEN DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!


  8. @ kwa george
    There you go again insulting us who hail from the ghettos. You people in UPND and your HH say nothing good can come out ghettos like Chawama, Matero, Mandevu, Kalingalinga, Chaisa, Lwansobe, Kamitondo, Wusakile, Kanfinsa, Chipulukusu, Kaunda Square, Mtendere, Kanyama, Bauleni, George compound, Kansuswa, Kamuchanga, Chibolya etc (trench towns) simply because our President Edgar Lungu comes from there, why then do you come to us for our votes? This is not the first time your are insulting us!
    Okay we shall see, this time its no mess, we have resolved to support one of us from Chawama H.E Edgar Chagwa Lungu no matter how much money you will dish out and what you will tell us. Remember we are NOT IGNORANT!!!

    • Boooo we also come from kombons and its us in the these townships who are bearing the brunt of poverty and joblessness. Life is brutal in my home komboni Chikola in Chingola and we’ve resolved to teach these lazy pin heads a lesson.

    • A chance to settle yours & his Belly Kalaba??
      I thought your Bellies are already settled & full, & its time to give others a chance to “Settle their Bellies”??

  9. As always a tin head trying to justified the continued stay of the drunkard tin head. Surely if a man can hire a private jet for USD300,000 and carry 259 people with him to the UN, then he is well settled in his space. I mean the man even takes holidays to recuperate from his mediocrity and laziness

  10. Settle for what ?? He has failed to rule, this time in zambia the maximum term to rule for a party is five years from 2011 to 2016. PF kuyabebele.

  11. …reading between lines and recalling what Kabwili said on radio, it is evident that these guys are jittery and worried to the bone if ECL would win them elections next year…..they are worried of losing their luxury life styles they are enjoying with absolutely no work input….. I don’t understand when the say…’Zambia cannot afford changing leadership’….what are elections there for…??…ECL is just a figure head for PF to implement their policy…..what Kalaba is saying is that we should give PF chance to settle….is 4 years not enough time to settle..??

  12. Lungu has only been president for 10 months. The problems the country is facing are definitely not due to Lungu but hh who sold Zambian companies at losses. Don’t worry Lawyer Lungu Zambians know its not yo fault unless that bitter & selfish tribe. We wil vote 4 u till 2021.

    • It is id!ots like you that will vote for a Clown like Lungu even when he is stealing food off your plate that have put Zambia in this mess!

      There should be a Law against mentally incapacitated people like you voting!

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