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UPND MPS walk out of Parliament for a second time

General News UPND MPS walk out of Parliament for a second time

INFORMATION and Broadcasting Minister Chishimba Kambwili (r) and Choma Central Member of Parliament Conelius Mweetwa stand together as matchers (not in picture) pass. This was during the Youth Day celebrations at Choma stadium
FILE: INFORMATION and Broadcasting Minister Chishimba Kambwili (r) and Choma Central Member of Parliament Conelius Mweetwa stand together as matchers (not in picture) pass. This was during the Youth Day celebrations at Choma stadium

UPND Members of Parliament for the second time today stayed away from Parliamentary proceedings in protest to what they are calling continued mutilation of Zambians rights.

The UPND MPs have vowed to continue walking out from Parliament until the rights of the citizens stop being infringed upon by the Zambia Police.

The MPs say they are determined to carry on signaling to the PF government on behalf of the Zambian people that things are not ok in the Country.

Speaking on behalf the protesting MPs shortly after walking out from the proceedings, UPND Choma Member of Parliament Cornelius Mweetwa says his fellow MPs will not stop boycotting proceedings in spite of the Speaker asking the Minister of Home Affairs to issue a ministerial statement early next week over the attacks on UPND president Hakainde Hichilema on the Copperbelt.

Mr. Mweetwa who is also UPND party deputy spokesperson states that his fellow MPs suspect that the Zambia Police is being used by President Edgar Lungu to preserve himself in power.
He has told journalists that UPND thinks that President Lungu is allegedly desperate to stay in State House.

Mr. Mweetwa notes that the UPND MPs will not however pretend as if things are well when in fact not.

He says the UPND is also left to wonder how possibly the PF government can continue preaching reconciliation when on the other hand people’s rights of movement are being infringed upon.

Mr. Mweetwa says his fellow MPs can only conclude that President Lungu and his government are proclaiming reconciliation to allegedly hoodwink the people that things are ok in the Country.

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  1. way to go!thumbs up.I urge these mps to even shoot down this bogus constitution! it has just gotten out of hand and too much to bear!I think it’s time for lungu to start parking his mops from state house… lol

    • @ Nubian Princess, you seem to lack any knowledge of how parliament operates. For your info, without these MPS the seating won’t reach 2/3rds meaning the budget can not be passed. If the budget fails after the third attempt parliament has to be dissolved. A bit of some info for you.

    • Iwe @Nubian, when did you ever hear Kambwili insulting ati imwe bathykala? When NEVER. In-fact he was mobilizing UPND to fight The Post.
      And Kambwili has condemned the Luanshya ZP for showing that his Constituency is taken over by UPND.

  2. Ba Kapala ba PF know their time to get out has come. They will try to cling to power in any way possible because they know jail time is inevitable for most of them.
    The most baffling are the punks who think or want to believe things are okay as they are in Zambia.

  3. Upnd knows nothing about constitution & this is not new to them bcoz they walked away during mmd time also its leader ichilema has failed to follow their party constitution he is the only person who can b presido & no one else

  4. It is HH they are representing or voters in the constituencies? Let them stay away for ever…atase and they expect to be paid gratuity. Real MPs don’t chicken out…we will see you during next elections.

    • @Tito
      Unfortunately for you, this time around you actually need the UPND members of parliament to get the business of parliament going. They know that, very well, and they know that without them, the major business of he house cannot be carried out, i.e. passing the national budget. They may be a small number in parliament, but that small number counts in order for the national budget to be passed. If they continue boycotting, the house will have to be dissolved. Like it or not, this time around we have to beg them to come back to parliament, otherwise government has to shut down because it will not have any money to spend!!!

  5. Ulya Palya Nichi Devil~upnd U Moved Out From Parliament U Thought Even Mmd Will Move Out Shame.Work Will Continue Even If U Stayed For Gud Marrabishi.U Cowards U Fail To Challenge Hh (Zambian Mugabe) One Person U Want To Blame Yo Failure On Pf.Come Back C/b We Shall Show U That A Cow Has Two Hands With Four Legs Two Hands Are For Fighting Only.Police Next Do A Gud Job Work Directly Follow The Actual ~

  6. Ok so can the constitution pass without these weaklings? They shot it down under RB and they want to do same under Edgar. they can even shoot it down under HH, why not?

  7. HH wants to test whether Edgar has the guts to deal with him. Somebody needs to tell him that tougher men came before him, and they withered. He will become irrelevant to Zambian politics very soon if he wants to play stubborn. I expect him to be smarter than this.

  8. We are watching closely.Monitoring the situation before we start engaging SADC AU and the International court of Justice including UN.Enough is enough.We shall use all means to show Lungu that the people have power.A bullet has never won a war.





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