Goodwell Lungu
Goodwell Lungu

Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) has made a strong and passionate appeal to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to thoroughly investigate allegations that the NATSAVE Managing Director made an irregular payment for an advert in a French magazine of over K630,000 which was not published and a further 46,366 Euros to a French advertising agency.

Executive Director Goodwell Lungu in a statement says as far as TIZ is concerned, this is a very simple case which the Commission can easily investigate and establish the truth within a week.Goodwell-Lungu-TIZ

Mr Lungu says TIZ has information that there are more financial scandals at NATSAVE that the ACC needs to thoroughly probe.

He states that the key factors that the ACC need to focus on are whether it is true that tender procedures were not followed, if the funds were transmitted, if the advert did not run and if the Bank made any official follow ups.

Mr. Lungu notes that with such information, the Commission can then make a recommendation within a week to have all the officials involved suspended.

He says in TIZ’s view, the ACC needs to prove its relevance on such simple cases and has appealed to the ACC to expedite this matter so that all the offending culprits are dealt with in order to send a strong deterrent signal to other offenders who are engaging in similar behavior.

Mr. Lungu hopes that the ACC will not keep quite as they have done on other investigations such as the investigation involving the former Managing Director at the Public Service Fund Pensions Board (PSFP) where there is massive evidence of wrong doing.

He adds that it is such cases that make citizens lose confidence in the ACC.

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