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Friday, February 21, 2020

UPND feels vindicated over loss of 4,000 mine jobs

Economy UPND feels vindicated over loss of 4,000 mine jobs

UPND Deputy Spokesperson Edwin Lifwekelo
UPND Deputy Spokesperson Edwin Lifwekelo

The opposition United Party for National Development has doubted the PF Government’s capacity to save jobs in the mining industry.

And the opposition political party says it has been vindicated when it suggested that President Lungu’s trip to the Copperbelt was fruitless as seen from the continued job losses in the mining sector.

UPND Spokesperson Edwin Lifwekelo says the laying off of over 4, 000 miners by Mopani Copper Mines proves that President Lungu’s trip to the Copperbelt was a sheer waste of public resources.

Mr. Lifwekelo says the PF Government lacks the negotiating skills and capacity to save jobs in the mining sector.

He says this should send a signal to President Lungu and his team that time for them to leave office is fast approaching as they are failing to protect thousands of jobs in the mining sector.

Mr. Lifwekelo says it is very clear in the minds of the Zambian people that they made a mistake by voting the PF in office as a lot of things have gone wrong in the country.

Mopani Copper Mines (MCM) has laid off 3,051 workers while 1,249 employees have opted for voluntary separation as part of Glencore’s debt reduction strategy.

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  1. Copperbelt will be like it was in the 1990 when nice bars were now selling Chibuku instead of bottled beer.People in CB will suffer even the Jerabo will have no business.They will craw like a hungry dog if they don’t embrace HH.

  2. Chile’s Codelco lays off over 4,000 workers
    Codelco’s chief executive Nelson Pizarro says the “painful, but necessary” move has not affected production.
    Codelco’s chief executive Nelson Pizarro is following through with his promise of cutting costs “to the bone” as the Chile-owned miner announced it has cut almost 3,900 jobs, including contractors, in response to low prices and weak demand.
    Until now, the world’s top copper producer had only disclosed the layoff of about 400 employees, mostly staff members in top positions.
    The fresh and massive cuts bring the number of layoffs to over 4,000, making of Codelco the mining company that has let go the highest amount of workers in Chile since metal prices began their decline over a year ago.

  3. There’s no contrition on the part of UPND whatsoever that so many thousands of people can at the stroke of the pen lose their jobs. All that right thinking people can deduce from their statement is a mood that’s quite celebratory at the job losses in the money- loving company Glencoe. What kind of political party is UPND? Indeed this is a satanic organisation.

    • @Chitutuma. Did you read the whole article? I thought Lifwekelo was using basic english? There is nothing celebratory in the statement. All they are saying is that their position that Lungu & PF lack the necessary skills to stave off job losses. Unfortunately, this is what the situation is on the ground. ECL told us “he had saved mining jobs”, because of his trip to the CB. The fact that Mopani is laying off 5,000 workers tells us his trip was a failure.
      UPND are indeed justified becoz they told us before Lungu came.

  4. Ba upnd, are u happy that jobs have been lost…! Plz be mature in your criticism…! Its not pf but fallen copper prices that has affected our mining sector…! Stop celebrating wen bad things happen to zambia. U have lost my vote..!

  5. HH talks like when voted he is going to sort out every problem in this country, that can’t happen. promise people what you can do rather than just telling lies. the falling of copper price has been engineered so that these bazunguzi benefit from our God given resources, they say Africa is poor but why do they come here in the first place? I cannot go to my neighbor and have a garden in their premises, i employee my own garden boy to do the gardening. then the owner of the premises is at faulty, Zambians we are at faulty bcoz of our selfish, we would only have borrowed resources and operate our mines. we put the price of copper than them to tell us the price of our copper. nonsense! either they buy or not that is till our copper in future they will still come back.

  6. The UPND has not scored on their word but on their heartless motives which will soon back fire. The people will one day realise that UPND has been destabilizing the economy with the help of Anglo American, Oppenhemeir, Local crooks including Indian Cartels led by Dipak Patel, rich businessmen including ba GBM who will now stand in Kafue and not Kasama during next year’s elections and UPND cadres that are destabilizing the markets through artificial price inflation. God is on the poor people’s side and he will unleash his wrath and see to it the HH and team are punished. A few of us have realized what is happening and saddened that people like HH can be heartless and wants to sell this country to Anglo Americans and a few greedy people in the world. God shall save Zambia from such Axis…

  7. that’s being satanic how can you be vindicated over the loss of jobs on the CB. UNDER 5 supporters never seize to amaze me who do u thing ichilema is? the way you come out as if when he come into power everything will change, NO! ICHILEMA is a human being born of a woman all needs now is to humble himself the JEHOVAH Raise him but if he doesn’t he will be humbled in 2016 bcoz Zambia is bigger than southern province


  9. As late as last week govt was denying job losses, who has bewitched P,F, Bwana Amos earlier told us figure wil be smal and post was laying, is this a govt?

  10. It appears being objective is difficult to attain for many. This job loss issue has been simmering for a long time now from when power outages took root and govt did not see it as real. Consequently govt sat back and hoped a miracle would occur to obliterate reality. Govt was told and implored to be more proactive but they called it bitterness. Instead of being realistic, the President goes to camp there and issue threats. Do things work like that? Do you blame UPND for having recognised the problem before it exploded and you ignored it? It is very clear that PF govt has no muscle to steer Zambia out of the current dilema. It requires a level headed team with both the knack and commitment to the course. Threats and insults, just like intimidation of the opposition is not the answer!

  11. This lifwekelo didn’t mention anything about HH also being the pioneer of job losses as he got rich out of selling the same mines. I wish HH should feel the pinch of what he was involved in.

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