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Zambia will overcome its current economic problems-German Minister of Foreign Affairs

Headlines Zambia will overcome its current economic problems-German Minister of Foreign Affairs

President Edgar Lungu shows the Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Frank-Walter STEINMEIER a lion at State House Yesterday 20-11-2015. Picture by ROYD SIBAJENE/ZANIS
President Edgar Lungu shows the Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Frank-Walter STEINMEIER a lion at State House Yesterday 20-11-2015. Picture by ROYD SIBAJENE/ZANIS

VISITING German Minister of Foreign Affairs Frank-Walter Steinmeier is confident Zambia will overcome its current economic problems.

And Germany has decided to open a representation of the Southern African-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry office in Lusaka.

Dr Steinmeier said Germany does not under-estimate the current challenges, but sees Zambia’s vast potential.

“Today we are here at a difficult time for Zambia. The economic, financial and energy crisis creates a lot of hardships for many Zambians.

“But I am confident that Zambia will overcome the current difficulties. The fact that I am accompanied by a high-ranking delegation from parliament, business and academia is proof of me not being the only German who thinks so,” he said.

The German Minister of Foreign Affairs was speaking on Friday evening during a cocktail reception held in his honour in Lusaka.

He said there is need to come up with a coherent reform strategy to make swift head-way on what President Lungu called a ‘journey of national transformation for a smart Zambia’.

Dr Steinmeier said Germans have explored economic possibilities and challenges for German investors in Zambia.

He also said the Southern African-German chamber of Commerce and Industry office will start operating early next year, noting that the importance for creative industries is rising all over the globe.

And Minister of Foreign Affairs Harry Kalaba said Zambia desires to tap into Germany’s expertise on economic diversification.

He said the Zambian government is therefore interested in establishing more economic and trade links with Germany through public private partnerships.

Mr Kalaba is confident that the visit by the German Foreign Affairs minister will result in representatives from Zambian business sectors forging closer partnerships to accelerate economic growth and development in Zambia.

He said the Zambian government is pleased with the high-powered delegation that came from Germany and was hopeful various networks and contacts had been established between respective business persons.

A 95-member German delegation was in Zambia to explore business and bilateral opportunities.

Meanwhile, Dr Steinmeier has urged the ruling and the opposition parties to ensure a levelled playing field during next year’s general elections.

He said Zambia has been a beacon of peace and stability and a good example in handing over power smoothly, which was demonstrated by President Kaunda and President Banda.

Dr Steinmeier earlier met President Lungu at State House before meeting opposition leaders at Pamodzi Hotel. The opposition leaders that attended the meeting were Edith Nawakwi of the Forum for Democracy and Development, Nevers Mumba of the Movement for Multi-party Democracy, Elias Chipimo of the National Restoration Party and Mutale Nalumango of the United Party for National Development.

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  1. Mr. President, this is unsustainable practices of showing endangered species to those who love the sport. In fact you should remove that stuffed animal if you are promoting sustainability. This is inline with the Millennium Development Goals you were talking about. It’s all about sustainable tourism and you are promoting trophy hunting which is sad. Surprised your advisers failed to tell you how this is impacting negatively on you.

    • Salutation! Beyond any reasonable doubt we the patriotic sons and daughters of Zambia at home and overseas scattered like sand in the desert, who believe that the future of Zambia is squarely on our shoulders and not any other fellow mortal, professionally and practically we know that our national problems are many and varied. They cannot be solved overnight but methodically. Vividly we know that our problems are not insurmountable if we can avoid some stop gap measures, adhere to what we believe as long term plans, sink our differences and work as a national a team in best national interest. The task of nation-building is a matter of collective responsibility. Otherwise posterity may not forgive us if we betray Zambia.

    • I sincerely salute H.E President Lungu for diplomatically rejecting a highly toxic package from the “Murder board”of developing national states’ potential. Let agents of economic hitmen qualify why we should take their package and what reforms the institution has undergone or shown remorse for its history of damage to developing nations?
      Show one developing country under their prescription that has rebound from its woes. 50 year of post independent Zambia, we got enough best qualified brains in all professional disciplines to plan and manage existential risks. Professionals, make yourselves available to help Govt of the day in transformation of the country.

    • This German has no idea who the people of Zambia have entrusted their future in -PF.

      If he knew how useless and corrupt they are, he would have a different opinion

    • Talk with no action, Zambian Ministers are very good at talking especially PF. but with no clear road map to resolve current challenges.

      @ Mr Tourism: you are right, State house should lead by example and remove such objects. why display a dead lion??

    • I just came back from the Zambia, what a disgusting place it is.

      Anyway too many persons not educated.

      People couldn’t understand my accent and though I was showing off

      They kept smiling when they greeted Nick and overall the food was dirty in the markets with flies all over them.

      I hope Im not sick but overall i was NOT impressed.

      I think Mr Lungu has FAILED

      There is a lot of support for Mr. Sampa but Mr. Lungu may have trapped Mr. Sampa and personally I think he should resign and form his own political party and look at 2021

      Mr. lungu WILL win the next elections from words on the ground, regardless of what HH does.

      This is what I was informed as well.


    • Its really sickening that we have these stuffed dead animals like leopards and lions in plot one; they even have names…do our leaders follow the news? If you are really serious about attracting tourists the first thing you need to do is ban trophy-hunting…show your visitors live animals in the game park let them shoot with cameras and encourage them to stay a night or two so they can spend their Euros there….what dull silly leaders we have…he is even full of pride the lazy Lungu you would think he killed the lion with his bare hands.

      Those Germans are just laughing at his stupidity and ignorance!!

  2. I’m surprised that the Under 5 HH failed to attend this meeting and instead sent his Nalumnago, this was a high powered German delegation led by the top diplomat. Can we read into something here about HH? As RB would say KODI ABISA CHANI MAMBALA

    • Maybe it is good that under 5 did not attend, am sure he would have thrown his ” The Elections was rigged” toys out of his pram or his famous ” I won the elections and it was stolen from me” tantrums

    • How will meeting the German foreign minister improve HH chances of securing the presidency?

      The real work for HH is out there in the field interacting with the electorate, that’s what he is focussing on.

      Mind you Kambwili has blacked out all reporting on ZNBC about HH, so he has to spend more time on the ground meeting people to remain visible.

      Meanwhile Aleisa HH

  3. Ba MMD, Can’t we call each other by our real names or our pseudo ones?This calling and belittling each other like, Under Five this, Jemasoni this,blablabla is not good. Enjoy your weekend bro.

  4. We shall overcome.
    Not through the toxic recipe prescribed by the IMF who have the same medicine for all economic ills.
    What Zambia requires are investments to stop for instance the imports in Shoprite and Pick and Pay etc who are causing the Kwacha to further decline. That’s what the Germans will offer not the divisive rantings of Mmembe and his accomplices.
    The investments will in turn create jobs.

  5. Does Zambia still quality currently as a BEACON OF PEACE? Is Zambia not one of the countries spending more money on ammunition such as TEARGAS for its own innocent unarmed citizens? Looking at current events can power be easily or smoothly be handed over.Are things done on a level playing field? Well that’s food for thought as we watch from the terraces.

  6. Only about 10% of corrupt elites in PF have seen or are seeing progression realisation in their New Ukwa Lungu regime.How can Zambia reclaim its economic development amidst practices of bad governance embraced by New Ukwa Lungu & Its regime?That Outgoing one term pathetic diabolical party PF has broken the record of ruling parties in the annals of Zambia’s political history as the useless one ever to exist.How can one really brag to change all these social mayhems without having robust fiscal policies & proactive planning & proper implementation of these policies!This New Ukwa is the worst president to have ruled Zambia!No wonder he’s not even qualifying for a gratuitous!Anyway,only 9 months remaining for him & its regime to account for all corruption cases,all contracts undertaken &…

  7. Anyway,only 9 months remaining for him & its regime to account for all corruption cases,all contracts undertaken & police brutality as well as thuggery behaviour of his illiterate cadres!Anyone who understands sustainable development & investments will attest to the fact that under pathetic PF,these two can not thrive due to bad governance practices & polarisation!Only Ukwa,Chikwanda & his PF cronies of aliens & ghosts with poverty crippled grey matter will continue-forever hallucinating over an economic turnaround under their Ukwa Lungu.

  8. pathetic PF cadres, who do you think you are fooling. Lungu refused IMF loan in his own words, I dont want to lose the elections,
    after the elections he will go back to them. Dull

  9. It’s hard to rally a national constituency towards an ethnic cause which the majority can neither understand nor speak it. Worse off if it’s found to be a deconstruction of national unity. Unless all cows and goats are issued voter cards, the number of ethnic parties insufficient forever.

    • @Tonga’s wish full dreams I feel you very sick and you need to see a doctor . How on earth you label the entire tribe wish full dreamers, minority and you go a head and call them cows and goats. You are behaving live ISIS in Syria you are not different from Jihad john. You need deliverance. Tongas come close to 1000 yrs in Zambia earlier than any other tribe in Zambia next to Bushmen and have every right to participate in the country’s democracy without any name calling or intimidation. Tongas will at no time feel inferior to any tribe as long as they no they were created by God. I repeat Tribalism should be thrown in the dust bin and left in the ancient caves were it belong. Tongas and other progressive Zambians will continue looking for solutions to improve our country Zambia. we need…

  10. @ Kay Vy, I am sure that you can answer that question quite accurately yourself. But in case you need help, I refer you to read about the rest of Africa, for example see Burundi, Rwanda, etc even our neighbor DRC. Please don’t be so lazy to read that you have to be guided by the German Foreign Minister to read anything even about your own country!

  11. In keeping with stuffed animals the economy goes though motions with targets far beyond rejuvenation with constants in outer variables. What ever you think of EL not considering connector in extremities of variants to labor rates with trade bodies being squeezed in and out but still maintaing structural form. Mopane can and will resolve into equal pulls on a law by law basis overtaken by celestics in out dimensions of economics.

  12. Most patriotic Zambians in Livingstone are amazed that the Police gave protection to a bandit in the name of Mmembe.The chap should have been taught a lesson for always fabricating lies about his perceived enemies in his post newspaper.The homo is fit to live with animals in kafue national park and not in lusaka.His grade 12 failure correspondent known as mbulo is now in hiding and his days are numbered.

  13. Why is that always it is mulongoti and luonde the well known lunatics in zambia who are quoted by the post newspaper ? Indeed if it was in north Africa,this homo would have paid for his sins by now.Why should Zambians allow a Homo to be injuring fellow citizens in the name of freedom of expression for all this long ?

  14. You reporters are liars. There is no lion at state house! This caption is a lie!
    President Edgar Lungu shows the Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Frank-Walter STEINMEIER a lion at State House Yesterday.

    • I do not think those German politicians are comfortable being photographed near a stuffed animal as its bad press back home and encourages trophy hunting and unsustainable practices especially with reduced number of big cats in the wild.

  15. What happened to some serious thinkers who were on this blog? Now LT is swarmed with low level brains from tumfweko. Fora like this provide you & me who have no access to mainstream media to engage in discourse that moves our society to the next level. Most comments appearing here of late are so low. I used to like MMD bootlicker’s thoughts. What happened?

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