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Continued Delay of Civil Servants Salaries

Headlines Continued Delay of Civil Servants Salaries

Civil Servants wait for Inutu Suba to come out of her office at the provincial administration offices in Kabwe
Civil Servants

We have noted with concern the continued mistreatment of our hardworking and passionate Civil Servants by the PF Government under the leadership of HE President Edgar C Lungu.
15th of every month has been the traditional pay date for our under-appreciated and over stretched Civil servants in Zambia and the late HE Michael C Sata ensured that civil servants get paid salaries was at least 17th of every month.

With the ever escalating prices on all household goods, daily job losses in our dwindling PF economy, it is mind baffling to imagine that President Lungu can even allow our Civil Servants to work for 30 days but get paid on the 45th day every month. This is criminal and murderous behavior by our State President shows lack of care for the Zambian families.He can afford to take holidays, fly around the world with 256 people to USA, buy free tickets for Soccer fans at Levy Mwanawasa Stadium but fail to pay his own employees on time.

The continued mismanagement of our Economy by the PF Government is a clear testimony that they have failed and this leadership is Visionless.

Whilst President Lungu is failing to pay his employees on time, he has created 5 new Ministries and this should each be costing the Treasury over K200 000 every month.

President Edgar Lungu wasted Taxpayers money by moving State House to Kitwe for political rallies and insulting Labour Unions and issuing fake threats to Mopani Copper Mines. MCM Owners have however embarrassingly showed State House who is the real boss in the Mines by proceeding to fire 4000 employees.

Our humble president HE Edgar Lungu and his leadership do not understand poverty because they get everything for free no wonder they are punishing even our abused Civil Servants like the men in uniform. They see it fit to command unpaid men in uniform around Zambia to beat up innocent UPND cadres whilst they enjoy luxuries in Lusaka.

We therefore urge you the Zambians to get your NRCs and Voters cards so that you can choose better leadership in 2016

By Matthew Chanda,
UPND Kitwe District Media Office

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  1. Most teachers voted for Mr Lungu. We advised them not to because some of us saw this coming. Mr Lungu’s ascendancy to power was not normal and there was every indication that something would go wrong. So teachers are part of this problem and they should endure because hard times are coming.

  2. Ifintu na fiLUNGUla,
    2.)Sangoma’s at State House,
    3.)Road construction inflated prices, do you really think they will be money in the pockets?
    4.)Do you really think they will have money after windfall taxes offered to mine owners?
    5.) Do you think there will be money when they are ordering Brand new 4X4 vehicles for MPs
    6.) Do you think there will be money after so many bye elections
    7.) Above all, the number of power cuts experienced by business houses, do you think there will be foreign money coming in the country? Mines and manufacturers cannot produce.
    What a Shame???

    • @Akamunofu: It’s not fair to label most civil servants as lazy. They deserve our respect. If contractually they are supposed to be paid on the 15th or 20th, they should be paid on those dates as per our Labour laws. Govt must lead by example to show that they respect and uphold the Labour laws.

  3. @Pretty what things have gone bad. Delay isn’t denial. If u say civil servants ae hard workers, then they can’t fail to just hang on for a few days. They hav other sources of income. What flumadiddle is this UPND dander head talking about? I am a civil servant but I will surely vote fo EL.

    • @othe side, it is your right to vote for your preferred candidate who happens to be EL.

      And to answer your question “what things have gone bad?” I suggest you direct the question to EL he’s the one who said it….”And the President says ifintu nafilubana (things are bad)” (sic) The Post 2.November, 2015.

  4. “MCM Owners have however embarrassingly showed State House who is the real boss in the Mines by proceeding to fire 4000 employees.” So UPND rejoices to see us the miners lose our jobs and think that we can vote for their president Ichilema? Okay, we all understand what is causing all these economic problems in the mines, its NOT President Lungu nor the PF Government but circumstances beyond their control!
    Instead of looking at this issue as a national problem, UPND thinks it can gain political milage, NO! HH is not providing any alternative now and there is no sane person who can believe that he will in the near future. We will not vote for HH based on these circumstances!

    • The Patriot, ur not a miner but a minister or PF official who was bribed so that miners can be retreanched. Now today ur here spiting nonsense. No miner will vote for PF. In mwanawasa ‘s era govt stood by the mines. That government had the muscle and love for the pipo. Now u as PF have been making empty threats to pipo whose interest u represent. I know that even Lungu on the Coperbelt was dining and sleeping with the mines. They oiled him and gave him money. He betrayed the very pipo who smiled when he became president. No miner will ever vote for Pf

  5. Its not new that salaries are delayed, it happens once in a while. Again, the civil servants must not be hoodwinked by politicians because they will certainly be paid. However, the most out spoken people are the non productive moles we have in society. Look at the councils, they have the ability to generate huge revenues, but do we see, laziness and yet expect hand outs from Government, just how? If you cant work, then dont expect to reap, its as simple as this.

  6. You started well but messed up when you brought your Up Down party in the picture. We know that for you everything is opposing and exaggerating issues.

  7. much as it may be wrong for upnd to make political mileage out of the situation it’s equally wrong for those concerned(where’re unions?) to keep a blind eye while workers’ plans suffer distortion

  8. sim2, don’t worry you will get your jobs back when the price of copper improves, or you can as well try farming, it is more sustainable

  9. Please UPND cadres do not incite the men and women in uniform with your fake sympathetic rhetories over delayed salaries with a view to gain political mileage. The govt has not failed to pay the workers and after all the month has not ended. For sure we shall be paid this week and all will be okay. No amount of negative reporting and insulting the President will take your under 5 HH to state House. Even next year he will bypass State House and end up in Bauleni whilst HE Edgar Chagwa Lungu will get back to state House with a landslide victory ever seen in the history of elections in Zambia.

    • New Kasama, that’s where the mansion is. He will also operate from there as president of Zambia for obvious reason.

  10. Last month Civil servants got paid on 24th and today its exactly one mnth, why is UPND so sensational. Even when Sata was alive we used to get these stories of delayed salaries from the same UPND chaps


  12. I thought the problem of paying civil servants on the 15th of month had been solved! That is an illegality. End of payroll entry should never have been pay day also as these people received salaries two weeks ahead of actual day! Salaries are supposed to be paid in arrears and not in advance.

    Every civil servant now has a bank account unlike years ago when most received open cheques that Indian traders took advantage of. EFT now enables transfer of funds on appointed dates without a hassle.

  13. Its wrong to think UPND can do better than PF. Atleast PF went for convension not HH wamuyaya. The biggest problem in Africa is leaders clinging for power. HH is an example.

  14. UPND are backing the wrong horses, the same civil servants voted for Lungu despite knowing very well he had no vision. The best UPND should do is to concentrate in rural areas to woe voters. LSK and CB voters are not to relied upon by the opposition.

  15. You must be aware of the lost man houres when the civil servants go and wait to get paid. No wounder nothing moves in Zambia, only stealing. Whole sections of government and public bodies are empty while they go look for their pays and you some PF kaponyas see nothing wrong with this. Zambia will never develop.

  16. GLOBALLY……
    Sincerely yours,
    Dr Chishimba Kambwili (MP Roan)
    Minister of Communications
    Chief Government Spokesman
    Aspiring Presidential Candidate

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