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Comprehensive Sexuality Education in Zambia

Videos and Audios Comprehensive Sexuality Education in Zambia

Comprehensive sexuality education provides young people with opportunities to explore their values and attitudes and build skills so they can make safe decisions and reduce their risk of getting diseases such as HIV. It is different from “sex education” in that it encompasses more broadly sexuality as a whole – a person’s identity, orientation and expression. Comprehensive sexuality education is mainly taught in schools as you see here, but can also be received at home, in churches and mosques and through other community forums.

In December 2013, Ministers of Education and Health from 20 ESA Countries affirmed and endorsed their joint commitment to deliver comprehensive sexuality education and sexual and reproductive health services to young people.

This is a joint initiative between national governments, the UN (UNAIDS, UNESCO, UNFPA, UNICEF and WHO), SADC, EAC, civil society and development partners.


  1. Variables sound encouraging one would hope they’d be able to surpass the more overt influencial forces of sex education in bringing about positive change

  2. Why can’t the children be taught in their native languages, that way they will be able to express themselves with clarity with parents and caregivers at home. Be realistic! What is sticky stuff? Sex education is a serious topic and should be taught realistically.

    • @ nubian Princess,?? You forgot that Zambia has 73 languages, so which native language would one use. this is why it is better to use English. Moreover I am so Impressed with these kids, they speak very good English and can express themselves.

      Well done Teachers and keep it up. This is a Good initiative. Let our children learn than condemning them in case of mistakes.

      I talk to my kids straight on that lie to them.. if we as parents do not want to talk to them then who will do so??

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