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Elias Chipimo says he will not take part in the Zambia’s 2016 Presidential Race

Headlines Elias Chipimo says he will not take part in the Zambia's 2016...

Elias Chipimo speaking at the press briefing at the NAREP Secretariat
Elias Chipimo speaking at the press briefing at the NAREP Secretariat

NAREP President Elias Chipimo has announced that he will not vie for the Republican presidency next year’s general elections.

Mr. Chipimo announced at a media briefing this morning that the party has to build its structures in readiness for the 2021 general polls.

Mr. Chipimo has however disclosed that the party will field parliamentary candidates and councillors and is confident that they will scoop three seats.

And Mr. Chipimo has disclosed that it’s too early for NAREP to announce which political party it will support during next year’s general election.

Below is Mr Chipimo’s full statement


Ladies and gentlemen, what I am about to say today will shake the very foundation upon which our Party has risen. It will either make our Party stronger or it will deal a permanent blow to the hope that I and many of my colleagues had when we entered politics – the hope that we can reclaim our dignity as a nation that can stand on its own feet and empower our people to achieve the greatness that is stored inside each one of us. I still believe that we can be the truly independent and powerful nation God intended for us to be; that we can be the nation that can make a contribution to the world on the strength of our abundant potential.

Today, we are far from being that nation. We have sacrificed our individual greatness for mealie meal, fitenges and a fistful of dubious dollars. We have succumbed to our worst instincts as human beings and allowed ethnic differences, scaremongering and insults to form the basis of our politics. Indeed, as the poet WB Yeats observed so many years ago: the best lack all conviction and the worst are full of passionate intensity. We have almost fully ushered ourselves into becoming a “kakistocracy” – a nation in which the worst form of people are in power.

I came into politics with one goal in mind: to change the mindset of our nation – to do everything to help our people to see that real power lies in our hands and that if we want change that will improve our lives and the lives of our children, grandchildren and indeed our great-great grandchildren, then we need to understand and act upon the belief that change will have to start with us, not with the politicians. We seem to think that changing leaders alone will solve all our problems. This is faulty logic.

Changing leaders will only take us so far if we as a nation of thinking individuals are not willing to change ourselves. The greed we see in the politicians that lead us, is the greed that is evident in our daily lives. If we want the politicians to change then first we need to change who we are, what we believe, how we behave. Our society has tolerated deep corruption, unbridled immorality, rampant theft, chronic lies, widespread deceit, persistent inconsistency and abundant mediocrity for so long it has started to feel perfectly normal. We have accepted sub-standard leadership in our own homes and communities and ended up being dependent on those that are able to take advantage of our inability to lead ourselves.

We have to stop believing that the answers to our problems lie with the politicians. We have to stop believing that our salvation depends on donors. We have to recognise that we have the strength to do our own heavy lifting; that the answers to all our problems lie within each and every one of us and that we have only to dig deep within ourselves to find them. If even the Biblical Macedonian church out of their severe poverty could give of the little they had to advance the ministry of the apostle Paul, why should we, a country of such abundance, be beggars at the table of wealthy nations? We need to shake off this terrible mindset and accept that we have been blind and misguided for far too long. Here is my warning: do not trust any politician that says they will do anything for you. Doing things for you will not empower you, it will keep you dependent on them to always “lead” you. We need leaders that will empower you to make independent decision; that will build your capacity to do things for yourselves and to confidently challenge them when they go wrong.

NAREP is at a crossroads. After 5 years of existence, we have to determine a more clear path to victory, and all the more as we approach the 2016 general election. Our goal is to change mindsets. Our mission is to win power; not because of what it can do for us but because of how it can transform our nation if it is held and exercised by people who believe in the greatness that lies in others. We are at a crossroads because we have to face the truth about what we now need to do to gain serious traction in Zambian politics.

Our Party has not a single MP. We do not have a single counsellor. We have presented a presidential candidate at the two elections that have taken place since our formation and we have ridden the highs and lows that come with promise and defeat. We have built a reputation of being the Party that has ideas that can change this nation and yet we have not been able to break the stranglehold that the dominant parties have had over the minds of the dwindling and increasingly apathetic electorate. I do not say any of this with a sense of regret. I say it because it must be said to shape the thinking we need to adopt if we are to remain relevant to the cause that brought us into the political arena in the first place.

NAREP will not be fielding a presidential candidate in 2016. Our goal and our effort will be directed to building the foundation for victory in 2021. I will devote my time to ensuring that in 2016 we have representation both in parliament and in local government. During the next election, we shall field candidates in select parliamentary constituencies and adopt counsellors to support them as part of how we build the necessary base for our future success. This decision has not been easy. No important decisions in leadership are easy. There will be those that will feel aggrieved. There will be those that will feel betrayed – those that feel the investment they have made over the years to build the Party within their own areas has gone to waste. I urge all our supporters and sympathisers to be patient with our plan and work with us to build the right steps to victory.

There will no doubt be those that will misrepresent what this decision means. Since I entered politics, I have been accused of many things and my silence in recent weeks has been construed as an attempt to join the ranks of another party. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have made every effort to remain faithful to the values on which we stand as a Party. I have made every effort to uphold principles of integrity in all our dealings in a profession that has become synonymous with the worst of all human instincts and behaviour. Politics in our country is riddled with corruption, immorality, deception and betrayal. The one thing my late father said to me when I first shared with him the idea of serving this nation through politics has proved to be the very thing that has damaged the purity with which we started our mission. He said to me: “Son, your greatest risk will be knowing who to trust”. How true that has turned out to be.

Poverty and the lack of self-esteem has conditioned many of our people to become seekers of jobs and favours from whoever has the money and connections to supply them. As a consequence, we have lost our connection to who we really are. We have failed to see that the key to our success will lie in accepting who we are and the amazing power we have within us to be the change we want to see. We have the power not to be caught up in the wrong examples of the past and the lies that have been told to us that our victory can only achieved in a certain way. I will not bow to the belief that to win in politics I have to get used to telling a few lies; that I have to be corrupt or insult those in power or make promises I know I will not keep.

I am appealing to every Zambian that really wants true change to step forward and fight with us over the next 5 years to deliver the change that we all know we need. I am asking those that want to see a better Zambia for their children to help us deliver our first set of NAREP members of parliament and counsellors in 2016. Let us not keep stumbling into elections. Let us plan our way to progress and deliver on the promise of God-fearing leadership that the people of Zambia so desperately need. Let us stop blaming the politicians for the decisions we as a people make to put them in power. Indeed, let us take full responsibility for the state of the nation we find ourselves living in today.

Our focus as a nation should be on the three critical E’s: ‘Education’, ‘Energy’ and ‘Empowerment’. These will be the areas of concern that I will personally devote my time to articulating solutions to. We are more than capable of overcoming the challenges we face today. We are more than capable of breaking our dependence on foreign imports to feed ourselves and drive our own innovation. We only need the will power to vigorously pursue the vision of success that assures us of victory. We will do this when we recognise and incorporate the power of our women; when we seek to truly empower our youth with opportunity and when we provide quality education to the ever growing army of our nation’s children.

The steps we are taking to ensure energy security have arisen out of a crisis that was foreseeable decades ago. We will only prevent another crisis from emerging if we do not let the valuable lessons of this crisis go to waste. Let us not speak about the need for diversification of our economy for yet another 40 years. Let us do all we can to promote Zambian businesses to become multi-million dollar enterprises. Let us do all we can to ensure that our taxi drivers, marketeers, vendors, barbers, small traders, stone crushers and casual daily employees can own their own homes, educate their children well and have disposable income to pursue their God-given dreams. Let us be deliberate in our desire to promote the best of what we have as a nation. The best of what we have is not our minerals or our water resource or our land. The best of what we have is our people. Our mineral resources, water and land should be made to work to support the full development of their potential.

May God’s grace be with you all.

Elias C. Chipimo
National Restoration Party
Tuesday 24 November 2015

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    • Jay Jay naiwe, MP? In Zambia if you reach Party President then you can’t take any other job in life. The maximum job you can get in Zambia is Party president.

    • Elias has made a good tactical withdrawal. As he regroups and re -energies he must remember that Zambian politics is about 5N’s
      Names: Who else with political clout is with you?
      Numbers : lnside and outside parliament.
      Noise: Are you being heard by the right people can you articulate issues to kaponyas as much as you can to villagers in shangombo?
      Nerve :Do you have the courage to fight your opponents even if it means being locked up?
      NOW: ls the time ripe for change if it is are you prepared?

    • If he wants to contribute effectively and position himself…look at Julius M in RSA…no one will heard you out even your MPS once elected loss respect as they know the are more powerful than you…look at how impotent Never is; merely a noisy passenger in the bus.

    • Finally reality has sunk in. I hope that Nawakwi and Miyanda also get the same message on the road to their Damascus. You cannot run a country without having your own MPs. Narep do not even have a single councillor, forget about an MP. How did Chipimo do his maths in the first place and hoped to become President? How was he going to run govt?

    • Join forces with progressive opposition to get rid of this RB’s PF. Sata’s PF was burried at embassy park. MHSRIP.

    • I am the Party President here, those who want to challenge me, let them join the race, its democracy.
      Elias should just join us here on LT commentaries, you can take over my leadership if you have balls enough… but I doubt if you can bow-out from Edgar!?

    • If HH were to win some people would have nervous break down. What kind of hatred is this for a fellow human being? Tribalism, nepotism, racism, corruption and laziness is what is killing the Zambian economy!

      Luckily, you are NOT in the position of God to accurately predict what tomorrow will bring. everyone can see that HH is a hard worker and he has a track record to show for it. But some people are flooded with eyes of jealousy and tribalism that they fail to see through real people.

      No amount of prayer will deliver Zambia for as long as the above mentioned evils are being practiced by both our political leaders, Church leaders and ordinary citizens!

    • This is as good as a resignation Mr. Chipimo. It’s time for new leadership in your party or else its headed for the archives. True democrats and democratic institutions have a solid predictable system of leadership change and training. This is not the case with NAREP. You are stopping everyone else in your party from taking their go at leadership by unilaterally declaring that there will be no presidential candidate in 2016. Remember what KK did in 1996? That was the end of UNIP just like this is the end of NAREP. I wonder how many members are still left anyway? Bye bye Mr Chipimo and NAREP. This is the fate of personal to holder parties.

  1. wise one. We appreciate democracy but Nevers, Edith, Milupi, Miyanda, Sikamba, Chanda, Siulapwa and all other useless one should follow suit to save some dollars in printing ballot papers. do it for the love of Zambia. Let HH and Lungu battle it out. Thx Chipimo

    • Democracy allows for choice. We are not going to let only two people stand. Viva President Nawakwi. The only one with a clear and concise path for Zambia’s progression. Watch the debates again.

  2. It is only a good decision if has not received any Kickbacks (Corrupt Cash from PF road Construction Projects). I know these guys when they get broke they decide to opt out and support a party that gives them some cash as oppossed to stick to their principles.
    Shame however, if this is an honest decision fine! but I doubt it!!!!!! The guy is so broke relying on handouts.

  3. Now president Chipimo sit down and choose a progressive political party to support. Not a political party that hinges and thrive on tribal sentiments. Be wise!

  4. No way Mr. President! You have not even consulted us members and you’re pulling out? I’m defecting to UPND, THE WINNING PARTY! Will be back when you’re ready…2021. I bet you will be too old by then!

  5. At least he should have stood and upped his coverage The only political parties that at least have a presence are PF and UPND FDD NRP currently in that order The others are not a factor and tabali mukashimi

    From Kalabo to lukulu kazungula Livingstone Choma Itezhi tezhi namwala mumbwa kabwe kapiri solwezi ndola kitwe chingola muf mkushi mpongwe serenje chipata chama lundazi chongwe lungwa Lusaka Milenge Chembe Mansa Lupili chifunabuli samfya kawambwa luwingu lwasanse mporokoso nchelenge kaputa chiengi mbabala chishi mwense musonda

    Chipimo amona patali the race is tuff

    Now take the roads construction also to kabushi…

  6. lubuto west town roads to modernise those ugly roads and kitwe mine towns Finish the Chalibana road to leopards hill just like the completed mongu kalabo It will certainly show and pay

    That police post at lubuto west is not impressive Chongwe looking good also no UPND

    Looking at things PF will win 2016 if they work in those constituencies

  7. Good thinking ,behind schedule already trying to play catch up these small parties The contest now is between PF UPND and FDD

    Late comer must be of high credentials and non in sight already


  9. Tanzania’s newly elected President John Magufuli has cancelled independence day celebrations, and has ordered a clean-up campaign instead. This is what we need in Zambia.

    • Dont forget that they copied from Zambia, where the PF Government started the Smart Zambia campaign, you are so blinded by your tribesmate called HH that you can see the good in your own back yard!

  10. Poverty and the lack of self-esteem has conditioned many of our people to become seekers of jobs and favours from whoever has the money and connections to supply them.

    Indeed, let us take full responsibility for the state of the nation we find ourselves living in today.

  11. How much time does one need to mobilise for elections? what structures? They have been in existence for a number of years now and they are still putting structures in place? How did they take part in 2011 without structures? Just say mahafu yabvuta. And let me guess for you, you wil

  12. What a great man we have in this galant man called Chipimo! I quote, “I will not bow to the belief that to win in politics I have to get used to telling a few lies; that I have to be corrupt or insult those in power or make promises I know I will not keep.”
    If at all the other so called leaders in the opposition can read this inspiring and new breath of political dimension in context, let them learn. Time to take advantage of the vulnerable because of situations one certainly knows has little control over is long gone! To be brutally honest and specific, if Chipimo was the one leading the UPND today, a lot of genuine Zambians would surely give him the support he needs. Alas, UPND is led by an egocentric leader who in the eyes of many is just but a loser!
    Regardless of one’s…

  13. Narep is not a factor in Zambia’s political landscape. It has no single MP nor Councilor so the move by its leader changes nothing apart from the noise we will be getting from him when he crosses to sinking pf boat.

    • Elias was talking about people like you when he said the thinking of individuals must change. Zambia can’t change with so many people like you “We seem to think that changing leaders alone will solve all our problems. This is faulty logic. Changing leaders will only take us so far if we as a nation of thinking individuals are not willing to change ourselves. The greed we see in the politicians that lead us, is the greed that is evident in our daily lives. If we want the politicians to change then first we need to change who we are, what we believe, how we behave. Our society has tolerated deep corruption, unbridled immorality, rampant theft, chronic lies, widespread deceit, persistent inconsistency and abundant mediocrity for so long it has started to feel perfectly normal. We have…

  14. Well, well thought out Elias…I must now tell you that you must brace yourself with massive exodus of your supporters from NAREP to people’s choice…UPND.

    All the best next time although it will be too late a HH would have controlled the ravaged economy. I may implore you to join him NOW.

    Viva Zambia, VIva HH!!!!

  15. Now this is maturity and hope others will take similar steps. Its not necessary to waste your resources on things you know very well that you cannot change. I hope he doesn’t end up endorsing the failures. Weighing his options and seen it’s practically impossible, so he backs out period, ebwaume!

  16. So Zambia has such brilliant men? Wow, what is the comment from the Under 5, the economic magician to this intelligent humble man? Where is Nawakwi for a comment? I have never read such a clear and well thought out, inspiring article in a while from the so called “Economic Managers.”
    If people are honest enough, these are the leaders Zambia needs and NOT the trash and pomposity we get from HH and UPND!
    To Chipimo, you can certainly go even a mile further by joining President Lungu and PF and assist in you own way to remind the people that change is not just about leadership, its about ourselves, be good in what you do, and the rest will be history! So some lawyers like Chipimo and President Lungu and President Obama can think, hey!

  17. With 11 months to go before the General Elections, my research reveals that indicators and good pointers are in favor of President Lungu and the PF Government. The strategies that the opposition have are not solid enough to outdo the ruling party from power, not in 2016 and maybe 2021.
    Just this morning Mr. Mulongoti, who not long ago, was so sure taht PF will lose elections in 2016, is now pleading for a consolidated opposition to be led by one candidate and that candidate should NOT BE HH, what has Mulongoti realised? Whilst the opposition are talking and overrating themselves, President Lungu and the PF is on the ground working and no one can take that from them.

  18. Elias, good decision young man. But I really do not know who you have in your team as strategists. You will need to head hunt some great thinkers at home and in the diaspora as advisers, who share same values and go the Obama route. Obama had no money but he changed how to win elections by winning hearts and minds on grass roots through honesty and integrity using technology.He changed strategy of political compaign through blue ocean strategy which you could use. You had a good opportunity to win Bangweulu constituency in Samfya and i advised you but you never listened! Your candidate was the most popular and the system offered him money which he refused and they organised two accidents to put him out of the race and you know it! Do not be naive! Be open to new ideas and advice and…

  19. Why is Jonas Shakafuswa even wasting time in UPND? Shakas has been bald to tell the lunatics in opposition that you dont oppose for the sake of opposing. That appears to be the motive of demon possessed HH, but let him know that people are clever than he thinks, they read between the lines.
    Hon Shakafuswa, I believe you like Chipimo want to see a prosperous Zambia, why can you leave these desperate UPND and join the PF who are truly and emphatically working day ad night to uplift the living standards of Zambians? Am sure Shakas that even at you campus times, you couldnt have associated yourself with the likes of HH, unless Iam wrong. Time to work for the people of Zambia is now and not just politicking and just opposing for selfish interests.




    • Sad, Zambia not able to succeed and move forward because of fixated tribalist cadres who fail to analyse issues and vote on merit, rather, they condemn and sacrifice quality for mediocrity, hence causing stagnation and retrogression of the nation and welfare of the people. Such cadres with allegiance to mediocrity visionless and non performing type of leadership continue to use the tribal tag to others when in the actual fact they are the master minders of tribalism and nepotism.

      The vision they have and victory to them is just seeing the one / party they don’t like going through, despite the calibre and capacity they have to perform and help bring about transformation for the benefit of the majority.




    • Never trust any Zambian politician; they are all liars. They are sweet talkers but once in power they change colour. So don’t be foolled by Chipimo’s sweet words. They are no better than a poisoned chalice.

  22. I want to read your book you published sometime back. I vividly remember you personally promoting it in the corridors of Arcades shopping Centre.
    Ba Nawakwi and HH, you have been in opposition for so long but can you equal yourselves to the intellect of Chipimo, certainly not. When we told you that President Lungu was more intelligent than yourselves, your thought it was a joke, the man can once on the political scene, stood as President from nowhere and campaigned for on 20 DAYS but emerged VICTORIOUS, do you honestly think you can defeat such a person especially after the development he has delivered in the short space of time? Its good to be gauge ourselves and be true to our selves, NO ONE TODAY AND IN THE NEAR FUTURE CAN DEFEAT PRESIDENT LUNGU AND THE PF GOVERNMENT, REMEMBER THEY…

  23. Elias need to come along and walk the ladder as for HH he is a losing CANDIDATE for 2016 Its a fact
    All voters have a natural affinity for Lungu in all towns and provinces mentioned above HH has a negative skewed voters distribution and will not win UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES 2016 He will loose again and go in the history as a losing 4 0 candidate The writing is on the wall He can not surely win

    Tell us where he will win 2016

  24. UFO your hatred for HH will choke you! How do you expect HH to have associated with Shakas at campus.Your Shakas was not even a fresher when HH graduated from campus.For your information he’s associates were the likes of valentine chitalu,Muna Hantuba etal….

    • etal? Dont misuse the queens language? etal is used to refer to more than three authors but I can only see the two names here, Valentine Chitalu and Muna Hantuba the chaps who sold Zambia and its industries together with your ka HH, those actions you did to kill the industries on the Copperbelt will haunt you til the grave!

  25. HH this time will loose not marginally in Kabwata Kamwala Kayama chalala misisi chawama chibolya all copper belt towns northern central eastern western part of southern much of north western muchinga

    He will be beaten in Livingstone this time around those areas in luampa and shangombo mu chongwe Political economy cannot save him as soon conditions global will easy looking at India performance towards Zambia

    HH will loose 2016 the writing is on the wall

  26. there must be a a game here! As 2016 approaches we are going to see political U-turns and summersaults!. Good luck but 2021 will be a different ball game bawishi. I see Elias supporting either ba Edgar or ba HH in2016.

  27. TOLIWE HH 2016 Its clear the sky is seen and the win known its Edgar Lungu

    For HH to win he needs the tactics of Cruz towards the white house Cruz has always had a master plan that could win him the White House

    For HH its a long way to and 20200 will surely miss him just like this 2016 has already No matter how pantry they fight they are late already

    Its like TOLIWE SONG

  28. UFO (unidentified flying object)
    You really seem to have some personal stuff against one Hakainde Hichilema, most likely because of his tribe or his wealth which you MOST certainly could not ever match in your life time. You spend so much time against one individual whose name was not even raised by your favorite Chipimo. Mate, please go get a life for heaven’s sake.

    • The man hates HH with passion, one wonders why. Thank God HH is not in the league of those lawyers who have stolen their clients’ money otherwise this UFO would go to town about it.

  29. UFO – Although there is no candidate who inspires me at moment, I wonder the mentality of those who support Edgar. Are you also implying that Edgar should not be challenged? Yes Elias’ party came out without even a councillor. At least even Rainbow which was born yesterday has a few Councillors here and there. For me this guy should not even come back.

    You say development when there is so much suffering in the country. Michael Sata was in opposition for a long time and people were saying now that he is old, he will retire. But died in state house as president. So life is never the same.

  30. @UFO,I agree with you 100% u re on point. What UPND is doing is; make noise on Radio with identical callers with TONGA accent,busy insulting the intelligence of the masses by twisting facts. This isnt helping them win votes,but rather subtracting votes from their party.

  31. It is always difficult to admit failure. It takes a brave man to do so.

    He said he partcipiated in 2 elections and failed.
    Anyone who has failed two elections or more can take a leaf from this man.

  32. As a UPND cadre,i have very serious doubt if we will win next year’s elections.Let us be honest to ourselves friends in UPND.
    We have done very little in the bemba land and for your our own information,UPND since it’s formation has never won any parliamentary seat from LUAPULA,NORTHERN,MUCHINGA,EASTERN,COPPER BELT PROVINCES and we perform poorly in lusaka and this is a minus to us whilst it is a plus to PF.PF has a representation through out Zambia whilst us in UPND is just from south west only.
    Next years elections will be too tribal between the south west and north east and looking at the numbers we will be disadvantaged. i want to take an appeal to UPND NMC to reflect on this issue and bemba speaking people are very nice people.Just speaking and supporting HH without thinking…

    • Don’t worry yourself…… 2016 will be different. Fyi GBM has been denied a permit in Kasama, but things will be fine. Thank goodness there are laws to guide us.

      By the way, it is “north – west and north – east”.

  33. Its true we are wining these elaction let our boy hh wait for 2021 am sure by then chipomo will be back with a big impact so i predict 2021 for chipimo,2026 hh,2032 nawaki,2040 mulogoti,2045 rainball the end of the world.ifitu ni lungu

  34. What a time waster – all that noise and then cannot even stand for office? At least stand for MP or is there not enough appetite for facing reality? The guy could always get a real job or something

  35. Quote “And Mr. Chipimo has disclosed that it’s too early for NAREP to announce which political party it will support during next year’s general election”

    I per sieve a Broker deal going on here! Chipimo will secretly support the Ruling party of the day and perhaps be groomed into leadership or aka poto. ” Ba Bemba banati, Wadyako wadyako, anso wa siyako”. Quite rightly said, no power base and he did not appeal to the grassroots or Kaponyas…..
    Personally I am disappointed with the withdraw, esp for the younger up coming Zambian Political Players..One should fight on tooth and nail, like dummy HH. I hope Elias truly lives to fight another day xoxo#

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