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Wizard crash lands on church grounds

General News Wizard crash lands on church grounds


A wizard crashed-landed in Choma while mysteriously ‘flying’ to the tourist capital, Livingstone on a suspected witchcraft cruise.

The Copperbelt-based wizard was said to have been flying from Kalulushi town to Livingstone in Southern Province before he crashed-landed.He was discovered making snake like movements in the premises of United Church of Zambia (UCZ) in Shampande Township where he fell down in the early hours of Monday.

When word went round of the bizarre occurence, scores of residents while gripped in fear and panic, jostled to the scene to catch a glimpse of the man.Police rushed to the scene to rescue the mystified 22-year-old man whose body was said to have been deeply tattooed.

The man earlier told the inquisitive on-lookers that he was allegedly initiated into Satanism by his colleagues and was flying from Kalulushi to Livingstone.Police have since identified him as Chilufya Makungu of House Number 1A15 Nkana in Kalulushi.

Southern Province Police deputy police chief Bonnie Kapeso also confirmed the bizarre in an interview.Mr Kapeso said Mr Makungu was discovered by a UCZ caretaker, Lita Hamalambo, who found him manifesting like a snake in the church premises.

“The suspect (Mr Makungu) says he was in the company of five others mysteriously flying to Livingstone for satanic mission but later fell down,” he said.

Mr Kapeso said that police found the man in a confused state which suggested that he could have crashed-landed.He said that police are holding him for further investigation into the bizarre matter.

The UCZ pastor could not be reached by press time as he was reported to have travelled out of Choma.

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    • Every person who is found in a confused mental state is a crush landed wizard. How shallow are Zambians honestly? And you blame PF for your failures. How can a country progress with these types of mentalities. Shame!

  1. @Elias Edgars, I agree with you. Why is it that most African indigenous technologies are only used for clandestine and often evil missions or intents? By now we could have been leading the world in covert nightly flights, strategic evacuation of wealth from those that stole it back to the homeland – and who knows, we could carry out ‘naked’ sorties to sort out ISIS on behalf of the world…

  2. poor guy couldnt probably load enough ‘fuel’.these are dead technologies bakaamba becoz they’re not backed by scientific theory

  3. In this century mwebantu, this is not news and frankly it hurts me that my beloved country is full of fools believing such rubbish. Sometimes am glad we were colonized or i would also be as backward as most of you.

    Mama Africa you are truly lost.

  4. Next time our lazy bum Lungu wants to charter an aircraft and waste taxpayers to fly to the US give him this confiscated little aircraft.

  5. Y detaining the guy? Just ask him to explain how they do it. We can then tap into this technology, modify it and put Zambia on the world map..! This is our african science that we are now calling witchcraft just bcoz we have been cheated by the western world into believing so…! No wonder we are weak…! We can fly to any part of the world, do watever we want to do without being noticed……wat a great science this is….! Come on, lets make Africa a super power..!

  6. This is very inferior quality witchcraft, my grandad used to cover great distances in an instant without flying, just closing and opening eyes and he is in another place, naked of course. The technology is dying out these days, you need unbelievable discipline to do that stuff , no experiments and no sidetracking, all these old men are taking this knowledge with them to the grave, pity.

    • These guys can sort out Isis if the world can bring them on board even that plane that has gone missing they can find it just talk to them nicely besides they are cheaper

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