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Zambian dies in South Africa after falling from multi-storey building

General News Zambian dies in South Africa after falling from multi-storey building

A ZAMBIAN is believed to have fallen to his death from a multi-storey building in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The body of the deceased, who has been identified as Ezekiel Banda of Lusaka, was discovered around 04:00 hours yesterday.

The circumstances under which Mr Banda met his fate still remained unclear, but people at the scene narrated that around 04:00 hours, the deceased was believed to have left his apartment on the sixth floor before he died.

This was according to a statement issued by the press secretary at the Zambian High Commission in South Africa, Nicky Shabolyo.

Security personnel at the apartments building situated on Kerk Street, central Johannesburg, were said to have alerted the deceased’s colleagues after the body was discovered caught up in some bars on its way to the ground.

Police and the fire brigade managed to retrieve the body hours later. The four, believed to be employees of a construction company based in Lusaka, were said to have come to Johannesburg about four days ago to attend a short course and were scheduled to return to Zambia today.

Zambia Association in South Africa (ZASA) president, Ferdinand Simaanya, confirmed the circumstances in which Mr Banda died, pointing out that the matter had been reported to the police who would now institute investigations.

Mr Simaanya said ZASA was trying to raise part of the fees required by the undertaker to prepare the body for repatriation to Zambia.

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  1. South Africa too much amafontini. those south african blacks very hostile against other blacks from other african nations. They pushed him to death obviously.

    • Why “trying to raise part of the fees required by the undertaker to prepare the body for repatriation to Zambia???? ” when he was sent by a construction company?? where is the Company to cover the Expenses?? This does not make any sense. Is this a genuine company so some Jokers?

      Something went extremely, knowing JHB central? possible they tried to rob him and pushed him to death..

    • You know why I agreed that you are indeed a house fly, this guy was and his friends buying a lot of beer and Jack Daniels and going up to drink with his fellow Zambians, the security guard even asked them if they would finish all the alcohol and the reply was bunono Sana Ubwalwa. An argument erupted within his friends then he was pushed. This is the building apposite Aluane station. Therefore it’s nothing like he was being robbed. After seeing the visuals one would think twice about getting drunk senselessly. MHSRIP.

  2. Condolences to his family. But where was he going leaving others behind in the night? Could they have been fighting after alcohol over ka girl and then he was pushed? More questions need to be asked. If he had gone to attend a seminar why can’t those who sent him provide the money required for the undertaker? Anyway good work by ZASA

  3. But kwena, why decide to do such a thing in a foreign land and cause others to work so hard to repatriate your remains – if he jumped on his own, that is? Even if one did not want to return to the lungunomics, tefyo; you just apply for asylum using any fake reason, and you can be protected and allowed to see more of Josy! Sad really!

  4. The Zambian High Commission in South Africa must be very useless. Why should it be the responsibility of ZASA to raise part of the fees required by the undertaker? The employer must be equally useless. I hope ZASA is not segregative and supports everyone who carries a Zambian passport irrespective of how they found themselves in South Africa.

  5. On that street that’s were most Zambians stay there. Cheap hotels its not very long street that’s were most Zambian bus stations it’s hotel were he must have been don’t rule out foul play theifs are over that street


  7. I stay here and I know what happens…this guy was simply pushed to death…this happens here all the time.you dont just move around in the night during this time of the year…kerk street???staying at a wrong place of town brother.RIP Brother

  8. i head some one calling my name banda! banda! your son his admited his very sick,me thinking like am in my office in lusaka were i use some short curts like jumpings and i hand to jump on the window yaba elo my heart pumps Dodoo doooo now its wen i came to my senses that am in south africa and i dont have even a son,befor reaching the groud even my name am not banda yaba No way.

  9. Zambians should stop their evil way of living. They say ichikupempula, echikulya?? Umhu, so who was he with??? That man cannot jump to death whilst on his own at 04 00hours. Is there evidence of him suffering from sleep walking, that he probably woke up in the night and walked around. I suspect his friends are the ones who pushed him to death, not thieves or a girl. i cannot look any further than questioning them first before I go looking for the second suspect or other possibilities. I used to travel on so many occassions to RSA and I used to live safely in central Johannesburg, only one of our colleagues was attacked very early in the morning, when he went to buy newspapers and send money back to Zambia. Then I lived in Croydon and Four ways for a very long time I was out of Zambia and…

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