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Kabimba hired youths to masquerade as PF supporters and attack him-Davies Chama

Headlines Kabimba hired youths to masquerade as PF supporters and attack him-Davies Chama

Davies Chama
Davies Chama

Patriotic Front(PF) Secretary General Davies Chama has refuted media reports saying PF cadres on Sunday attacked Rainbow party Secretary General Wynter Kabimba in Chipata.

Mr. Chama said that PF has nothing to do with Mr. Kabimba for him to accuse the ruling party members to engage in such acts.

Mr. Chama said that the Rainbow party Secretary General is not a threat to the ruling party adding that he is not even a popular politician.

Mr. Chama has further accused Mr. Kabimba of hiring youths to masquerade as PF supporters in a bid to de-campaign the ruling party.

Mr. Chama said that the party is yet to gather more information on the alleged attacks.

Yesterday suspected Patriotic Front cadres interrupted a radio programme on Breeze FM in Chipata which featured Rainbow Party leader Wynter Kabimba.

Mr Kabimba was a guest on the Political Hour radio programme but with only 10 minutes into the programme, the cadres started throwing stones forcing Mr. Kabimba to immediately abandon the programme and vacate the station.

Mr Kabimba sped off with his team while other Rainbow party members who accompanied Mr. Kabimba and Breeze FM staff were forced to scamper for safety as the unruly cadres forced themselves into the station building.

Breeze FM management regretted the incident and disclosed that no member of staff or the Rainbow party officials was hurt in the incident.

Some Breeze FM staff who opted to remain anonymous revealed that the cadres were mostly from the MMD paid by a known MMD Member of Parliament who is serving in the PF government to disrupt the programme.

But in an interview shortly after the incident, Mr Kabimba said he will be back on Breeze FM last evening at 18 Hrs to 19 Hours to finish off the programme.

“The die is cast and there is no looking back until our people are set free from the jaws of oppression the struggle continues no amount of intimidation will stop us”, Mr Kabimba said.

And Sports Minister Vincent Mwale has denied being linked to PF cadres who attacked Rainbow Party General Secretary Wynter Kabimba in Chipata when he featured on Breeze FM.

Mr. Mwale, who is also Chipangali MMD Member of Parliament, has told QFM News via telephone that accusations that he sent the suspected PF cadres to attack Mr. Kabimba are unfair.

Mr. Mwale says just because he was in Chipata yesterday and went to Breeze FM minutes before Mr. Kabimba’s scheduled radio program does not mean he organized the suspected PF youths.

He explains that he went to the radio station because to pick up a reporter to cover his donation of roofing sheets to Kamutundu Reformed Church in Zambia and Chanyumbu primary School.

Mr. Mwale says in his ten years of being in politics, he has never at any one time engaged or organize cadres to engage in violent activities.

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  1. Mr. Chama said that the party is yet to gather more information on the alleged attacks. But how does he make a comment when he has not finished investigating?

    I may not like Kabimba but surely it is absurd to imagine he can hire his thugs to kill him.

    • I am inclined to believe Chama. Wynter is as popular as a witch’s armpit in that side of the woods! No one, and I mean no one is out to get him!

    • PF is one party which does not make sense at every turn of events. Who hires people to threaten his/her own safety. Chama, truly you are a mark of common sense is not common after all.

  2. Davis Chama! you should know that Wynter Kabimba used to behave like you now,,,,, thinking he was a small god!!!!,,,,,next year shi lungu is coming back home, a Place he can drink with us freely not ku state house where he has to jump fences and run awayfrom police to come and drink with us,,,, so Davis chama start preparing for Life like kabimba now,,,,, kachemas are coming ask mumbi phiri , ,,, she is seeing intellectuals kachemas,,,,

  3. mr chama said the rainbow party is not a threat to pf,meaning upnd is.some pf cadres refuted the story as a fake upnd staged and yet their SG,said the disruptors were paid by Winter.pf is really a party of confusion.

    • The cat is out of the bag. Now we know why PF hoodlums are always attacking UPND supporters and/or offices. Clearly, they are well planned attacks. No wonder the police are always impotent when PF thugs are assaulting opposition members.

    • No we don’t, that is why we have people like Chama, Mumbi Phiri, Kambwili etc in leadership of pf. In a normal society this would not have happened.

  4. Bushe what do they smoke in PF?? Just how do they manage to think like that?? I have tried to think the way they think in PF, but I have lamentably failed.

  5. Pwahapwahapwahapwahapwaha! Yaba! This davis chama and mumbi phiri never cease to amaze amuse and amaze me. Barely a day after his deputy mumbi phiri an airhead made a laughable and miscalculated statement concerning intellectuals and the UPND chama has spewed this nonsensical remark laying bare the faulty thinking and dullness of the party CE0 and his deputy.. If not both, one of these two shud have been credible, logical, intelligent and sensible to mitigate the damage they are causing on the gud party. President lungu do something about these two tribal leaders, u ll b more popular even where u think its not possible..

  6. Comment:I av never read or head any sensible thing or remark from Chama, i wonder, hw does he figure out events sure? Ba SG kuwaya-waya fye.

  7. Lungu has brought all mad people to come and mess up Zambia with him just look at the type of people that surround him? This is not right

  8. mumbi is confused in head coz of shags from tayali and chama is sick from whores he doesn’t give me but gets free bonks near his guest house in Rhodes park. Dats wat sex can do when got illegally. Make wild statements

  9. This is rubbish we will get on the run down to the General Elections as the caliber of Politicians is far worse than before no debate on real issues!!

  10. We should ignore Chama’s nonsensical statement; the first person who should condemn acts of political violence is Edgar Lungu.
    If political violence is not stopped now,the 2016 elections will be bloody.

  11. That’s how dull, stupid and foolish Davis charmer and moombie peerie can be.. wit moombie peerie, she thrives on cheap politics of antagonism, self deception and mudslinging, tribalism..

  12. That Kabimba thing, trying to gain cheap publicity, where was it stoned? The pictures that we have seen on LT or ZR do not actually show any stoning unless I am blind. Ati General Sec and presidential candidate of Rainbow or is it Past News Party (PNP), ahede!

  13. Political rubbish always and some zambian s think this is life today scort is saying lungu is making whisky cheap by subsiding the dollar when will rubbish end. Govement opposition it’s all rubbish


  15. Interesting, but very difficulty to comprehend that someone can hire people to beat him. I have never heard of this one before…someone paying people so that they can beat him. This thinking is absurd indeed and really degrades our leaders.

  16. Pungwa tasakamana ubuchenjeshi bwa nkoko ubushiku bumo (an eagle doesnt mind if a chicken is clever to be caught on a particular, the eagle knows that one day the chicken will be caught). let PF parade their arrogance, we as Zambians hate pretence and arrogance. PF. your days are indeed numbered. mene mene tekel. zyanja lalemba.

  17. Mr. Chama said that the Rainbow party
    Secretary General is not a threat to the ruling
    party adding that he is not even a popular

    This means : Mr. Chama said that HH’s UPND is a threat to the ruling
    party adding that he is even a popular
    politician. Hence should be attacked.

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