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MPs have betrayed Zambian people by passing the Constitution Amendment Bill-Fr Chiti

General News MPs have betrayed Zambian people by passing the Constitution Amendment...

Father Leonard Chiti
Father Leonard Chiti

The Grand Coalition on the campaign for a people driven constitution says Members of Parliament betrayed the Zambian people by passing the Constitution Amendment Bill.

Grand Coalition Chairperson Fr. Leonard Chiti has told QFM News that Members of Parliament have denied the Zambian people an opportunity to have a new constitution adopted through a referendum.

He says it is disappointing that some MPs who claim to represent the people went ahead to support a route the Zambian people rejected.

Fr. Chiti says Zambians have been very clear that they want the new constitution to be adopted through a referendum.

He states that the passage of the constitution amendment bill has given the ruling PF the leeway to amend any of the 366 clauses in the final draft constitution when the bill comes up for consideration this Thursday.

Meanwhile, the people rejecting the adoption of the Constitutional Bills in Parliament are not sincere because they are the same people who are only good at criticizing and not providing solutions, says Gallant Youth in Zambia executive director Henry Mulenga.

He said the same group advocating the constitution-making process had several times failed to commit themselves to the process.

Mr Mulenga said it was important to give support to the Government because they deserved to be heard as well.

He said going for a Constitution referendum was costly because of the global crisis which had not spared Zambia.

“It is awkward for some opposition and NGOs to continue agitating for Government to spend colossal amount of money amidst current economic situation when the national coffers are bleeding.

‘‘If at all our colleagues still feel the referendum is the only way we can have the Constitution adopted, then let them canvas for resources to fund this exercise,” he said.

Mr Mulenga said Parliament had women and men of integrity who had what it takes to formulate laws that would stand a test of time. He said the country was going through difficult times, adding that those were issues the people of Zambia should consider before pushing for any agenda.

The passing of the two Constitutional Bills in Parliament last week saw some civil society organizations and the opposition members of Parliament opposing the action, saying it was against the wish of the Zambian people. He said it was wrong to politicize everything especially issues which were in the best interest of the country.

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    • We the people in functional and most burgeoning democracy, in our diversity sincerely thank all our honorable legislators who have wisely debated and patriotically voted above board in Parliament on this historic constitutional bill. No doubt with passage of bill, on presentation to our Executive President HE ECL, he will assent or approval without delay converting the bill into an Act of the Parliament of the Republic of Zambia becoming part of the law of the land. What a sweet legacy of ECL that has saved the tax payers billions of Kwacha. This restores the citizenship of million + Zambians, it gives statehood our children, and Grand Children born out side Zambia during the years of our advanced studies and professional careers. Let surrogate Chiti and his declared war jump in the…

    • Iam a zambian and i want the constitution to be adopted through parliament and not referendum. It will still be enacted the only difference is that the referendum way was going to fail due to numbers and therby wasting money.

    • The nation cannot afford to keep going in circles on the constitution reform making the whole project a money mill for citing commissions since time in memorial. We are delighted for this recorded milestone in our nascent democracy.

      Let Leonard Chiti, and his surrogate political deviants jump in the Limpopo River with their declared war against Zambians.

      Proud Zambian!!!

    • I don’t know if there is something I am missing here, but surely this bill does not contain the whole constitution. Instead, it is only seeking to enact the non-contentious clauses. The rest of the constitution can then be adopted by referendum to be run at the same time as the general election. That is what I understood. Can someone please correct me? Father Chiti’s organisation has failed to garner public support. It is time for pragmatism. I think the bill is progressive.

  1. What global economic crisis are the Zambian People being brain washed about by these PF dunderheads? The only economic crunch I know about happened in 2007-2009 period. I have not heard any UK or USA govt official talking about economic crisis ….please stop cheating people!

    • @ZEZEMBA please listen to the news, open your eye and see what’s happening in the world, please check what’s happening to economies in Europe, Japan , China, Russia, South Africa, Ghana… the list is endless. Before you air your ignorance In public

  2. Ba Chiti, how come the Catholics and other genuine churches are not on your side? MPs represent the people who voted for them and by passing the Constitution Amendment Bill, they are just doing what the people infact need. Just accept that you been defeated and remember that as a clergy man, your actions review so much about your calling.
    Since when did Zambia go into war over the process of the Constitution sir? Please be careful with your words and dont be like the Pharisees as our Lord Jesus Christ teaches us.

  3. Comment:thank u mama wina,thank u pastor nevers mumba for mobilizing yo mps to give zambians what they need. a lot of pple wld hav their citizenship restored.it was bullshit to b labelled a foreignor in yo mother’s land just because u wer born outside zambia from a father of a diferent nationality

  4. Those who fear a referendum are known.You cowards if you are the majority why are so scared of the constitution to be adopted by referendum. Are you telling as MPs are the only people with wisdom in Zambia?Let’s not allow the constitution to be politicized by cowards who have a dangerous agenda which in the near future will shall crash.Go a head we shall call for fresh start when we come in power.

    • ba sido ka money kafulisha eko babomya so ka refrendum cannot work because expense will be like that of a general election,America said they will not fund the refrendum as well as britain unless you have enough from your pocket go ahead and fund it unlike ule bwata bwata fye and do it your way father chiti is talking like that but he has no capacity to do what he is talking about pa last libolofye mukongo wakwe

  5. It’s very unfortunate that Zambians are being ruled by very rude people which can not understand the lives of poor citizens out there but which can only consider themselves.

    Imagine, what’s wrong with chiti in suggesting for a referendum? This is the only way a constitution which is meant for the people can be adopted.

    Every Zambian citizen must participate freely for it to be called a constitution for the people, by the people and of the people.

    Work up Zambians, how much taxes is Zambia collecting for it to fail to allow the Zambian citizens to participate in the adoption of the Constitution through a referendum?

    Chiti is right, just admit. How much have you as a government given to the poor people out there to help them buy food by using the money you claim to have…

  6. At first read, it would seem Fr Chiti is being mischievous, but he is actually giving an early salvo of a warning in case this happens…….”He (Fr Chiti) states that the passage of the constitution amendment bill has given the ruling PF the leeway to amend any of the 366 clauses in the final draft constitution when the bill comes up for consideration this Thursday.” That is where to watch. It would appear the Grand Coalition (GC), proven or assumed, think the temptation to tamper with the draft by a majority ruling party in Parliament, is too high…..I hope the GC will be proven wrong and the PF govt vindicated.

  7. I see no problem in the constitution Amendment Bill being adopted through the parley as this will save nation alot of funds meant to have been used in a Referendum. I think as we criticize, we need to be objective lets not just oppose for the sake of opposing.
    Maybe the other thing our leaders should do especially our President is to emulate what his newly elected Tanzanian counterpart has done who has cut on unnecessary expenses and chaneled the money to buying medicines and other necessities in the hospitals.

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