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Mike Mulongoti blasts the Grand Coalition over the Constitution making Process

Headlines Mike Mulongoti blasts the Grand Coalition over the Constitution making Process

Mike Mulongoti addressing the media at the conference
Mike Mulongoti addressing the media at the conference

THOSE demonising Government over the enactment of a people-driven Constitution are off-side because the draft was put up by Zambians and no single clause has been removed from the document, People’s Party (PP) president Mike Mulongoti has charged.

Mr. Mulongoti told the Daily Nation yesterday that no matter what the Grand Coalition and other organisations that were opposed to the piece meal amendment of the Constitution did, Zambians would still have a Constitution which was reflective of what they aspired for.

He said there was no logic in attempting to halt the process which had already started and that some parliamentarians’ continued bitterness over the same issue would not change the fact that the Constitution would be delivered accordingly.

He said it was ‘‘lack of democratic seriousness and a gross misrepresentation’’ of the wishes of Zambians for some sections of society and opposition political parties to claim that they were safeguarding the interests of the people when the same people were content with what was happening to the document to which they had contributed so much.

He said it was absurd for those opposed to the Constitution’s enactment process to mislead the people that the Constitution would be tampered with when there have been no complaints from the people who made submissions that some of their submissions had been adulterated or trashed out by Government in the process.

“So, which people are they representing? How possible is that the people whom they claim to be representing are not complaining but it is them who are taking turns to condemn Government over the Constitution?

‘‘Come on, we need to be serious. This is not a Patriotic Front constitution; it is a national Constitution and so it ceases to be an emotional political issue.

“As far as we are concerned, we have made it clear from the onset that the piece meal amendment is the only way to go on non-contentious clauses with a minI-referendum on contentious clauses to be held alongside next year’s election.

‘‘I have never come across anybody who is complaining that some clauses have been removed because it is the same clauses which we are being considered. Nothing has changed,” Mr. Mulongoti said.

He called on those who were opposed to the process to put the interest of Zambians first and allow the process to take its course.

“We have tried before to enact a Constitution and we failed and the reason for our failure is that political parties approached the process with political interest and partisan inclination and this time we cannot afford to have this issue repeating itself,” he said.


  1. Though I do not like you, small ball Mike, on this one you have delivered the sperm for Masebo to conceive. Soon Masebo will showing belly bulging, Congratulations Mike. This is the way to go about national matters.
    Let fatherless father Chiti undress and see what mounting tools he carries. Otherwise he repersents no one not even a child.

  2. LAZ was more competent to lead the way in the constitution-making process. ZEC and CCZ and other religious bodies was also critical of engaging amendment processes and discussions repeatedly. The right thing to do was to follow the route of early referendum. No funding, then seek funding accordingly. One constitution referendum could be funded by a consortium of funding agencies. The constitution in itself was not an issue but the due process leading to the constitution. There was no need to polarize the country by introducing a parallel argument.

  3. It’s not about the job, it is about the way this should be. Mike well done on this one. My kudos. Please educate some of these grand collusion members who doesn’t understand the Draft Constitution and the the whole process of enacting a new Constitution. If you cannot interpret the constitution process, please keep quiet.

  4. On this one Mike is right on the money. Opposition parties need to re-check the meaning of OPPOSITION in terms of politics, it surely is not going against anything and everything the govt says and does

  5. Is this the new ‘democracy’? Anyone who disagrees with you is paid? How come I’m in agreement with the PF approach and no one has paid me? Please let’s have respect for one another and for once do something for mother Zambia. Viva enactment of agreed clauses! Viva!

  6. Comment: You are absolutely right Mike.Blind commentator s are saying you have been paid. That is false,you have just looked the issue on merit.

  7. I agree with Mike and I have not been paid. Even if you tell where to get the payment, I will accept it, simple ba opposition naba grand coalition benu. For UPND are they not ashamed to have attempted to shoot down the bill for the second time despite them chewing up NCC money big time?
    I just wonder what sort of greedy and corrupt ministers these UPMD mPs would make if ever they became ministers? They have no qualms about chewing national funds while their own leader will be pretending to preach accountability and zero tolerance to corruption yesterday, today and tomorrow. You guys UPMD cadres, tell us the difference between corruption and chewing money illegally?

  8. I agree with this little Dude on this one! 100 percent! The grand ‘collusion’ should move from noise making to playing watchdog over the parliamentary process so that the people’s wishes are safeguarded! Not this unnecessary noise! Zambia will benefit from this process and posterity will judge these doomsayers!

  9. Mulongoti, Please go and see the gland coalition they will tell you why they are not supporting this useless constitution. Dont just talk talk talk, by the which party are you supporting ? no

    • What reason could it be which cannot be explained in the open? The draft document before parliament contains what we’ve agreed upon as Zambians and provided we get it the process is immaterial! Whether I walk, drive or fly what’s important for me is getting to my destination. So let’s not lose focus!

    • No Joseph, let them tell the nation why they are not in support. Like yourself, they have been caught on the wrong foot and are dead mute!

  10. Kaunda: One Zambia, one nation
    Chiluba: In a democratic dispensation, the minority can have their say but the majority will have their way
    Mwanawasa: Iffiii you are saying thatiiii you can not support us unless you are paid, that is a prima facie case for corruption. The law will visit you!!!!
    Bwezani: Ni constitution ya nyoko mambala, kuipa pa manso
    Sata: You should be ashamed that 50 years after independence you don’t have a constitution…but those who are saying people driven, people driven, have you ever seen an animal driven constitution?
    Chagwa: My vision is that I will follow Mr Sata’s vision. I will give you the constitution as we promised, but we have to find the most effective way of doing it.

    • Nice one from FTJ though this time around, our noisy minority seem to want to impose their minority interest on the majority. The referendum they seem to be so passionate about does not even guarantee a YES. What if NO carries the day? We’ll lose even the agreed clauses. Is that really what we want?

    • Wandepula iwe…..ke ke ke ke…Animal Driven Constitution really…Yes it is always driven by People…Ba shikulu was right.

  11. Yamunyokola njala with his briefcase party trying to get favours from PF, forget just forge own with your one man party

  12. Constitution making processes have become a way of earning a living by some NGOS.They create unnecessary arguments so they continue soliciting funds from government coffers.The faster the government realizes that it is a money spinning venture the better. We cannot continue talking about the same issue over and over again.It becomes a sheer waste of time and precious resources to be used by our country.
    That is why am against this issue of making AIDS a big issue. The disease has claimed a lot of our citizens and we continue worshiping it.Most of the NGOS cannot do minus this disease.It has also become a money spinning disease.A lot of people would lose employment if a cure for the disease is found.It is high time a cure was found so as to declare some of these NGOS redundant.

    • @ mbaluso
      True mwana, the Grand Coalition must be deregistered as an NGO because its mandate has been defeated by the people.
      Similarly, Bank of Zambia (BOZ) must regulate and control the NUMBER of registered bereau de changes currently operating in Zambia. To me these are loop holes which the cartel and Indians are using to make the Kwacha to artificially lose value. BOZ must take my suggestion very seriously and you will how the Kwacha will be stable at K6. BOZ must be serious and now!

  13. Thank you for exuding great leadership Mr. Mike Mulongoti by supporting what is good for the country. It is a great shame that UPND and some NGO’s want to shoot down anything ‘PF’ for the sake of opposing. Please come on people, have we not cried for the constitution, people driven, for that matter? Now the opportunity is here and we say ‘no’. Aarghh, are we being real? The downside of democracy… it procrastinates. What a shame heh.

  14. Not much to say. This is what is expected of a leader, to think before talking, and putting the country before himself. NGOs change your stance. Allow the GRZ to put the money where it is necessary.

  15. Democracy is noisy and takes long to get something achieved. But it ensures consensus.

    The alternative is dictatorship and monarch

  16. It seems that the PF is trying to sweep the carpet from under the opposition by giving a ‘people driven’ constitution without a people driven referendum! While I reluctantly applaud this political trickery, I would first make sure that the delivered constitution is really what the people wanted and not a doctored version! At the end of the day, it is a people driven constitution that I would be interested in and not the process of getting it, though it is the process(if uncompromised) that ensures the desired outcome! So if this is really the people driven constitution, then its Lungu 1 opposition 0. Otherwise, lets keep our eyes wide open! YOU BLINK YOU LOSE!

  17. What makes you think all the Constitutional clauses suggested by Zambians during the review process will be passed? What if half are rejected? Someone correct me, but I thought to have a proper Constitution required a direct vote from the people through a referendum after the Constitutional committee had delimited all the important clauses suggested through the review. Parliament was then to pass it as a law. For me, this is a mere amendment of a Constitution exercise – not a new Constitution. If all the clauses are voted in, it will have been a coincidence. The process you choose determines the legitimacy of the Constitution and ownership. This process does not. It is a myth that all that parliament enacts or decides is representative of what the people want. I would agree more with…

  18. Thanks ba Mulongoti for this. Well done. But does your party exist? Never heard of manifesto or any other member. Reminds me of grade 3,a family is father mother and children. People’s party

  19. Well outlined mike. We need this more from senior citizens to keep the nation on the right path. Not devil devil always like those. U tell them jack mwimbu nanya ati iyo nelyo ali namafi. Ever opposing we are fedup.

  20. Comment:those eyes they have read mike you ve tried. we wnt to move on mwiimbu and group enjoy sitting allowances they wnt extention so that they gain sit on the facts finding committee what nosense they suggest but oppose their suggestion shme upuba ati

  21. Comment:those eyes they have read mike you ve tried. we wnt to move on mwiimbu and group enjoy sitting allowances they wnt extention so that they gain sit on the facts finding committee what nosense they suggest but oppose their suggestion shme upuba ati we need such opposition who think positive

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