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PF Rubbishes Wynter Kabimba Wind of Change Talk

Headlines PF Rubbishes Wynter Kabimba Wind of Change Talk

Kennedy Kamba and Stephen Masumba joins PF cadres in dancing shortly before President Michael Sata arrived at Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula International Airport for the opening of the  UNWTO 20th General Assembly   -Picture and caption by THOMAS NSAMA
Kennedy Kamba and Stephen Masumba joins PF cadres in dancing shortly before President Michael Sata arrived at Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula International Airport for the opening of the UNWTO 20th General Assembly -Picture and caption by THOMAS NSAMA

THERE is no wind of change blowing in Zambia and Wynter Kabimba should come to terms with the reality that the Patriotic Front (PF) is not going to leave Government any time soon, Kennedy Kamba has said.

And Mr Kamba has warned that it would be “politically, socially and economically tragic” for Zambia to have Mr Kabimba as president of the country because the Rainbow Party leader had allegedly exhibited traits of lack of the rule of law.

Mr Kamba recalled that when Mr Kabimba was Justice minister and secretary general of the PF, a number of institutions of good governance such as the judiciary, the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and the police were heavily intimidated.

He said the Rainbow Party leader could only fantasize of becoming Zambia’s president but that Zambians loved their country and could never leave it in the hands of a man who believed that there were no morals in politics.

Mr Kamba said Zambia was safer in the hands of President Edgar Lungu who had managed to bring decency and morals to politics because the Head of State was a strong believer in democracy and good governance.

Mr Kamba explained that Zambians were happy with the massive infrastructure development going on across the country which had created thousands of jobs.

Zambians were not ready for change of Government because the change they sought for in 2011 by voting for the PF had given them relief and hope.

Mr Kamba said Mr Kabimba and his image builders were parroting socialism because the ideology promoted lawlessness, dictatorship and rogue kind of states.

“There is no wind of change sweeping across Zambian and what is true is that there is a wind for continuity with the PF under the leadership of President Lungu. President Lungu is here until 2021 and Zambians are happy with his style of governance.”

“There shall be no change of Government next year but let me caution my fellow citizens that it would be politically and economically tragic for the leadership of the country to be given to Mr Kabimba because the Rainbow Party leader is well-known for his autocratic style of leading people.

“We have come to know that socialism breeds rogue leaders and Zambia cannot afford that after being a democracy,” Mr Kamba said.

Mr Kamba said the PF was a peaceful political party that abhorred violence, adding that President Lungu was on record demanding the arrest of any PF member involved in the vice.
He said it was hypocrisy of the worst kind for Mr Kabimba to accuse the PF of being violent when the ruling party experienced the worst form of violence when the Rainbow Party leader was the secretary general of the PF.

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  1. In election times, it is best to prepare for any outcome, Zambians must be braced for the likelihood that the PF will retain power. With 50+1, MMD is set to propel the PF back into power.

    • Why Kamba keep repeating that Zambians should not allow Kabimba to be president, if indeed Lungu is such popular? That we know that Kabimba is dictator, we help you PF to chase him away when Kamba was carying mock coffins of Kabimba.
      Worry about HH.

  2. Yu are right mr kamba only the wind of continuet is blowing in zambia pf ll image a victor follwd by upnd

  3. I cant vote for hh for four reasons 1 the man z a triblist 2 is a kachema 3 is a freemason 4 no leadership quality.

    • Have you ever had any encounters with HH?
      If your answer is negative, your assertions are based on flimsy speculations.

      What’s wrong with him being a Kachema?
      The main owns almost 50% of prime real estate in Lusaka and you lock him in one little box?
      Who stands to lose?

  4. Kamba’s statement is laughable. The only reason Kamba has issued the statement is because he knows deep down that the PF will be voted out next year. The writings are on the wall but the PF are in self denial when deep down they know very well what their fate will be next year. The PF will become extinct.

  5. @ ba questionnaire where and which wall are the writtings. I can confirm that there is no such a thing in Zambia. Stop false alarming.


  7. The worst Job one can have is being appointed in Diplomatic service, every time you here change of government blood runs called. Is coming Back to ZED , home so scaring??

  8. Comment: They is no need to respond to certain people please. Kabimba is not an issue in this political circles. So don’t waste your time on this man.

  9. Mr Kamba is PF but doesn’t know that PF constitution favours socialist type of Government – Kabimba is just copy-cutting the PF manifesto

  10. Mmd come number 4.mmd is only in eastern province.all mmd in northwerstern are likely to join upnd.mmd in werstern province will split.embracing nawakwi is better than mmd.

  11. The wind of change is blowing faster nd spreading across the Country.PF cheated us with the following slogans:
    1.More money in the pockets but the situation now is no more money in the pockets.
    2.Lower prices but now the price of goods has trippled since the coming of PF especially under the leadership of Edgar Lungu.e.g 2Kg Sugar was K10.00 but now K23.50
    3.We were cheated that we would enjoy lower taxes but the situation is tripple or more taxes.
    The list is endless,with the above teachery it is very clear that the wind of change is blowing with the strong currency.
    PF people are shameless to claim that there is Justice now in the Judiciary under the leadership of EL and yet the status quo is opposite because this is when we ve seen PF raping the law without any regard or…

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