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Simbyakula fails to avail the Constitution Amendment Bill for third reading

Headlines Simbyakula fails to avail the Constitution Amendment Bill for third reading

Justice Minister Ngosa Simbyakula
Justice Minister Ngosa Simbyakula

Justice Minister Ngosa Simbyakula on Thursday afternoon failed to present the Constitution Amendment Bills Number 16 and 17 for third reading in Parliament as earlier announced.

This was revealed after UPND Choma Central Member of Parliament Cornelius Mweetwa raised a point of order on Dr Simbyakula did not present the Bill to the House this afternoon.

In his ruling, Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini also wondered why the Executive did not present the Bill in the House for deliberations.
Dr. Matibini has however assured that the bill will be tabled in the house on Tuesday next week.

Mr Mweetwa had risen on a point of order and queried why the Executive through Vice President Inonge Wina had failed to table the Bills for third reading.

“Sir, last week on Wednesday after the presentation of Bills Number 16 and 17 relating to constitutional amendments, the Minister of Justice indicated that the bill was coming o this House for commencement of debate,” Mr Mweetwa said.

He added, “Her Honour the Vice President when indicating the Business of the House for this week told this house and the nation that the bill was supposed to come to this House for third reading today and Honorable members were very anxious to check on the order paper today and I am sure that many Zambians have been tuned into Parliament Radio wanting to follow the proceedings on the subject matter.”

“Sir, whereas I am aware that within this session they are at liberty to introduce this bill anytime but given the severity and gravity of importance and expectation that has been raised amongst the citizens who are willing and wanting to hear the proceedings of this bill, is the Executive through her Honor the Vice President who is comfortably seated there and I don’t know what she is reading in order to remain quiet and not inform the nation over this very important national issue which has gripped the nation?”

And Dr Matibini agreed with Mr Mweetwa that the point of order was valid.

“Your point of order is valid, I am equally concerned that we will not begin looking at the bill at committee stage, nonetheless, the clerks at the table have been actively engaged with members of the Executive and as of today, I was also following up on the issue and I have been assured that all things been equal, come next week on Tuesday, this should be on the order paper and we should commence looking at the bill in committee.”

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  1. You ignore the observations made by my General Miyanda earlier in the day at your peril.
    Watch this space, the government did not take any position as such they are not in a hurry to debate the bill.

    Umwana ashumfwa, amenene umwefu kumkoshi.
    The entire PF came into power on ‘donchi kubeba day light rigging and you still trust them????

  2. Pf wants to manipulate the constitution thru parliament. Zambians should open their eyes wider. Pf is no longer popular and will do anything to hang on to power.

  3. Husten were ever you are ? you have already conceded defeat wen the game has not yet started. Your team that was then and there was no champion then now you have to face a champion and that’s E.C.L i

  4. Is Simbyakula a bee keeper? He always has a bee hive around his neck these days!
    One is not sure whether that is a ‘honey bee’ or a ‘killer bee’ hive he wears.

    Talk about austerity and the Kaunda days …

    • That bee hive around his neck is meant to protect his safari suit collars from dirty as he sweets profusely. Look closely the bee hives around his neck are always of Crimplene material (polyester or nylon – which is a thick yarn used to make a fabric of the same name. The resulting cloth is heavy, wrinkle-resistant and retains its shape well). So even when he is dirty you can’t notice. I believe you know that to tell a shirt is dirt you just loo around the collars.
      Otherwise why in this century should someone under the scotching summer still be wearing like in the 60’s. Even Kaunda himself has almost abandoned the scarves save for a few safari suits which unfortunately even late Sata & ECL imitated.

  5. #Mushota, this is the most useless and inhumane comment you’ve ever made. if your boyfriend killed you, how would your family feel if people started saying that your boyfriend is innocent?

  6. Why should UPND be concern when they have never suported the idea of our constituition? Is it in order for UPND to comment on a constituition when they have failed to respect their own constituition?

  7. Wht was all the jubilation about when those two bills went thru in parliament? Zambians be awake, they want to do a donch kubeba on you.

  8. Frankly, I think the PF took a reasonable step in proposing the non- contentious clauses through the parliamentary route. I am very disappointed at the stupid and degrading act that the Justice Minister has done. It is very suspicious why a minister cannot table a bill before parliament!

  9. It is a circus full of clowns. Some of our parents foretold these times and we, in the lalala land of Zambia in the early 70s thought they were kidding. “Go to school and get an education or else this country will be begging all over the place”. Not heeding to simple pieces of advice results in all that we are seeing in the visibly large mediocrity spread across our lands. I despair…

    • Most of the chaps we call educated are just over-inflated schooled kids with papers in their hands. We really need direction in this country sooner now than later. If it goes beyond this even the Burundi circus will look like child’s play.

  10. is it a continous assessment assignment that has to be presented on the due date?you guys this is a national issue and moreover we are talking about non contetious issues that needs alot of understanding and analysis please let it be done calmly look at how far we have come over this constitutional issue,let us not be docile like mwanawasa said(r.i.p)

  11. Dr Simbyakula has few friends because he is a one dimensional person in the know-how of his trade. He, just like Edgar Lungu lack that edge. They are not people who can instinctively respond to a challenge like the the likes Mumba Malila. I have had an opportunity to interact with both Simbyakula and Malila and the striking difference was astonishing. I have had no chance of interacting with Lungu because he’s a jerk, some say a gambler and a drunkard.

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