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Former First Lady’s accommodation issues will be resolved soon-Mulenga Sata

General News Former First Lady's accommodation issues will be resolved soon-Mulenga Sata

First Lady Dr Christine Sata with Lusaka Mayor Mulenga Sata, Indian High Commissioner to Zambia Gaddam Dharmendra, Tourism minister Jean Kapata and other diplomats during the Golden Jubilee Anniversary of Zambia's Independence and the 50th Anniversary of India -Zambia Diplomatic relations in Lusaka on October 18,2014 -Pictures by THOMAS NSAMA
FILE: First Lady Dr Christine Sata with Mulenga Sata, Indian High Commissioner to Zambia Gaddam Dharmendra, Tourism minister Jean Kapata and other diplomats during the Golden Jubilee Anniversary of Zambia’s Independence and the 50th Anniversary of India -Zambia Diplomatic relations in Lusaka on October 18,2014 -Pictures by THOMAS NSAMA

State House Deputy Minister Mulenga Sata says there is nothing sinister about the delay in settling former First Lady Dr. Christine Kaseba Sata in her new House.

In an interview with QFM News, Mr. Sata has since dismissed as untrue that government has been inconveniencing the former first lady.

Mr. Sata who is also the eldest son of the late President Michael Sata says the delay in settling the first family is due to some lapses in communication in the whole issue.

The State House Deputy Minister has since expressed confident that the whole issue of accommodating the former First Lady will be resolved within the next couple of weeks.

Early this week the Daily Nation reported that former first lady Christine Kaseba had not yet taken occupation of the house that Government found for her after leaving 8 Reedbuck Lodge in June this year.

The Government secured the residence occupied by the former World Bank country representative in Woodlands along Mutende Road.

The house has however remained vacant for many months, a situation which may raise serious audit queries as the Government is paying for a vacant house.
The house was identified some months ago and the information was communicated to the former first family.

“To date, the house still stands vacant and it is not clear if the former first lady will move in although some of the children have indicated an interest to move,” the source said.

Asked to comment, permanent secretary for administration at Cabinet Office Margaret Miyoba confirmed that Dr. Kaseba had not moved into the house but asked that the matter should not be publicized because it was only going to antagonize the former first lady and her family.

Mrs. Miyoba said it was not correct to discuss the accommodation of Dr. Kaseba in the press, claiming that the story was not only going to injure her family but also the late president.

She said Dr. Kaseba as a former first lady was a respectable citizen who should not be seen to be antagonising Government and the story should therefore not be pursued.


  1. Mrs miyoba, another illitrate PF cader. We don’t care nor want to discuss anything about the former first lady, however we want to clarify the waisting of taxpayers money on an empty house.

  2. That is Zambia for you. The ridiculously rich poor country. I wouldn’t be surprised if more than one landlord is receiving rentals for sheltering the former First Lady.

  3. What happened to the retirement house the government started building for president Sata while he was in office?

  4. ..but there is definitely something sinister about paying rent for a vacant house for months….that is tax payer’s money wasted…so the public need to know why she never moved in the first month…had it not been reported in the papers…it could have been ;life as usual’ for as long as we never now…..first, what are the responsibilities of a deputy minister state house kanshi….???

  5. Explain this to me please ? ‘The story will injure the late President’. How and what will be his reactions once injured?The man is dead and should not be used as a smoke screen to justify government’s careless spending of taxpayer money for months on a property Kaseba doesn’t want to take up as a tenant . If government has communicated to Kaseba and she has deliberately ignored to move in ,government should take the property off her and accommodate other sensible people who are in desperate need of accommodation. She is being insensible to the poor who cannot afford what she has got.

    • It will injure former first lady’s family as well as late presidents family. I hope you get sense from this little insight. The problem is you are deeply rooted in opposing anything even what is meant to benefit you.

  6. Those of us who have worked in the civil service know just how incompetence rules the institution. Such statements as “…..some lapses in communication in the whole issue.” are synonymous with the Zambian civil service.
    There are always such lapses in this civil service. The funny thing is noone does anything about these eternal lapses. Permanent Secretaries are busy looking after their pockets but not looking at the incompetence in their ministries

  7. What of Sata’s house in Rhodes park before he became president? Old man Sata practically owned half of Avondale …why are we wasting money on attention seekers.There are people in genuine need for accommodation and we are wasting time on people who don’t need it.
    This woman is so selfish she couldn’t advise her own husband to seat down even when he was poorly she literally dragged him up the stairs of parliament and to add insult to injury she is also a doctor.

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