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Recruitment exercise for Defence Jobs still ongoing-Defence Minister

General News Recruitment exercise for Defence Jobs still ongoing-Defence Minister

Gen Nathan Mulenga with Defence Minister Richwell Siamunene
Gen Nathan Mulenga with Defence Minister Richwell Siamunene

MINISTER of Defence Richwell Siamunene says there has been an overwhelming response of 168,119 people who have applied to join the Zambia Army, Zambia Air Force and Zambia National Service.

At a press briefing in Lusaka yesterday, Mr Siamunene advised the public that in view of the overwhelming response, Government has not yet concluded the recruitment process.

In a statement read for his by Deputy Minister of Defence Christopher Mulenga, Mr Siamunene said the short listing has not been completed.

Mr Siamunene said the public should, therefore, ignore information circulating to the effect that the recruitment exercise has been completed.

In August 2015, the Zambia Army, Zambia Air Force and the Zambia National Service advertised for recruitment of military personnel, who include professionals in different disciplines.

“Following the advert, the public may wish to know that the response was overwhelming as a total of 168,119 applications were received. As a result of this huge response, the services required more time to scrutinise and analyse the applications in order to ensure that the best qualified applicants are selected,” Mr Siamunene said.

Names of applicants who will be shortlisted will be published in the daily papers for subsequent aptitude tests, medicals and physical fitness examinations.

“With the foregoing, the public should therefore ignore any information which has not been issued by the Ministry of Defence,” he said.


  1. Such updates are a must and welcome. When you miss deadlines without informing the anxious public as to the reasons why you are behind schedule, the rumour mill spins overtime.

  2. Comment:The Defence forces should short list and post in the daily papers,so that those not selected can put thier minds off.Also give time frame for the next stage.Why advertise in the first place if you cant manage the system ? its not fair.People ve no jobs hence the anxiety.

  3. Is this update by the minister an indirect response to the Zambia Watchdog report which showed the ZAF list dominated by northerners and easterners? There was an outcry accusing ZAF of bias. This update is a welcome relief and dispels malicious rumours and false reports.

  4. Really laughable a Defence Minister with a certificate in marketing from Joe Public College as his highest qualification.

  5. I applied for special forces but the names are not seen to be out for how long should I wait?or I it has been put together to the shortlisted names under Zambia army help me pease am lost now

  6. Ummm this government, I dont think it recruit the defence staff because this is january and very soon the start compaining, were are they going to find money for recruitment?

  7. True, true ba PF do something with the casual workers in Zambia Army. My neighbours son has been playing lead guitar in the combined defence choir for more than two years, has travelled country wide for your annual balls/events and now has been tossed back to Arakan, what is the way forward? Tell the children you are not recruiting so that they know what to do.

  8. pipo dont wast yo tim to think on imposibilities.our gorvment has faild to control the situation of our country.They hav faild to realiz the fund since last year august upto todate.Lets just do something to help our selvs by changing the gorvment thats so.dont blame the defence force bcoz they work with the government but if gorvmnt hasnt funded them it means they cant do anything,so its up to u guys(job hunter)

  9. Comment:hey please can somebody tell me when will the government release the names of all those who applied to zns and zambia army,zaf???

    • Comment:mr jey jey, thats why we told u to vote wisely then u voted wrongly what do u expect? Stop dreaming! names will never come out.

  10. Comment: plz siamunene u should also annaunce the name of those who will be shortlisted zambia army,zns and zaf on tv and radio so that those people far 4lom town can hear their names.

  11. Comment: The names of shortlisted candidates will be published in the Zambia Daily Mail Newspaper on Friday or Saturday. the names of the shortlisted applicants will be taken to the ministry of Defense this afternoon. there was an overwhelming response like the minister said already and the number which was required was too small 800 and now it has been increased to 3,000 giving a chance for you to be recruited but you guys are busy on talking against the government. Am encouraging you my brothers amd sisters to remain patient and promote peace in our Mother Land Zambia.

  12. Comment:its the government people lets give the m time yes we all knw that, will jobs from this service see.lets warit from them.

  13. And now!! Does the silence mean the rumors were true? To be honest am sick of waiting.patience pays they say but like this ill’d rather be impatient.

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