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Lungu is bound to fail with incompetent people around -UPND

General News Lungu is bound to fail with incompetent people around -UPND

Hakainde Hichilema
Hakainde Hichilema

The opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) says President Lungu is bound to fail if he continues to be surrounded by incompetent people.

UPND Chairman for Rural Reconstruction and Development Moono Mapani says President Lungu should realize that most of the things that are not working out for him are as a result of him being surrounded by people who are not adding value to the governance system of the nation.

Mr. Mapani says it is very clear that the people President Lungu opted to work with are bent on seeing him fail.

And Mr. Mapani says President Lungu should not blame the opposition that they are scaring investors by their statements on the state of country’s economy, stating that it is a known fact that Zambia’s economy is not doing well.

He states that the Head of State has an obligation to lure investors to invest in the country even during this trying moment.
Mr. Mapani adds that the blame game will not work for him as most people are expecting to see results.

Meanwhile, UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema says it is an insult for President Edgar Lungu to tell retrenched miners to venture into farming.

Mr. Hichilema has wondered how the former miners would go into agriculture when they have no knowledge about farming.
He says this only shows that the PF government does not care about the welfare of the miners.

Mr Hichilema has also observed that the benefits the miners are being given are not enough considering the high cost of leaving in the country.

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  1. Is it just my sight or is this man slowly beginning to look like the late Anderson Mazoka.That aside Lungu has already failed and he is only playing for time.Their nervousness is open for any discerning person to see.A confident person cannot preoccupy himself with winning elections like Lungu,Chama,Kambwili and Mumbi.They should have preoccupied themselves with delivering.It is like a foolish pupil always trying to convince others that he will pass when he is not studying.

  2. Mr. Mapani says President Lungu should not blame the opposition that they are scaring investors by their statements on the state of country’s economy, stating that it is a known fact that Zambia’s economy is not doing well. so you have admited that is what your president said in the UK,HH you should be ashamed to talk about the mines you know what you did and today your friend has given them an alternative on how to survive.and for your own information it is not now that we have known how to do farming we are subsistence farmers we learnt everything at childwood it is not only minning we are big time farmers go to mufulira ndola there are farming blocks what are you saying?

  3. Juba Jansomo stop using our Kaonde names no one from northwestern supports Lungu and his tribal cousins.Coming to the main point please leave HH out of the mine.HH never sold a single Mine on the Copperbelt his firm only evaluated the mines it was Kafupi(chiluaba nad bashikulu(RIP)Ba sata Katongo cherles who sold the mines.By the way the mines were already closed at the time they were sold.There was massive poverty on the copperbelt.So stop the lies.Lekeni Umuntu ateke (HH) pantu Ifintu(lungu) ta filibwino.Twachula pafula.

    • sido i was fully grown up in mufulira when the mines were been sold and when you talk about the name am full kaonde both mum and dad,i do not support bubera jst coz everyone is doing that ,en mu juba ja lelo kafwako bubera,makutu yobe HH

  4. ICHILEMA is a confused man, at times i wonder if the man is truly a Zambia. what knowledge do one need to engage in farming. my grandfather is into farming but is not educated. this HH Doesn’t want other people to succeed & has colonial thinking of boasting of being educated than other Zambians. indeed ichilema is a satanist

  5. Who has failed, him or EL? You always lose elections and for you to come and advise EL that he will fail is utter nonsensical>>!!!Whose a political failure between you and EL? Let UPND cadres answer that

    • @Buju From Chingola these guys have admitted that EL is the best so far but only some of the ministers he is working with,check the statement perfectly,that is why they are now saying it is an insult one to be given land muntu wandi.and most of these miners are landlords what more plus ka land free


    You are busy insulting tongas but some of bembas marry tongas at night you have the courage to say come closer sweetie and during the day they are useless, who is mad then?

    • i have never insulted a tonga i even have a tonga girl friend by the name of Twambo,with a lot of tonga boy friends like munansangu,simoloka,simawagali, siabasimbi and lecturers at choma trades more especially the one for communication skills i guess you knw the one am talking abt if you are a choma resident

  7. @Mayiji Samatowe,there is no such a name as Samatowe,there is only samakayi,salwenyika,katende,makondo,kamalondo,mulemfwe,not that name samatowe from simutowe to samatowe,jikutu jobe

  8. @JUBA JANSOMO. Your grandfather is into farming but is not educated. He is using what the miners might not have; it is called indigenous knowledge-no education is required. Farming is for people who are serious and hard working.

    • he is doing fine the traditional farming my man,able to feed his family sent us to school thru that my dear,even in choma and kalomo not all farmers are educated but they survive

  9. HH is bruised from his London outbursts. He wants to divert people’s attention by condemning measures that will work in the long-term. As usual he offers no alternatives

  10. But this under five HH, so he is telling us if there are no mines or miners have been laid off then he will let miners die because they cannot do anything apart from mining? No marketeering no? No trading no? No farming no? No taxi operator no? No running a bar no? No keeping tu ma chicken no? No keeping ka cow like underfive himself even? Not even street vending no? Honestly HH, so you want miners and their families to die because they have to be miners and nothing else? And you seriously want their votes?
    It seems to me that it is HH who is insulting the miners’ intelligence and ability to survive.
    I repeat once more for UPMD cadres, mr HH does not know politics, and so his propensity to shoot himself in the foot at critical moments.

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