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Tayali wants Deputy Finance Minister fired over love affair with Journalist

Headlines Tayali wants Deputy Finance Minister fired over love affair with Journalist

Zambia Finance Deputy Minister Christopher Mvunga
Zambia Finance Deputy Minister Christopher Mvunga

Zambian Voice Executive Director Chilufya Tayali has appealed to President Edgar Lungu to sack Finance Deputy Minister over his reported love affair with Radio Phoenix Journalist Priscilla Chipulu.

Tabloids in Zambia have been reporting on how Mr Mvunga ordered the arrest of Priscilla after their love affair turned sour and accused the Journalist of getting classified information from his Mulungushi Village complex home.

But Mr Tayali says it is clear that the manner in which Mr Mvunga has treated Priscilla amounts to abuse of office authority and sexual harassment.

He said Mr Mvunga is a danger to State Security because he has clearly shown that he is careless with State secrets.

Mr Tayali said the confirmation of that Mr Mvunga wants the Journalist arrested by the police and involved the office of the President (OP) to raid her home proves that he is desperate.

He said Mr Mvunga knows that he has been conducting himself in a manner that does not befit his office as regard to State secrets whenever he was with this girl.

“When Christopher Mvunga was appointed D. Minister of Finance, one of my friends who knew him told me that President Edgar Lungu had made a mistake to appoint him because the guy was just a useless drunk with no morals. Being the Lungu supporter that I am, I thought my friend was just being jealousy. Reading the stories of yesterday and today in The Post proves my friend right. This man is a saturnalian who does not deserve to be a minister,” Mr Tayali said.

He said President Lungu should not tolerate the behaviour of Mr Mvunga and he must fire him immediately.

“President Lungu can’t give excuses of evidence because clearly this Mvunga is found wanting,” he said.

He said, “This D. Minister has clearly abused his position and taken advantage of a Journalist, because, in his own words, he has revealed that he met this Priscilla in the line of his duty when they travelled to North Western Province for a ministerial tour and Priscilla was covering the Mvunga a senior public servant.”

He said President Lungu and the general public must have confidence in their ministers but that Mr Mvunga has clearly shown that he is untrustworthy and therefore he should go.

“Above that, this man is abusive to State facility. He has attempted to use State institutions (OP and Police) to try and sort out his personal messy with his girlfriend. This is an abuse in no uncertain terms and he should be charged for it,” Mr Tayali said.

“Clearly there is sexual harassment even if Priscilla agreed to date this man because Mvunga is in a higher position to influence the decision of a poor young journalist to do wrong things. I know President Lungu is also a man like many of us, but when you assume such a huge responsibility, things have to change otherwise don’t accept the positions if you can’t behave yourself.”

He said President Lungu has been put on the spot to show direction on how his ministers should behave in public and in their work.

‘If the President does not act accordingly he will simply be exposing himself because others have questioned his past in this regard including about his children,’ he said.

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    • Who does not know Chris’s behavior?? Ask Zambians who lived in Johannesburg in Mid 2005 -2008, the Guy has no manners,childish, a drunker and quite strange how Lungu put him in Office. Guess it’s Birds of the Same Jameson Feathers…

      Wait you will see his true character. Good Luck as the Guy failed all Jobs he had.. Anyways it’s Zambia….

  1. I prefer that Mvunga is fired for excessive drinking, than using PF government loans for sex with starving journalists.

  2. Mr Tayali,if you have hard evidence to that effect,please present it to the head of state than making wild claims based on on-line media..Dnt believe everything you read..

  3. TIA
    You sound like you are D. Mini Mvunga himself, hiding in a proxy and trying to defend himself from this mess. It’s too late bwana boss.

  4. I have my doubts that this call will be heeded. After all we still have a thinking that a pardoned convict can still enjoy the privilege of being an MP ESPECIALLY because his constituency wants him to continue and NOT because the law forbids him. What do you expect??? You think he will resign, or get fired for that? Don’t hold your breath. Not in Zed.

    • Mvunga can never be fired. This is the same Mvunga that was singing and dancing to RB pankoloko in a drunken state on a YouTube video.

      Lungu has demonstrated this lack of morals in his decision making on countless occasions. Recent example is Kaizer Zulu – still on the job and enjoying perks despite attempting to shoot Kavindele jnr.

      Let me not even start to talk about Libongani being deployed as ambassador here to Canada.

      This is the lack of seriousness our president Kaminamisa Lungu attaches to the highest office of the land

      Meanwhile Aleisa HH

  5. Tayali,should be the last person to talk about issues of morality.Society forgave him even when the evidence was overwhelming.It is like forgetting a log in your eye and you spot a speck in someone’s eyes.It is a big shame!!

    • Tayali does not get paid from the public chest. He can talk about anything he wants. That doesn’t mean I agree with everything he says. I just hate people invoking this unconstitutional gag order. How dare you?

  6. Lungu can’t fire anyone in his government, not even if that person has committed murder! Chama shot somebody and when asked why he did that he was there making a joke of the whole thing and laughing about it and lungu was just watching the show in his drunken stoop! He is a coward and at the same time he has no authority over his subordinates and they (subordinates) know he is a very weak president! Don’t expect any form of discipline from Lungu! HE IS VERY WEAK!

    • Ba Kaputo
      HH alanyenga maureen imwe balaminyengela
      what is this fuss.
      Get up and get news with Daily Nation, Report, Scandal, Report, Lungu
      Report Chama, Report Kambwili. Old Post newspaper tactics are gone. Even his wife and Kawimba knows that such reporting is not news anymore. Katombe fye

  7. uyu munthu Mvunga ali na nyele yoipa…. I thought this ka radio phoenix girl is married. n way nkani ya chigololo ni so chabe!!

  8. It seems the united party of naughty demagogues always ride on a crest of prejudice,false claims and fake expectations to champion their western stooge character who stands out like a middle finger on the Zambian political landscape. Keep dreaming of your “pie in the sky” as we rule you!

  9. Zambian Voice executive director Chilufya Tayali has been found with a case to answer in a matter where he is charged with raping a 23-year-old woman.
    Charges are that Tayali on July 16, 2012 in Lusaka, unlawfully had carnal knowledge of a 23-year-old woman without her consent.

    Tayali it takes one to know the other.

  10. Mvunga is only espousing the Kajournalist to get the full gist of whats prevailing at hh”s radio phoenist. To understand a man, stand in his shoes!

  11. A big joke to have such as leaders, this is the zambian version of a leader ‘ anyone on the street, must be social and jameson is added advantage ‘

  12. It is fun what Americans say about their senators, they say if you are looking for thieves, womanizer, drug addicts, alcoholics, etc. Do not go any further but the Senate. They are a combination of every immoralityact you can think of.

  13. ……’bakolwe basekana ifipato….’ goes the bemba saying……..is this not the Tayali guy who, not long ago, was in a similar ‘promiscuous’ web..??…did he step down from his post as the case was being deliberated in our courts of law…??…it takes a thief to catch a thief….if it can be implemented that anyone holding public of should be relieved of their duties if they find themselves in ‘adultery’ situation…I can assure u…we may end up without any minister…DCs..PSs..Parastatal heads…and nearly all the MPs…cut my finger if im lying…

  14. One KAMINAMISA firing antoher KAMINAMISA. That’s impossible Mr. TAYALI!!

    One KAMINAMISA firing antoher KAMINAMISA. That’s impossible Mr. TAYALI!!

    One KAMINAMISA firing antoher KAMINAMISA. That’s impossible Mr. TAYALI!!

  15. Ba Tayali, I thought being a ardent Lungu supporter, you don’t read the Post newspaper which you have condemned in the strongest possible way as spewing hate among the Zambian people. So now you are telling us that after all the Post is the paper that digs deeper, shame on you.

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