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I won’t shield corrupt officials, warns Lungu

General News I won’t shield corrupt officials, warns Lungu

President Lungu Swearing New Police IG Kakoma Kanganja
President Lungu Swearing New Police IG Kakoma Kanganja

PRESIDENT Lungu has warned that Government will not shield anyone serving in public office once found wanting for corruption.

He has also urged the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to guard against “merchants of malice” who want to use it for vengeance against others.

“I have never, and will never, shield anyone serving in public office once found wanting by the law on charges of corruption,” he said.

President Lungu said this during the commemoration of the United Nations International Anti-corruption Day under the theme ‘Break the Corruption Chain’ at Government Complex in Lusaka yesterday.

The head of State has also warned public officials and contractors that should they siphon public funds or any other public resources intended for projects, they will face the law.

President Lungu urged the ACC to always remain vigilant so that it can resist overt and covert attempts by some people who seek to use it as an instrument to settle scores.

He directed that all public institutions that have not yet created integrity committees to do so because this is now a requirement by law.

President Lungu urged Zambians to break the corruption chain by exposing corrupt acts and reporting these to relevant authorities with confidence that they will be protected against unlawful reprisals.

“This year’s theme demands of us, individually and collectively to exercise high moral integrity in order to fight corrupt practices. This entails that we should be responsible and patriotic citizens always willing to blow the whistle whenever and wherever corruption manifests its ugly face,” he said.

He said there is no better way of describing corruption any more than that it is a social problem which leaves devastating effects on governments globally.

He said corruption also robs the poor of their right to enjoy public goods and services.

“Corruption is simply an evil that fuels greed and self-interest because individuals charged with positions of authority abuse their positions for personal gain thereby doing a dis-service to the poor in society,”

“My government re-affirms its commitment to zero tolerance to corruption and will continue respecting the autonomy of operations of the law enforcement agencies, to enable them exercise professionalism and diligence,” he said.

And ACC chairperson Justice Timothy Kabalata said the commission will continue devising ways aimed at breaking the corruption chain in the country.

Justice Kabalata said corruption is devastating on the country’s economic growth, and that if left unchecked, can do the nation more harm.

Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) president Lee Habasonda challenged political parties to tell the nation where they get their funding during campaigns as a matter of transparency.

He also called on political parties to avoid corruption during the 2016 election campaigns to avoid losing public funds in court cases.

Mr Habasonda also called for a stop to the harassment of the ACC, saying it must be allowed to operate independently.

And African Parliamentarians Network against Corruption (APNAC) Zambia Chapter chairperson Cornelius Mweetwa called on President Lungu to see to it that the Access to Information Bill is speedily enacted in a bid to promote transparency and accountability in the running of public institutions in the country.


    • The unfair application of the Public Order Act is corruption. Failing to arrest Panga or gun toting citizens who threaten to hack or shoot those with opposing views is corruption. Adopting candidates who were found to have corrupted the electorate in a nullified parliamentary election to recontest the subsequent bye election is corruption. Let us start from here.

    • Kaminamisa Lungu is the last person who should be talking about corruption when corruption is happening before his eyes
      Remember we still know about the Chipata Mafia families and their corrupt links to state house. You are directly benefiting from this and have made enough money already to set you up for life

      Meanwhile Aleisa HH

    • @Menso, as appropriate as your name is, you have cut to the chase brilliantly. This is a political behavior that thinks the Internet has not caught on and that even the poorest has access to mobile technology where the truth can easily be shared from. It would have been better if this subject was not given the airing that it was unfortunately dealt!

    • Son: Dad, I will never steal pieces of chicken from the pot. I have never and I will never. I will never cover up for my brothers and sisters when they do.

      Dad: Really, son? You are not supposed to!!!

      MR. LUNGU!
      Who killed Ruth Mbandu???

      You are blowing hot bubbles, bwana. You know who did and you are sitting on this information. How do yo sleep at night?

  1. Your merchant of Malice, is one in Min of Finance – takes on a young little Journalist, Wants her to spend time in Chimbokaela, becoz he is tired of Bonking her – Act now if you really mean it!!

  2. “…PRESIDENT Lungu has warned that Government will not shield anyone serving in public office once found wanting for corruption.
    He has also urged the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to guard against “merchants of malice” who want to use it for vengeance against others…”
    Mr. President, why beating about the bush? You are aware that Zambia is a signatory of UN Convention Against Corruption and it has OBLIGATION to comply with relevant provisions. And yet, even after two amendments of ACC Act, nothing, absolutely NOTHING has been done to comply with such obligations. What are you waiting for? Talk is only cheap commodity in Zambia. Instruct your Minister of Justice to earn his salary and do needful.

    • I also question who are “merchants of Malice”who what to revenge on others.Is that not protecting his clowns who feeds from his table drop outs.Lungu don’t say we never warned when you will be running for your life in the nearest future.make a better zambia today when you still have power .

  3. You guys know about innocent until proven guilty? The law has to take its course, it is not like happy hour were you just show up and party.

    • How blind are you? That’s why it’s so easy to take advantage of you Zambians.

      Corruption is real in Zambia and is happening even in state house, so the sooner you come to the better for our future generations

    • @ Nzelu

      Are you familiar with MANDATORY provisions of UN Convention Against Corruption which was RATIFIED by the Republic of Zambia in Nov. 2007 and come in to force in Feb. 2008?

      What the President calls “merchants of Malice” are actually identified as “whistle blower(s)” and should be PROTECTED by State Organs.

      Do you notice factual non compliance by our “dear” Leader?

    • Iwe @Nzelu, is a pardoned a criminal expunged from the record of convicts? Does an ongoing case in court warrant an appointment to high office? Let us not bury our heads in the sand for the sake of expediency. This is what has messed up your wonderful country. Short-term convenience at the expense of posterity.

  4. Same script,different cast (same song,different singers)… We have heard the corruption song over and over but nothing has changed.

  5. Is the president telling the truth or playing wise jokes to enable him win 2016 election, thereafter revert to the current state of shielding corrupt powerful men and women in authority? The president should ask himself where those ministers and others in high authority positions who were poor or very poor got the money to be rich, because their salaries cannot make them rich. Hence, it is better to probe them and those without valid reasons be arrested, fired and freeze their accounts and their properties taken away.

  6. Lungu is corrupt and a product of Corruption, he was ushered to the PF Presidency by a corrupt convention where voting was by show of Pangas instead of ballot papers. Hence he is the wrong person to speak about these issues.

    Ex President friend of yours shielded so you can get to plot 1.
    2. Lots of Corrupt officials you have shielded & pardoned from prison thereby eroding the fight against corruption.
    3. Does the name Kaizer ring a bell??
    4. Dodgy Road contracts.
    5. K.K. International airport graft case.
    Dare I go on?? Id be here all day.
    Not the Corrupt name “Edgar Lungu”

  8. FAZ, FAZ, FAZ, FAZ, FAZ, FAZ,FAZ, football associatin of Zambia corruption scandals………GRZ does nothing as usual…..ministers complicite in corruption…..

  9. Lungu we know how you shield and get kickbacks from corruption…when a citizen points to missing funds or corrupt contracts, the investigative wings, ACC and the custodians of our funds, GRZ say bring hard evidence. So the theives, GRZ and the investigators, ACC work together to frustrate any investigations.

  10. Corruption is the cancer that has robbed our economy. However, the President of the Republic of Zambia does not mean what he says. Instead , he is the promoter of corruption. Others might ask me a question to justify. My answer is definitely simple. He has been using his prerogative of mercy to pardon corrupt individuals to win his political favors. He pardoned Austine Liato . All most every Zambian Knows why Liato was sent to prison. When you look at Hornourable Dora Siliya, her election as Petauke member of Parliament was nullified on account of corruption. To my suplies, Dora was apointed Cabinet Minister of Energy by President Lungu himself. He decided to work with former President Rupiah Banda then facing corruption Charges. The outcome was the acquital of Rupiah Banda. The God I…

  11. 11 months in office he is still talking about tackling corruption yet he is a product of it…really laughable …what a useless empty vessel this lazy bum is!!

  12. Imwe ba fafikala bonse mu diaspora, dont you go for work.You are all over the blog insulting our presido and us the voters.We are not illiterates as you think and probably you are judging by the language you are emplying against PF voters. Just remaing where you are hidding for economic reasons and we will develope Zambia for your grand kids if you have any.

    • @Mungatelo we are assuring you we shall come and vote.We shall make sure Zambia is given to a president who can instill discipline.We need to have a modern democratic Zambia not one led by Kaponyas and drunkards .Zambia is our country.

    • Iwe @mungatelo, have you heard of different time zones and holidays? Is that why you think the world will end tomorrow when it is already tomorrow in Australia???

  13. The God I serve is the living God. He Knows what role President Lungu played. For these reasons, Zambians should turn in large numbers and cast their votes in favor of the Heritage Party Candidates. They can not continue surviving on lies from the Patriotic Front and its leadership.

  14. Really…… Are you sure about that. So what is kaiser still doing in state house. In other parts of the world he could have resigned at his own will….infant you have never said anything about kaizer’s doing!!!!!!you’re indeed chakolowa….what hold does he have over you.

    • When you drive into Zambia the first thing that greets you is corruption. When you drive farther inland it is visible everywhere. It is very embarrassing if one is travelling with a friend or a colleague who is not a Zambian. Even lawyers steal from their clients. It is unbelievable.

    • @Cuito Canavale: ati “Even lawyers steal from their clients!” You should have added: …”and they become Republican Presidents!”

  15. This is like a theive telling his fellow theives to not get caught. “don’t do what we in cabinet do, if you do don’t get caught”.

  16. Luangwa District Education Board Secretary (DEBS), Veronica Mubanga disclosed this when Feira Constituency Member of Parliament, Patrick Ngoma donated twenty – one (21)Desktop computers worth K120,000 to Feira Day Secondary School over the weekend which were bought using the 2014 Constituency Development Funds (CDF) these old computers can”t cost Thant much is thieft call 0955600051


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