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I never insulted People of Southern Province-Davies Chama

Headlines I never insulted People of Southern Province-Davies Chama

Davies Chama
Davies Chama

Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary General Davies Chama has dismissed claims that he insulted the people of Southern Province, reports Pan African Radio Journalist Hermit Hachilonde.

The PF Secretary General has been making news headlines following his controversial tribal remarks which disparaged the Tonga Speaking people of Southern Province.

It is alleged that Davies Chama made a demeaning statement that Tonga women must bear their polygamous husbands many children so that one of them can be president after 100 years.

The remarks annoyed Southern Province traditional leaders that made them petition President Edgar Lungu to fire the PF Secretary General and his Deputy Mumbi Phiri for their divisive language.

Officiating at a PF Southern Province mobilization tour at Chikankata Primary school on Tuesday 8th December 2015, Mr. Chama protested that as a cultured person raised in a Christian family which upheld morality and Christian values, he cannot utter sentiments that discriminate a human being on account of one’s tribe.

He said accusations are aimed at scandalizing him for political mileage by some political opponents.

The PF SG further predicated that the accusation will be given prominent in the runner up to the 2016 general elections by his competitors.

“I want to talk about something that I was accessed about, I was accused that I insulted the Tongas, “babeja” where I come from, the mother who taught me was a Christian, I don’t insult, and I don’t insult, but these are politics! People are politicking! No Mr. Chama has insulted the Tongas, I don’t insult! I cannot insult my fathers, I cannot insult my mothers, Tongas are my fathers and my mothers, Chama said”


  1. You insulted Mr Chama, and we are very happy that No tonga insulted you back, Just stay with your SINES .Just because elections are near ,you want to be a good boy.Your reward is soon coming and your party PF.

  2. No this man again!! Him (Chama), Mumbi Phiri and Kambwili will be the main contributors to President Lungu’s downfall. They need to tame their sharp tongues. They are in the forefront causing divisions in the country. What a pity!

    • Liar, liar, liar!! Shame. With only 3 people clapping for you! What a disgrace when our politicians act like that. Stop dividing the country.

    • This guy has no conscience. People without conscience never get haunted. You can tell from this statement alone that he is incoherent and therefore deranged.

  3. If you are a true Christian, you should have known by now, that it is important to say “you are sorry” for the sake of peace, unless what you did or said was Gospel fact. Tame your tongue for the sake of peace.

  4. We are in the age of digital recorders and mobile phones. Is it just possible that someone captured this speech where it was alleged the insult was made? Could we please have a leak of it so we can hear it for ourselves. It is strange that in the age of such evidence collecting gadgets we still have hearsay. Hilfigar insulted blacks on Oprah (never happened), Putin insulted Muslims (never happened), etc. These and many more are just some examples of how the media has been used to create animosity that otherwise is either misconstrued or just didn’t exist at all. So can someone please rewind his mobile recorder and share this “insult” with us???

  5. I have a considerable amount of respect for Senior Chief Mukuni of the Toka/Leya in Livingstone, was he smoking his socks when he reiterated last week of the long standing trepidation of most of the Southern chiefs regarding the infamous alleged insults from one Sir Davies Chama??? Mmmm…..interesting times ahead.

  6. Never mind a better cultured and civilised mind has already apologised for you, who even needs an apology from you, its the injustice of your system wher u want to stigmatise the tonga that every zambian is fighting against, i gues bembas ar more hurt but you know they keep their cool,

  7. there goes this buffoon again he does not know the difference between insults and respect, lies and the truth these are the people that are in the driving seat taking us nowhere
    nichopusa chabe

    • Chifunika kumenyewa mbama.

      Chi Davies nomba you want to do damage control ka, we don’t politic like that.

      Just find policy issues, programmes and projects to talk about as you engage the opposition. Not kutukwana banzanu please. Zambia yesu bonse with the Tongas. You never know what the future holds guys

  8. Why comment now instead of doing so during that time when u showered the insults. No matter what ever and however u choose to justify oneself it is a miss. A respectful son is always apologetic in all manners at all times.

  9. Mr. chama , you mean all those who multitude of people who are complaining of what you said in kazungula deaf or a stupid/fools/mad. By denying what you said in day light and publicly is an insult to those people .The best thing you would have done is to say am sorry, my people forgive me for what ever I said against you. As some one in ruling party you are as the father of all tribes in Zambia. “Don’t argue with the victim or the aggrieved one as it adds more pain and leads to war” As a politician chama should know this saying. In Tonga there is a saying that “Kuluba mwambi ,mwambilwa talubi” meaning the speaker forgets but the listener doesn’t forget. So as public speaker be careful in whatever you say about someone. It is a lesson to Mr. Chama to start thinking before he…

  10. Shortly after the 2015 Presidential by election results were announced, Davis Chama posted this message on his Facebook page: “Tabakwapula ba kalubale na ba Lozi na ba Tonga. They thought that by uniting they would give us a Tonga President. Ni imbwa za bantu.”

  11. Davies Chama and your Mumbi Phiri are very well known for being too tribal. Why do you even go to visit people of Southern Province, you are just wasting your time. You have succeed to make your Boss Lungu to be very unpopular. It is too late now, just start packing your katundu, 2016 kuya bebele, munasamwa siteleki.

  12. Chama remember that such stupid utterances are the ones that made Romney lose the US Presidential elections in 2008. Remember his remarks about the 47% of people who only rely on state handouts remarks, so for you it is the ” Tonga and their polygamous nature” that will make your boss lose next year’s polls in S/Province.

  13. Ba UPND are full of hate and too tribalistic the reason they will never rule Zambia.You called Sata Chimbwi no plan,Mwanawasa Cabbage,Banda Nyamasoya etc.Did you see or hear people from Northern,Central or Eastern protest ? Some chiefs in S/P have been promised heaven on earth if the tribal party won.Hence the rhetoric of chama bla bla bla every day.We are fed up of the same story if you think it is a passport to win you votes.

  14. UPND are hypocrites ! Please leave Chama alone.He never insulted anybody and if you think that issue will help you go to state house then you are mistaken.

  15. Going by the voting pattern in Southern province in January 2015 and given the bare fact that Tongas are polygamous, doesn’t it therefore mean that………..the truth pains.Stop demonizing Chama.

  16. Good Chama, that is as good as apologising. Okay for you tonga chiefs now?
    Of course I am not asking for a comment from UPMD cadres, they have their own tribal issues to sort out about UPMD can only be led by a tonga. Time for UPMD to emulate Davies Chama’s exemplary lead and apologise to Sakwiba Sikota, Patrick Chisanga, and others who were hounded out of the UPMD party at that senseless convention. Those guys sweated and formed UPND with Andy, and there they wereat the convention suddenly facing some tribal clowns who went ahead to replace mwana mubotu, the angelic well loved Andy Mazoka. I confess that I loved the man. I know that Andy is turning in his grave to see what transpired at that convention, and his spirits will not them to form government as long as they do not go and…

  17. And then poor Davies Chama says something relatively innocent compared to their deeds, and all hell breaks loose! I thought what transpired at that convention was the worst tribal insult ever, and to all Zambians for that matter. Did you see any other chiefs rise up? I guess they knew it was acurse upon the party and individuals concerned.
    By the way, don’t GBM and Canissius know that UPMD is unrepentant and this will happen to them too?

  18. But nobody asked Chama to go to Southern Province and talk about this or that. Leave those people alone and concentrate on your business.

  19. Janet, its not upnd who called mwanawasa cabbages its satanic, and its not upnd who called RB n ya man soya its sata. So mama you don’t read.

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