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ZRA raids Post Newspaper for another Tax investigation

Economy ZRA raids Post Newspaper for another Tax investigation

The Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA), Investigations Department, yesterday raided and conducted a search at The Post Newspapers after receiving information alleging tax malpractice by the Newspaper.

This was after the information received was evaluated and a decision was made to undertake full scale tax investigations so as to prove or disprove the allegations leveled against the Post Newspaper.

According to a statement made available to QFM News last evening, as per procedure a search warrant was obtained by ZRA to search and collect relevant business records for subsequent examinations by the investigators.

The statement says however, the Post Newspapers obtained a stay of execution against the action of ZRA in a related matter in which the Authority issued a warrant of distress on the Newspaper in November, 2015 seeking the payment of about 9 million kwacha outstanding tax payment, the action which prompted ZRA to seek clarification on extent of the stay.

It says the court clarified that the stay did not cover the matters that were not before the court; therefore, ZRA has thus proceeded with its planned normal Investigations process whose findings will be discussed with the taxpayer.

The statement clarifies that the current Investigation of the Post Newspaper is a normal process that ZRA undertakes on all taxpayers that are alleged to be involved in tax malpractices.

It furthermore states that these investigations are conducted in accordance with ZRA core values which include Professionalism, Integrity, Fairness and Equity among others.

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  1. BA PF we know M’membe is no longer on your side but your weekly invasions of his businesses employing close to 3,000 people is becoming ridiculous. Last kicks of a dying horse!!!

    • If membe is exempted frm pay tax then who.That can only be UPND policy. We ar proud of a listening n weking govt. Don’t blive the free mansons.

  2. If ZRA approached all the Companies operating in Zambia (both private and parasitatals) owing in Tax payments with the same force being applied on The Post, the country would not have been having problems funding services and infrastructure from inernally raised funds. ZRA must be seen to be impartial, collect Tax due from all the companies owing regardless of whether parasitatal or private without fear or favour. Singling out The Post Newspaper is becoming suspicious.

  3. I only hope the raid was not politically motivated. Knowing that the Post Newspaper no longer support the Patriotic Front, ZRA should conduct their duties professionally. They should not only target the political rivals to the Patriotic Front.

  4. There are other companies struggling to meet zra requirements and they ‘ve entered into mutual agreements with zra. However it’s not the same with post. Them don’t even care who the fac zra is and go about doing all sorts of illegalities. They don’t want to come to terms with zra but rather continue swindling govt of the much needed tax. Those of you clowns supporting post should climb the wall and look beyond politics better still remove condoms and face issues live.

  5. Well, one thing for sure is that the Post would be quick to publicise what ZRA does to them to gain public sympathy and would deliberately ignore to publicise similar treatment that the ZRA would give to another company to make it look like they are the only one being targeted. Good trick!

  6. ZRA is doing a good job on behalf of Zambians.The Post is under obligation to pay tax.Why do you implicate PF for an issue that is straight forward ? The money belongs to Zambians and the Post should just pay……defending themselves in their paper will not help.

  7. just the way post comes out as if they are straight, holy, know everything, educated better people name it. they(post) claims that they’re fight for the majority poor people. if they’re honest why not pay all the taxes so that in-directing they are supporting the majority poor people. post your hands are not clean!!

  8. The post must work on putting its house in order rather than rushing to blowing a ‘political’ trumpet! If they are a law abiding citizen who dutifully attends to his tax obligations, they will have the last laugh; but if not, no amount of sympathy seeking gimmicks will help them except one thing, Pay what is due!

  9. It is not the taxes they are after. PF does not want to go into 2016 with the Post still operating. They know that it will be very hard for them. Lungu already said they have drawn battle lines alefwaya ukwakufwila. Lungu is using ZRA but once he is no longer controlling ZRA how will he fight the post.
    What about Times of Zambia, Zambia Daily mail.

    They are looking for more than taxes from the Post.

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