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Traditional Leaders in Southern Province have welcomed me with open arms-Chama

General News Traditional Leaders in Southern Province have welcomed me with open arms-Chama

Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Chama
Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Chama

PATRIOTIC Front secretary-general Davies Chama says traditional leaders in Southern Province have welcomed him with open arms, an indication that there is no rift between him and them.

Mr Chama also said he did not insult the people of Southern Province because it is not his nature to insult people, and that if he had, the traditional leaders would not have welcomed him.

In an interview with journalists here yesterday, he said Chieftainess Choongo and Chief Sinazongwe welcomed him like their own child and he had a cordial conversation with them.

The PF secretary-general is on a tour of Southern Province and is accompanied by party officials Paul Moonga, Syacheye Madyenkuku and provincial chairperson Charles Hamududu.

“I had an opportunity to see my mother Her Royal Highness Chieftainess Choongo and we had a good chat. She gave me words of encouragement and motherly talk. This was humbling to me and my entourage. I also met His Royal Highness Chief Sinazongwe and we had a very good chat; a fatherly chat and I was amazed,” Mr Chama said.

He said the reception accorded to him by the two traditional leaders was amazing and indicated that there was no rift between him and Southern Province chiefs.

Mr Chama said some sections of the media sensationalised and misrepresented his statement resulting in a misunderstanding that he had insulted the people of Southern Province.

“I never insulted the people of Southern Province because it is never my nature to insult. I have never insulted anyone in my life and why should I start today?” he said.

Efforts to get comments from chiefs Choongo and Sinazongwe proved futile by press time, but chiefs Singani and Chipepo said Mr Chama is welcome to the province because he is on a mission to explain party policies.

In separate interviews, the two traditional leaders yesterday said people should not hold grudges but learn to forgive because Zambia is a Christian nation.

Meanwhile, Mr Chama has urged Zambians to continue supporting President Lungu’s development agenda because it is meant to benefit the whole country.

Mr Chama said during a meeting with party officials here on Thursday that President Lungu is a hardworking and visionary leader who needs the support of everyone to develop the country.

“President Lungu wants us to reconcile and unite so that we develop the country. Regardless of our tribe, religious or political affiliation, it is President Lungu’s wish that all Zambians are united and work as one,” he said.

Mr Chama said President Lungu has a vision for Zambia and that citizens should support his development drive.

He said a better Zambia will only be achieved through love, forgiveness, unity and support for one another.

The PF secretary general further said President Lungu ascended to the office of President because God anointed him to be the head of State.

“God’s time is the best, and there is no need to fight or antagonise one another. These are politics but everything must be left in God’s hands for he is the only one who knows who will be the President at what time and when,” he said.

Mr Chama said President Lungu is a strong and most hardworking head of State Zambia has ever produced, but if he is not supported, his works will not be appreciated.

He said Zambia under President Lungu has started seeing transformation in many sectors such as health, roads, education and agriculture.

Mr Chama urged party officials in Choma to work hard and produce members of Parliament (MP) and councillors during the 2016 general elections.

He urged party officials to welcome and embrace former Rainbow Party provincial chairperson Simalonga Siachona and other opposition members who have rejoined the ruling party.

Mr Chama also said he is impressed with the organisation, growth and stability of the party in the province.

Mr Madyenkuku said it is possible to produce MPs in Choma if the party works hard.

At the same meeting, party officials and ordinary members pledged to buy 63 bicycles for mobilisation aimed at winning the 2016 general elections.


  1. Chama is a stupid man. He thinks those chiefs who recieved him have much influence in Southern province.

    If he does not apologoise to the Tongas for his f00lish tribal remarks no proper Tonga chief will want to know him.

    The problem with Tongas is they know quality and they are easy to bribe. You can bribe them but when comes to voting they know that who to vote for. Come 2016 Siamunene and Monde kuyabebele. Dont wasre your money bribing Tongas,. They take your money and say why is he paying us to vote for him if he is genuine? Tongas are selfreliant thats why its difficult to bribe them.

    If PF wants tongas on their side they fire Mumbiand Charma to start with.

    Only UPND will restore Zambia.

  2. God does not permit the use of pangas .God is not violent and is not manipulative …. Obtaining court injunction around 01hrs.

    • Southern province are self reliant and do rely heavily on f00lish politicians. Bribing them just strengthens their resolve to steer clear of the PF f00lishness.

      Chama is a deluded f00l whose political fortunes will soon dwindle as Lungu aligns himself to MMD.

      Chama is PF ‘s liability together with Mumbi in Southern province. If Lungu really wants people in Southern province to believe his new approach to doing politics, he should fire both of them and replace them with sober minded people.

      Rumour has it that Lungu wants to forge alliances with Rainbow, MMD and FDD to win the 2016 elections. He has sent people to coax Nawakwi and Kabimba into accepting the deal that they should campaign for him in exchange for top jobs of upto VP in succession of each of them.

      Only UPND will…

    • Only UPND means well for Zambia.

      These politically f00lish bunch of thugs called the PF have decimated our country beyond repair. But its never too never too late to restore its fortunes by electing UPND the party with smart people who can transform Zambia for the better.

  3. I hope that humble welcome helped you understand the people of Southern Province. We are like a biblical prophecy. We shall welcome you when you come, we shall feed you when you are hungry, we shall bath you when you are dirty, we shall take you to hospital when you are sick but you shall not manipulate our thinking for we shall stand for what we think is right for us. YOU ARE WELCOME MR CHAMA. ZAMBIA IS FOR ALL ZAMBIAN.

  4. Chama this is a great lesson for you to understand that the people of Southern Province are not fools. I think you will learn from them and change to be a good person.

  5. You should be humbled by their welcome, it was opportunity for you to apologise and not continuing being in defence. Imcase you didn’t know Lungu is the worst president ever for zambia!!! Even mushala would have been far much better because he had a vision….

  6. my fellow Zambians pliz stop referring “tonga “each time u want to pass yo comments, remember for UPND to win any elections,they need evry Zambian vote….im PHIRI & ll definitely VOTE for HH…by continuing saying those words u are decampagnin our party pliz stop!!!!

  7. It is not like chiefs worthy their salt to chase or refuse to receive a visitor especially if they are not from their tribe. Had he been tonga the Chiefs would not have received him.

  8. Its high time Chama got back to his senses. In Bemba we say ” takalabwa mwebwa, kalaba uwakalandile”. If he thought he was welcomed with both hands, he is cheating himself. Chiefs are pretenders because they get allowances from the government. The insults attributed to them by this politician in the name of Davies Chama were greater than he might be thinking. Chama is the political disaster President Lungu has kept in the ruling party. If he thinks he can win votes by keeping him as Secretary General of the party,it will cost their stay in power. Wait and see how Tongas behave when it comes to electing the Republican President.

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