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UPND Deputy Secretary General Kuchunga Simusamba has died

General News UPND Deputy Secretary General Kuchunga Simusamba has died

FILE: UPND deputy secretary general Kuchunga Simusamba protesting against the Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda outside the Supreme Court
FILE: UPND deputy secretary general Kuchunga Simusamba protesting against the Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda outside the Supreme Court

Kuchunga Simusamba, aged 44 who served as UPND deputy Secretary General, died yesterday evening at UTH where he was admitted for a heart condition.

He was hospitalized for some time and on Wednesday police officers almost prevented UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema from visiting him at the hospital.

Simusamba will be remembered as one of the brilliant minds in the opposition. He was an avid and prolific speaker and also a brilliant chess player. Kuchunga Simusamba was the winner of the 2014 Golden Jubilee Veterans Chess Gala.

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema posted the following statement to announce the top official’s death

My fellow citizens, it’s with grief and sorrow that I announce the passing of Edwin Kuchunga Simusamba, our Deputy Secretary General until his death.

This is a tragedy colleagues because Simusamba was one of our prolific politicians in UPND. He was fearless and very intelligent. He was a strategist that will be missed by us all.

We have been left in awe again, as you recall we lost Mr Chibwe a few months ago and now Simusamba.

To his family, we pass our heartfelt condolences and wish them God’s grace as they go through this difficult time. We are feeling helpless at this moment, but knowing that God is with us during this trying time, is comfort enough to face what is coming ahead.

Go well comrade, till we meet again. May Your Soul Rest In Peace.


    • Lungu and the secret service had a hand in the death of Mr Simusamba. They state house secret agents poisoned him.

    • I had the pleasure of meeting this great man.What a mind he had! MHSRIP.It’s a tragic loss to the country.He would have made a great President one day.

    • As much as UPND may look like the next Govt, HH’s attitude is what leads people to question whether he’d be the right Presido. He say’s he is rich & an economic performer, which may be true, BUT IT IS HOW ONE TREATS THOSE CLOSEST TO HIM, which will translate in how he treats the rest of us. The Late Simusamba, MHSRIP, it was obvious after some time that no progress was being made in his care, one would have thought a party like UPND had in place a medical health scheme to repatriate its leaders if untreatable in Zed, alternatively, they could have summoned Govt to do so as there is facility to do so, which we all know is abused, people with diarrhoea have ended up in London. It is this bit about a person with resources or with alternate ability, failing to help their close friend,…

    • …..which will always leave a niggle in peoples minds when deciding on HH.
      Winning Hearts & minds, is not just a simple war slogan, it is such small deeds that do!!

  1. May his soul rest in peace. But personally, I suspect that Edgar Lungu has a hand to play over the death of these two senior UPND Members within a short space of time. Watch the space, many people will die under Lungu until he is kivked out before 2017.

  2. The govt has a dirt hand to play no wonder they nearly blocked HH from visiting him. The State House and PF Secrete Services must have poisoned him in hospital.

  3. too bad.was it caused by the power outage that the country experienced as he was on oxygen? I think I can put the blame on that.

  4. Why is it that all Press Statements are done by HH? Where is the media team. Maybe this explains why HH makes so many blunders

    • @Akamunofu Kalowa- Learn protocol. When A senior official dies, it has to be the top guy announcing. You can not have small boys take up such a crucial role… Just in case you missed school like most of you chaps with loud mouths…..

    • You know what you remind me of, @DePal? How it is that black men are happy to be called ‘Manager’ while earning peanuts, while a white man called a ‘Technician’ gets all the cash. My friend, it doesn’t matter who announces when you have a press team. It is the consistency and the logic that is important. So far HH seems on top of his own press dealings. That is fine, too.

  5. I ve no doubt that HH had a hand in this one.Shetanism demands for sacrifice in order to thrive. For state power to go to HH it will require bigger sacrifices like GBM,Dr. Proud,Coilard,Dr. Canisius,Lukulu voice,brother Misheck,Professor Ngwale,Ba Simwinga of John Howard and Mr Kazhila. And it will be still elusive because the devil can only kill,steal and destroy.Its another defeat for UPND next year even after all the above sacrifices.

    • @La Liga, if HH had the dark powers you allude to him, don’t you think he would get rid of all the obstacles in his way and would lead the country for the rest of his life? Why would anyone go through any bs when they have the power?

  6. HH as a manson leader has again sacrificed another Bemba after the late Chibwe. Next and very soon it will that Bemba fat Albert popularly known as GBM. HH is a sadist, so be careooo…!!!

  7. Even when they tell you the cause of death you still blame EL sure! what kind of people are you with such unmeasurable hate. you are idotz die in peace. I for sure will not vote for you.

  8. I thought UPND members are immortals kanshi even them do a kaput. Rest in hell you advocate of bloodshed. At least no loss for the demise of one imbecile . Let me even a glass of Whisky

  9. “Simusamba will be remembered as one of the brilliant minds in the opposition. He was an avid and prolific speaker and also a brilliant chess player. Kuchunga Simusamba was the winner of the 2014 Golden Jubilee Veterans Chess Gala.”


  10. Rest well Simusamba .Death could have taken Chintombwa because he has no heart forthepoor.
    HH made sure he saw you breath for the last minute

  11. @Secrete, if government has a dirty hand in it and the man was poisoned, why did he eat the poisoned food? Meaning he was eating anyhow.
    Nevertheless, sad news on his passing. We mourn with the family. Death is painful to the family of the deceased regardless of the person you were in society. We only pray that YHWH gives comfort to the family and look to him for strength in this trying moments

  12. This world is very unfair big tank thinkers going the visionless,brainless,clueless,laziness,jemason drunkards are the one remaining. Rip Man

  13. Ba hh na ba gbm you claim to be rich. Please fox you could have helped him go for specialised treatment. Anyway, mudala rest in peace

    • I am a sympathizer of the UPND but on this one the guys could have done more to save his life HH Owes us an explanation on this one as in “REALLY “how could someone not help Kuchunga honestly this stinks really. RIP bud, till we meet again I never knew the guy personally but he brought a lot of goodies to each table of discussions and I think one has to see that and appreciate.

  14. Rip kuchunga. @tom you are very right that shows you what kind of fellas these guys are with their cash even fairview hospital would have done better. Vote for them at your own peril if they can’t take care of their senior party members what about inchishi.

    • @Bambola, you wrote such a comment! The govt in power should have paid for his treatment as it should for each and every Zambian. It’s our hard earned money they use for themselves when they get a headache. The sad thing is that they would never even use it on you were you (God forbid) in such a situation.

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