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I Googled Heaven, President Lungu will win the 2016 elections-Davies Chama

General News I Googled Heaven, President Lungu will win the 2016 elections-Davies Chama

Davies Chama addressing PF Members at the mobilisation meeting
Davies Chama addressing PF Members at the mobilisation meeting

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) Secretary General Davies Chama has predicted that President Edgar Lungu will get more than 60 per cent of votes in 2016 general elections.

Mr Chamba said President Lungu was expected to have a landslide victory of about 65 per cent in next year’s elections because of his massive agenda to rebuild and transform the country.

“I googled the website of heaven and I saw that President Lungu will win the 2016 elections.

“We will also win the 2021 elections as well as in 2026 and in 2064 according to my search,” Mr Chama said.

The PF Secretary General, who is currently on a party mobilisation tour of Southern Province, was speaking in Livingstone.

“President Lungu and PF will win by 65 per cent next year. PF has a committed leadership and what they have done is touchable and seen.

“The President is committed to improving the country and Zambians should just be patient because employment opportunities are coming massively,” he said.

Mr Chama said that the PF Government had paid farmers promptly and ensured early distribution of farming inputs unlike the previous Governments.

He also denied claims that he told opposition political parties to urinate into Kariba Dam so that the country could have enough water to generate electricity.

Mr Chama further dismissed claims that PF had already started political campaigns for 2016 as no one in the ruling party was addressing public meetings.

“It is some opposition parties that are dragging the police and holding public meetings without permits and this is unacceptable.

“I have informed the police for all the meetings s I have been holding but the opposition have the propensity to break the law,” he said.

Mr Chama noted with sadness that some organisations were not remitting taxes to Government and in turn accusing the State of prosecuting them when follow-ups were made on them.

He also said the PF was not using public resources on its operations as all funds were members and well-wishers.

“We don’t use public resources. Government has a lot of things to be done from tax payers money such as repairing roads.

“Here in Livingstone, I was received by about 50 cars from party supporters. The PF leadership in Livingstone under the chairperson Lawrence Evans is doing a commendable job and it is not true that it is divided,” he said.


  1. I googled Heaven, & saw your belly had shrunk, & you were living in abject poverty, “Belly Politician” Chama.
    Now continue talking your antipsychotic medication, you really need them!

    • His computer has viruses and it seems his has no capacity to realise that he was on the wrong website; the the PF computer is still loading……………..even after 90 days.

    • Same camera & photo but looks like charcoal! L Evans may have painted himself to look extremely different. Even if its colored versus indigenous, the color contrast is too pronounced!

  2. Chama does not know what he is talking about. He is just a useless comedian. He should not think that every one like his Patriotic Front. Noways…… God will surely rescue the Zambian people from the bad governance of the Patriotic Front.

  3. Politicians must not tempt GOD, they should just play their game without simplifying the name of the creator, rest he cracks his whip. Remember there is a saying that “a child can play with its mothers breast but not its fathers testicles”. Ukusabaile is not politics. People should stop behaving as hough they are infected with pubic lice. Leaders must grow up and address the real issues that will bring positive change to the country.

  4. Chama that’s for the people to decide later on, elections are still far away and besides you have work to do now. This is the badness of having no vision, instead of busy working and telling us how you will fix our current problems. You are busy campaigning and misusing borrowed money for your own benefit. Don’t be surprised if Lungu loses, people are getting tired of your lip service. Things are not getting better, jobs you promised are nowhere, no electricity and increases on things people really need. You should know that most people who voted for you last time are now regretting so that means less votes for you

  5. Imwe bantu what kind of homosapien is this thing called Chama, which planet does it evolve from? How does it dare God like that? Remember you mocked God on 18th October and has response has been a severe drought not seen in many years.

  6. He might have used an underworld laptop and the heaven that gave him the results is definitely not the heaven of the God of the Christians.

  7. While the style and character of the overzealous PF secretary is generally appalling ,it looks likely that the PF presidential candidate Edgar Lungu is likely t to win the coming presidential elections in unconvincing fashion. The economic situation is terrible in our country and the resource management and general governance is quiet poor to guarantee PF an outright victory . There are some chances of HH taking the race to the wire and eventually sneaking out with victory ,though some serious factors hinders the later to claim these rights without major doubt . There will be a good percentage of PF supporters who will switch to UPND or simply decides not to vote because of the adverse economic situations prevailing in our country . One important observation about HH and UPND is that…

  8. If you ve chosen not to see
    developmental project the pf have embacked on that’s your problem because a lot have see infrustracture developments.

  9. Seriously!?! These were the guys that called names everyone who did not want to participate in Oct 18 prayers and now this?!? Blasphemy at it’s best! The good thing is that every deed gets it’s just reward. You can fool some people some of the time……………….

  10. Please Davis Chama, can you please God and heaven out of your foolishness. Which heaven? when you and Chagwa get drunk with kachusu then you think you googling heaven.

    Go to hell please

  11. “I googled the website of heaven and I saw that President Lungu will win the 2016 elections.”

    This will occupy UPMD cadres for a long time to come seeing that they are now looking for entertainment after their leader underfive was declared a loser for “only a fifth time” by the 50%+1 vote and the running mate clauses.

  12. Even the deaths of two Presidents in office have failed to give underfive the votes required to President of Zambia. Instead very aged people and new comers have taken the day from underfive.

    • That is kaminamisa is making blunders all the way because he does not understand the gravity of being a president of a country.

  13. This man is an *****. You don’t play with God and get away with it. I can now confirm to you that PF will lose 2016 election because people are playing with God. I will give you my full address in the due course so prove me wrong.

  14. “I GOOGLED THE WEBSITE OF HEAVEN AND I SAW THAT PRESIDENT LUNGU, WILL WIN THE 2016 ELECTIONS” Honestly, Mr Chama has not offended God in his statement. He jst used wisdom to express himself, to what may have been revealed to him by a Man of God. Avoid judging others, our Heavenly God is for everyone both the righteous and sinners. Our God can talk to anybody in anyway and anytime. Mr Chama is a child of God and he has a kingdom right to talk about heaven. My i conclude by saying that the presidency of ECL is a divine arrangement. I always laugh when i hear people, talking about the change of regime in 2016. The tenure of every leadership is determined by GOD. The divine hand of God is upon H.E ECL and is destined to rule Zambia beyond 2016. God at his own time, will raise a 2ND MICHAEL…

  15. we know that upnd will never want to hear the name God mentioned bcause they are blood sucker.The word God unsettles them. Development is there for everyone to see unless a blind person.PF for 2016 and beyond.

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