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PF leadership in Lusaka upset by demolition of 800 illegal houses

General News PF leadership in Lusaka upset by demolition of 800 illegal houses

The Patriotic Front leadership in Lusaka Province is annoyed over the demolition of over 800 houses in Lusaka West area.

PF Province Chairlady, Margaret Mumba says it is unfortunate that the Police went ahead to demolish the houses of innocent Zambians.

Ms Mumba claims that at the time the demolition exercise was carried out she asked for the Court Order but was not given the document.

She was speaking in an interview with ZNBC News in Lusaka.

And PF Provincial Youth Chairman, Kennedy Kamba said the affected families are supporters of the ruling Party who gave PF votes during the just ended Ward election.

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  1. I suppose it’s okay to break the law with impunity during the rainy season? Come on people, we cannot continue to condone lawlessness all in the name of “humanity”! Criminals and/or any other law breakers should not prey on our sympathy so as to get away with their criminal activity. I suppose it’s easy to feel empathy for law breakers as long as they have not encroached on or invaded your land! Or could it be that you’re birds of a feather? You would be surprised to learn that these people have been being asked to leave for the past 5 to 10 years, and now you want o say they are being victimised in the rainy season? How many rainy seasons have passed with these people refusing to move? Is it because next 2016 is an election year?

  2. There is the reason why we do not move forward and have street vendors clogging the streets…these dull party cadres meddling in everything!!

  3. The City council and Police have done something correctly for once. It is sad this has happened, but it is up to the rich in the PF now to house their cadres. Sad part is that these are people that acted foolishly in building on land that is the nation’s without proper channels being followed.

  4. I do not condone illegal squatters or dirty street vending anywhere, in the name of PF or any other party.
    Let’s learn to follow the law, and not to break it with impunity because you belong to the ruling party.
    This nonsense would be the same whether it was MMD, PF or even UPMD in power, or even Past News Party (Rainbow) if ever Mmembe got near power kikikik, this nonsense is ingrained in our DNA and needs to be exorcised by all concerned regardless of partisan interests. On this I do not support any Zambian party, they are all the same, after all they are elected by the same squatters.

  5. Comment: Illegality in Zambia is everywhere,for one to make it in Zambia they have to involve themselves in some illegal activities and such is not a new trend in our country where political cadres invade other peoples land and start allocating it to either their fellow party sympathisers or selling it to those interested in it all in the name of being sent to do so by their top leadership political structures. So its a trend which has been there in Zambia and society have accepted it as a way of life.

  6. you cant fight from the terraces.you only fight when you are in the ring. i wonder why these *****s in the diaspora are too vocal for nothing
    just f:::k yourself

  7. Panga Family fisushi sana….let the law be followed,besides for the demolition to take place all relevant govt wings were informed and they sanctioned.So Panga Family is very much aware of this action

  8. 51 years after independence, this is what you guys still have???
    You were better off as a colony.
    China would gladly become your colonial master!

  9. This is the reason why Edgar will WIN 2016 elections! Lawlessness is what has killed our nation. Continue breaking their toms so called houses. These chaps don’t pay ground rent to treasury! Sort them out Mr President. We are behind you to make Zambia a nation of laws.

  10. The demolition of structures in the rain season is inhuman. Govt must come up with legislation to ban it.
    You don’t have to be PF to sympathize with those left in the cold. There, possibly, is a need for Govt to do a land audit so that those with excess, undeveloped land, can can lose it to those with nothing

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