B-Flow Switches to Kalindula



Dancehall artist B-Flow , stated on his official Facebook page that he is switching to Kalindula. below is his statement :

I wish to announce to all my fans and followers that I have officially changed my music style from Dancehall to Kalindula coz I want to be original. This decision is final. I urge you to carefully listen before you begin criticising. Without wasting your time, here are my two new Kalindula singles.
1. Tekwesha Ft. Chef 187
2. Veli Badi (Produced by Henrik berhane for Zedway movements)

Download B-Flow’s new singles here :http://www.zambianmusicblog.co/b-flow-ft-chef-187-tekwesha-pro-dice-veli-badi/




  1. hearts off to you B-Flow is this news is true since I have not seen your facebook post. Be original. dancehall has destroyed morals. kalindula and any original Zambian style of music is nice although they can be modernised

  2. I have listened to a lot of tracks by B-Flow and they are superb. Im not sure about this switch if the music will still sound brilliant.. Does Kalindula still exist?

    • Okay, I have listened to both tracks and I love the first one: B’Flow Ft. Chef 187 – Tekwesha (prod. Dice). It has a modern fill to it and it still sounds like B-Flow. I love it.

      However, the second song: “B’Flow – Veli Badi” sounds too simple with an old feel like typical Kalindula when we were growing up.. Too ordinary for me.

      Overall, B-Flow has real musical talent and Im sure he will be fine. I still think he was doing just fine with his music before this switch to Kalindula.

  3. I have just listened to the old songs: B Flow Ft Judy – Cry Of A Woman, Shalapo – B-Flow Ft. Macky 2 & FlavaBoy and B Flow – Side Plate Feat. Macky 2 & Chef 187. Here is the honest truth, B-Flow; these 3 old songs are outstanding, the music arrangements, the message, the video arrangement, the sound and the modern/international appeal are all 100%.

    This switch to Kalindula might not do you that good, in my opinion. You have the talent, no doubt about it. However, times have changed. Maybe reconsider.

  4. Too late. Afunika already rules as king of modern kalindula. He would have made it big if he switched to Zam Reggae especially that there has been a gap ever since Burning Youth went down the horizons and Saint Maiko is not consistent

  5. To be honest you sound like a guy taking advantage of his fun base. This doesn’t sound good in anyway. Your previous songs were more fan than this. Anyways good luck since your decision is final and as you gain more fans your new style have just lost one.

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