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Police in Mwense try to detain Nawakwi

General News Police in Mwense try to detain Nawakwi

FDD President Edith Nawakwi (c)
FDD President Edith Nawakwi (c) in confrontational mood

Police in Mwense today tried to stop and detain FDD President Edith Nawakwi who was on her way to Kawambwa to witness the training of over 100 small scale farmers by MRI Syngenta seed company who are working with her party in Start-Up Grants project because Edgar Lungu was scheduled to be in the same District.

The officers in question told Ms. Nawakwi and her entourage which included Journalists from Muvi, The Post Newspapers and Sky FM radio to pack and wait for the officer-in-charge but the opposition leader refused to do as instructed saying she was entitled to be Kawambwa.

One of the officers who was clad in civilian clothes said they had explicit instructions to stop her from proceeding with her journey because Zambia 1 was going to be in the area.

However the officer couldn’t explain what the charge was which prompted Ms Nawakwi to tell her entourage to proceed. She questioned the officer if their Zambia 1 was going to be in all places and whether she was a danger to the President when she was not even armed.

She told the officers to stop giving the President of the PF, Edgar Lungu, unnecessary pressure by harrasing harmless people and the opposition. She said the police have become so petrified and too scared of their bosses in the PF hence they are doing things to please them which are not building the image of the President.

She further told the police that their implementation of the Public Order Act was wrong as it does not stop people or prohibit anyone from traveling further wondering if they would provide accommodation for her and the entourage. She said she had travelled 700 kilometers hence it was ridiculous for the police to tell her that she can’t were to sleep while their Zambia 1 (president Lungu) finishes his programs Kawambwa.

She challenged the police to check if she was wearing any suicide vest for them to say that she would kill the President adding that she was not foolish enough to be anywhere near the PF and their President because of their violent behavior.

She also said it was unreasonable for anyone to stop her from traveling to Kawambwa from as far as Mwense because there are other places along the Kawambwa road.

Edith Nawakwi leaves the check point
Edith Nawakwi leaves the check point


  1. I can’t stand this nonsense anymore! Where is the freedom of movement? This government is too high school for my likely. MMD was corrupt but there was no such kind of rubbish and I think that is the only time Zambia experienced true democracy.

    Know I believe the saying “Not everything that shines is gold” and “The devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know’

  2. Love the diplomatic wording under the picture. Mama looks like she is ready to bottle the guy. Zambia 1, huh? EN is simply saying she is Zambia 2 (too)… Take one for the team, undercover guy… Zed Movies…

  3. Nawakwi challenged the police to check if she was wearing any suicide vest for them to say that she would kill the President.KIkikikiki You gotta love that woman! The PF police should stop harassing people.Last time I checked Zambia was a democracy.

  4. This is interesting indeed am shocked and mauless if this is true, its time EL began to see this as opportunity to winning 2016 election not as a threat

  5. What happened to “Lelo mayendele mu Zambia”? Kale ba mwisa baletwikata ubulofwa. Freedom of movement must be protected at all costs. Don’t let the police intimidate you on this one, just ignore and move on.

  6. Ba Chagwa nomba, batumpa, why should he stop people travelling, nanga Zambia niyanyoko Chagwa, we are not in federal government of Rhodesia, vote this thug out people

  7. the president is a play boy. him and his wife are busy campaigning in the name of commission to temba which can be done by miniskirt siliya. where is the fiscal discipline as recommended by imf? l have constructed a pit latrine can the president come and commission it please.

  8. The levels of hatred towards ECL by these politicians makes me wonder. Honestly, did ECL instruct the plocie not to allow any one in Kawambwa at the time he was there? Why cant we petition the IG to train all police officers where ever there are stationed on this POA thing. ECL has been singing the song of revisiting this POA thing but it seems the IG is sleeping or not interested. The challenge is: Is Miss Nawakwi going to instruct all police officers not to protect her presence when she becomes president? You reap what you saw!!!

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