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Veteran broadcaster Mateo Phiri has died


Mateo Phiri
Mateo Phiri

Veteran broadcaster and 5 FM Chief Executive Officer Mateo Phiri popularly known as Matti P has died.
He was 70.

He died this afternoon as he was been taken to Lusaka Trust Hospital after battling cancer for some time.
His son James confirmed the death this afternoon.

Mattipi was famous for having coined the phrase ‘Don’t argue, you were not there.’


  1. Matipi! matipi! so sad!!!,,, why, why why ! in Zambia today is expensive to live and expensive to die either way! its a loss

  2. I am so sorry buddy, you have left too soon Mateo. I remember those good old years when you/me, the likes of bene Timmy Mvula, late Mando, Frank Mutubila, Davis Chisunka, Clement Ntema and many more of our best friends that have crossed over to the other side of life much earlier, would congregate; chat, laugh, giggle etc…
    Its such a cruel world indeed, rest in peace my good friend till we meet in the heavens some day.

  3. Comment: as a fan of 5 hot fm and of matty p iam very saddened by the passing of this great journalist and entertainer. rest in peace big man

  4. Rest in peace, Mati P. Always loved to hear his voice when annoucing the lottery numbers and the jokes that went with it. The great voice is now silent – I am sad.

  5. Kuyenda sibalesa, mane kayendedwe !! Going is allowed, the pain is how you go. I wish you had presented just one more show for me. Go in peace,great son of Zambia.

    Like Charles Mando, Dennis Liwewe etc, let coming generations hear about, learn from you and not argue for they will not have been here now.

    Finally I let my daughters out!!


  6. Really a great loss to our Country. I grew up listening to his voice and music. He was gifted and in most reasonable countries his public service record would have been acknowledged by being appointed to chair a reputable national arts entity or as a yardstick to be used when benchmarking our broadcasting institutions. I regret not meeting him in person to thank him for his wonderful and excellent services he offered as I was growing up. MHSRIEP

  7. I remember his presentations on pick-a-lot draw years back…he went like..” lockup ur daughters!!”..,
    Am really devastated by ur passing..U were a great man indeed. MHSRIP

  8. I remember his presentations on pick-a-lot draw years back…he went like..” lockup ur daughters!!”..,
    Am really devastated by ur passing..U were a great man indeed. MHSRIP

  9. Your death turns a page and a chapter in the world of authentic radio broadcasting. It was a privilege and a joy to share a life with you. You belonged to a lineage of bonafide broadcasters from the pedigree of Mario Malyo, Haggai Chisulo, Peter Mweemba, Ken Maduma etc. We will eternally shed our tears in memory of you each time we hear today’s counterfeit broadcasters stammer as they labour through hourly news on radio.

  10. I could not believe it when Rikki Makuyu Ililonga came today to break the news that our friend Mateyo Phiri passed on the glory land.
    My appeal to many of our friends and family is that we must celebrate the life of a man born with best humour in this country.
    Mateyo my friend, the man, wachaya iti seni ? we always shared jokes together and always coined new ones.Rest in peace Roy Kausa

  11. Comment:RIP MATT P,you wll alway be remembered as the great son of this nation and we shall continue listerning to 5fm with or without you sir tll we meet again in groly land go well

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