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Dr Ben Carson’s trip to Zambia cancelled amid security concerns

General News Dr Ben Carson's trip to Zambia cancelled amid security concerns

US Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson
US Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson

US Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson has cancelled his trip to Africa and Israel which was set for the end of December citing security concerns.

In a statement Carson stated that he was forced to cancel the trip to Kenya, Zambia and Nigeria since he had been advised by the secret service over a number of concerns.

Carson’s campaign said the decision to cancel the trip was made Wednesday afternoon.

“We decided yesterday afternoon to cancel based on significant security concerns that we had to take seriously,” Communications Director Doug Watts announced. “We just made a decision based on pertinence.”

Watts said there were threats, but would not comment on the nature of them. He noted that the campaign did not “make this decision lightly.”

The retired paediatric neurosurgeon said he would have liked to see the Zambian twins, who he surgically separated after they were born conjoined.

Carson was planning to meet with heads of state and senior government officials throughout the trip.

The retired neurosurgeon said he was making the trip for a mix of personal and political reasons, noting that he likes to hear from people first hand to get a better grasp on foreign conflicts.

He also planned to visit the Banda twins in Zambia — conjoined twins he separated about 18 years ago.


    • But these PF??
      Just because it was reported that he would like to visit his fellow Seventh Day Adventist HH? PF should be educated that Carson is USA republican (Patriotic) candidate and he is not opposition to PF like Nawakwi.

    • Carson can still go to Zambia incognito, he will blend it! Meantime, can someone give us an update on how the twins he separated had fared in life?

  1. ulebepa ba nani iwe. you just decided it was better to campaign more in the US than go globe trotting realising your dwindling steps in the presidential race polls.

    • No, Luka and Joseph are very much alive. These are high-profile twins who were born somewhere around 1996. We’ve had few Siamese twins born after Luka and Joseph and unfortunately most of them have not survived despite being successfully separated at UTH.

  2. Does LT have qualified journalists? The heading should have just been Dr Carson cancels his trip to Africa and Israel

  3. @zagaze, these guys are straight forward, they are not like your panga family who say things completely different from what is on the ground. The battle field on terror has come to Africa and a US presidential hopeful does not have the same security as the president. So when the CIA warn about security concerns, one must take them seriously.

  4. My Goodness, God has answered prayers. Kept away Great dr. Ben Carson from helping his fellow seventh day brethren HH. Hakainde Hichilema should now take note. Going up against the LORD God almighty Jehovah is a losing task when a nation is declared Christian.

    Viva President Nawakwi.

  5. You told us that he was coming to visit HH, you Zambians can be funny .
    To me it made no sense why should he visit HH , what was the connection , now the truth has come out .
    He wanted to come to see the twins he worked on .

  6. RE: OPEN LATTER TO UPND, NEZ, BANTUSTAN A SECRET SOCIETY GROUP & SATANIST ZWD. Imwe bafa na!!!! I used to get iritated each time UPND Chaps post any nonsical comments on important topics but now i have accepted your madness and stupidity mr NEZ and your under 5 UPND, note that HH will never rule zambia as long as he remains a satanist or unless your under five becomes born again.Secondly you should thank the editors of this site for respecting your foolish opinion on every topic. Imagine if it was myself or other well meaning Zambians critising or insulting your under five presedent HH on ZWD or Zambia eye a wholly owned subsidary of Zambian Watch dog or the Metro can they publish my opinion? No they cant as long my views are contraly to those of the tonga chaps, HH, and Matani. Lastly…

  7. U guys in upnd pls pls concentrate on your nitemares over your running mate GBM or Garry nkombo is waiting too. Remember your new found friend post i quote onlyonly a Tonga can rule upnd

  8. This has nothing to do with security; he’s fading in the polls and running out of money. He was never a serious candidate–he’s supremely unqualified–and now the US electorate are waking up. Unfortunately they continue to slumber on Trump.

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