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I’ll not sit and watch people suffer under failed leadership of President Edgar Lungu-GBM

General News I'll not sit and watch people suffer under failed...

GBM at a press briefing at Cresta Golf View Hotel in Lusaka
GBM at a press briefing at Cresta Golf View Hotel in Lusaka

United Party for National Development vice president for administration Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has vowed not to leave Kasama and watch police abuse their powers to block him from interacting with party members across the country.

And Mr. Mwamba has accused the PF of using the Public Order Act to block the UPND and other opposition political parties from interacting with their members.

He said the PF should understand that they did not own the country for them to limit opposition political parties from visiting their members.

“My visit up north to Luapula Province is to meet our members and supporters and tell them the message that UPND is a national party and not a regional party as PF suggests,” Mr. Mwamba said.

He said the people of Zambia also needed to know that UPND was ready to form government and take care of the Zambian people struggling to live decent lives.’’

Mr. Mwamba said he would not sit down and watch the people of Zambia suffer under the failed leadership of President Edgar Lungu. UPND would continue sharing its vision of making Zambia a better place and win elections that way.

“This is what makes the difference between UPND and PF because the ruling party thinks it will continue using tactics to win elections,’’ Mr. Mwamba said.

“The greatest thing is that PF are aware that tactics can no longer work and so have resorted to using the Public Order Act so that my party and other opposition political parties cannot meet and interact with its members,” he said.

He said he would not sit and watch the police abuse their powers to block him and the UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema from interacting with their members across the country.

“Can you imagine police in Samfya came rushing in riot gear and accused me of addressing a rally along the road,” Mr. Mwamba said.

“I had to remind them that I am a known politician who has served as a Member of Parliament and former Defence minister and so people will always want to say hello as per tradition,” he said.


  1. Abena GBM, when you see Police rushing to you in full riot Gear, just receive them with open arms & loads of sheki sheki, they will turn round & protect you – by the time they get back to their station, the only thing they will report is “FALSE ALARM BOSSES!” How will Azagwa know??

  2. God has given you money that you can use to help the power. you can open a loaning facility like a bank where poor but viable farmers can get loans. Take poor children to school. what Zambians cant do is remove a working govt becoz of promises

  3. Big body small brains hh called gbm what has changed is it bcoz of wanting a popular bemba vote? This gbm man has nothing to offer to this country.

  4. Chuundu Chaitwa you so dull and myopic .The issue trie is outdated.Hunger affects all people regardless were people come from.Edgar can not feed us from his pocket we need economic policies to change the economy.

    • so ba SIDO you are saying GBM and HH will produce money from their pockets to feed the nation and stabilise the economy,rubish,why do you think so low gentlemen,GBM what is it that he had given to the of kasama,at why is he scared of going for a by-election?he knows that Sampa will do him bad,here in Lusaka he stood against Lubinda he lost if it was not for my micheal to take him to kasama this time nga ni kaya mind you GBM is not a factor he is only power hungry lets wait and see what will happen between him and C.Banda

  5. let me take you back slightly in 2009 Appearing on radio Mano that September morning, guest GBM makes some remarks that perhaps gives us an idea of who he is and the philosophy of his leadership. GBM remarked that the people of Kasama should vote for him in that by-election because Kasama, in particular, and Northern Province in general belonged to the Bembas. Casting his MMD opponent in terms such as “foreigner”, GBM made it clear that as a Namwanga, Mugala had no place in the political future of Kasama. This statement from GBM was seriously problematic.and you guys can trust this moron GBM when someone says upnd is a party full of tribalism you say no,just wait and see what will happen next in your party,birds of fly together

  6. Fat Albert is a joker. His workers at his palatial home on Roan Road in Kabulonga are always complaining about low and frequently delayed salaries. Are his workers not among the suffering?

  7. I do commend GBM for having resigned from PF’s cabinet in 2013. But without him addressing what he said in 2009, I find his move to be extremely grim. In this article, I wish to interpret GBM’s resignation from the PF cabinet and cast it in light of his remarks in 2009. I do this for the following reasons. First, I do this to highlight the guiding attitude of Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba. Second, I want to have GBM to quickly address this so that he can perhaps atone for this cancer. When GBM remarks that Mugala is a foreigner he is playing into the common stereotypes and historical rivalries that have existed between the Namwanga/Mambwe peoples and the Bemba-proper. In history, the Bemba-proper people through their chiefs had dominated the Namwanga/Mambwe people. According to historian Rotberg…

  8. I have been leaving in kasama, just behind kasama boys a place called Mukulumpe. I have watched GBM since he came on political podium.
    Now listen all of you that think this man is popular in kasama, he is not. He was only popular because of Mr. Sata.
    Just watch the space and you will prove me right.

  9. Gbm has nothing that can offer to this country they jst want to come and finish what the country is remaining with.

  10. “The greatest thing is that PF ……. so that my party and other opposition political parties…… cannot meet and interact with its members,” he said.

    “My party”? This coming from GBM, the owners of UPMD must be scared stiff even though he is their Vice President.

    Please UPMD tell us how you will sort out the running mate issue. Remember it has to be done before and NOT after the elections….kikikikikikiki

  11. Some pipo Patrick are so irresponsible that giving them total freedom they can bring violence in our country. lets wait for campaign period my dear.

  12. To those who have false hopes in GBM as being polular in Kasama, here is for you to take. Pick up a phone and make a call to anyone in Kasama or Northern Province for that matter if GBM is indeed the man he lies to you. I was in Kasama and asked the native, “Can you show me any investment that belongs to GBM here”? The answer was oh you that late big fat Albert, remember the small milling plant he had in Kasama, he can and removed all the machinery from it, so ifwe kuno Kulubemba, its President Lungu and PF epela!
    And to confirm it all, the whole Kasama Central was just in PF regalia, so ba UPND dont be cheated and have false hopes about GBM in Northern Province. The house hold name is President Lungu, Kelvin Sampa, late President Sata and the PF.
    GBM must learn some good lessons…

  13. GBM in this article says “my party and other opposition political parties” watch this space, its a coup d’etat ba HH, remember the running mate clause, you cant fire the vice president and before you know it GBM will automatically be president of UPND, its well calculated!

  14. Surely, even the people called kaponyas by the “elite” UPND have no regard for GBM, he is no different from William Banda, get it or die denying the fact!

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