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Kalusha Bwalya questioned for more six hours by the Anti-Corruption Commission

Sports Kalusha Bwalya questioned for more six hours by the Anti-Corruption Commission

Kalusha Bwalya with ACC investigating officer Emmanuel Mwenge
Kalusha Bwalya with ACC investigating officer Emmanuel Mwenge

FOOTBALL Association of Zambia (FAZ) President Kalusha Bwalya was yesterday questioned for more six hours by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC)over corruption allegations involving among others the FAZ-Nike deal.

After walking into the ACC offices as early as 07:00 hours, Kalusha left the ACC offices at 13:15hours beaming a smile and joked with the press who wanted to know how the questioning went.

He jokingly described the questioning as a friendly courtesy call. Clad in a black pair of trousers and t-shirt, an unaccompanied Kalusha arrived at the ACC offices situated at Kulima Tower building in an Ipsum taxi and left in the same taxi almost seven hours later looking jovial.

He was escorted out of the ACC offices by Investigator Emmanuel Mwenge. Kalusha walked to the taxi that was parked waiting for him throughout the questioning and acknowledged the reporters present who were waiting for him.

Asked on why he was summoned by the investigation wing, Kalusha said he will not comment on the matter and all quarries should be directed to ACC.

“I think you should ask them (ACC) maybe they can tell you what this was about. I don’t think I need to comment on this. It was just a friendly courtesy call,” Kalusha said.

And in a briefly worded statement from the ACC, Corporate Affairs Officer Christopher Chibanku said the ACC are continuing with investigations into allegations of corruption at Football House.

“The ACC wishes to state that it is continuing with its investigations into allegations of corrupt practices at FAZ.

“The commission will not comment further on this matter as this might jeopardise the on-going investigations,” Chibanku said in a short statement after the questioning.

Sources disclosed to the Times of Wednesday that Kalusha was summoned over the former FAZ treasurer Kelvin corruption allegations at FAZ.

Mutafu alleged that FAZ was embroiled in corruption practices which led to the end of road with Nike sponsorship deal.

Mutafu also alleged there was a scam on the match tickets which sees the tickets airlifted from South Africa instead of dealing with a local ticketing company.

There is also an old investigation on payments dating back to back to 2009 from former FIFA vice-president bin Hammam allegedly for the support in winning the Qatar 2022 World Cup bid.

Kalusha Bwalya with ACC investigating officer Emmanuel Mwenge
Kalusha Bwalya with ACC investigating officer Emmanuel Mwenge

Kalusha Bwalya
Kalusha Bwalya

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    • 6 hours of questioning and no lawyer or adviser by your side…are you sure that was questioning or just having breakfast and signing autographs!!

  1. Comment:How i wished acc was like fbi in executing its duties, that galu could have been locked up by now. Look at blatter and Platini, they will never resurface in the soccer fraternity again, end of career for corruption but in zambia kalusha came out smiling because ba acc balilyamo

  2. Kalusha should not be allowed to continue using FAZ as his personal “ATM or Cash Cow”. The man has single handedly indebted FAZ despite the millions that the association continues to rake in from international football match gate takings. It is time that this thug was caged!

    • The hungry star struck ACC Investigation Officer is even walking him out of the building with the backdrop of “together against corruption sign” and we even know his name as well…this is highly unprofessional, its no wonder the Galu is smiling….ACC is merely there for the poor the rich and connected will forever walk out smiling like him there.

  3. The great king Kalu deserves respect from you Zambians. You are now forgeting that he played a crucial role during his playing days. I last heard Kalusha some fèw yrs back coming to Zimbabwe and borrowed money from a lending company but failed to pay back.

  4. ba mutafu bakaamnab zoona, nimwebo mungalasebanya ba Kalu zolili. mwalisha ba kalu eko twafuuma nabena zoona. ok boss zolili mwatuponya amapointi ba kopaala

  5. ACC how can you question someone that long and not even raid Football House or even charge someone? I highly doubt it he was being seriously questioned…it’s no wonder the Galu is smiling.

    • How can it be witch-hunt if the former Association Treasurer said so; you are telling us there is no truth in all these allegations even those in the past….blind worshipers said the selfsame thing about one Sepp Blatter now look how much damage and rot he has caused that could have been avoided.

  6. Comment: The only administrator to bring AFCON to date. How does it feel not to have that feeling. Jay Jay it hurts. Especially if you are looked after.

    • FAZ is not self sufficient which it should be and is bankrolled by each and every Zambian …if its not Zambians to pay for all those flights to training bases in Galu’s RSA and charter flights to Gabon there wouldn’t be AFCON…so what happened after that? There is nothing to show for wining AFCON in administration, management, in the league..everything was looted. You should be ashamed of even mentioning it.

  7. Bailifs will be pouncing on FAZ soon for non payment of bills yet we have thousands of football tops being sold in Zambia, with proceeds going into the pockets of kalu and his gang. Tickets for football matches printed in SA for a commission to kalu denying zambians work in Zambia. GRZ built stadia which are usually filled but no one knows how much is raised because they are stealing.
    FAZ is supposed to be a major contributer to the treasury if properly run but has been rendered bankrupt by kalu and PF.

  8. Leave Kalusha alone ba Kolwe !!!!!!! U ve no idea about the ACC procedures so just shut up and go to sleep and eat mango..ba swine imwe

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