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PF cadres attempt to disrupt FDD meeting in Kawambwa

Headlines PF cadres attempt to disrupt FDD meeting in Kawambwa

Ben N'gombe threatens to use his log on Alice Kapasa who is seemingly unfazed by the threat.
Ben N’gombe threatens to use his log on Alice Kapasa who is seemingly unfazed by the threat.

PF cadres on Thursday afternoon tried to disrupt a training meeting held by FDD President Edith Nawakwi were the party was training small scale farmers and Party members how to plant Soya Beans.

The cadres insulted people at the training meeting and threatened to beat them using logs which they had earlier hidden in the over grown grass.

But FDD President Edith Nawakwi pleaded with irate members who wanted to chase the cadres led by Ben N’gombe to ignore the provocation saying “am a mother and everyone is my child regardless of the party they belong to.”

Ms. Nawakwi told her members that the party had the proud history of being a peaceful party and that the cadres had been sent to disrupt the meeting because the leadership in their party was getting jittery due to the program in which her party was not only helping farmers with seed but providing technical skills and support to ensure that those helped get maximum yield.

After failing to achieve their goal to disrupt the meeting the cadres disappeared for a short while only to reappear with police hoping to use the public order act to stop the meeting something which proved futile as the organizers had gotten a permit for meeting.

Meanwhile Kawambwa Police officer – in- charge was heard pleading with Kawambwa Central FDD aspiring Candidate Alice Kapasa to end the meeting because her permit did not indicate that Party President Edith Nawakwi would be attending the meetings.

He was heard saying the police had respect for Ms. Nawakwi as FDD President and would like to protect her. He told Ms. Kapasa that she did not understand what was happening were he was from adding that the only program they knew as Police was for the FDD Party and not the party President.

Seeing that they had failed, the cadres, who were led by Ben N’gombe from Kawambwa town embarrassingly drove off while shouting insults and threatened to burn one of the cars on the FDD entourage together with the driver.

And speaking to the police later Ms. Nawakwi told them to start protecting PF cadres because they were becoming a danger to themselves.

She stated that the provocation was getting out of hand and that one day she will not be able to control the crowd as people were getting tired of the nonsensical behaviour by the PF.

“Next time when we are having a meeting I think the word you should send to the PF is that they should be reasonable enough not interfere with other people because by the time you arrive these people would have been injured because they are just a handful against a crowd so in future the people who are in danger are the PF cadres because the provocation which they are instituting on others is too much,” the FDD leader told the police.

She also told the officer – in – charge to tell the District Commissioner to round up his cadres and ensure that they do not go round harassing people for no reason.

Ms. Nawakwi is in Kawambwa to officiate at a number of training meeting for FDD members and small scale farmers who have received Soya Beans seed under the FDD Start-Up Grants program.

President Nawakwi talks to the officer -in - charge
President Nawakwi talks to the officer -in – charge

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    • The problem is Edgar Lungu has filed to govern. All this violence is because our Commander in Chief has negated on his duties. Compare with conduct of cadres when Mwanawasa was president? But then Mwanawasa was a more accomplished lawyer compared to the below average one who is president right now.

    • Chagwa must tame his cadres, ZEC already warned him. Busy accusing UPND of planning chaos next near when PF cadres are already maiming and brutalising people everywhere.

    • PF cadres are a disgrace and danger to Zambia. Mwanawasa(MHSRIP)was right to sideline cadres. They should be no where political structures.These are thugs who will support whichever party is in power in exchange for violent behavior…They do not help our country progress. Thumbs up Nawakwi..you are a shining example of courage and patriotism.

  1. It must be HH fault.
    PF cadres are law obeying and peaceful Christians.
    Most probably this bunch of uneducated criminal outcasts of civilized society are disguised followers of HH.
    After all, our learned, humble, vise, visionary, anointed, peace loving dear leader has warned us against this occurrences.

    • Or otherwise it is caused by “global” factors !!!

      When is this useless Lungu going to walk the talk and make sure these lawbreakers are arrested and jailed for disturbing the peace?

      Or are they above the law because they are PF and can help to get him elected ???????

      Is this man ready to make a war just to stay in State House?

  2. PF don’t talk about other political party not mentioned, just stop violence period. This was FFD gathering and not PF/UPND fights that the two of you are used to.

  3. Hambulo advise your wife Edith to work with HH so that we can wrestle this country from these barbarians from PF. The two candidates have 90% chance of bringing sanity to Zambia.

    Please HH and Edith set your egos aside, start talking.

  4. I think President Nawakwi she is doing what many are not doing. Improving the quality of life in a practical and personal way. She needs to be supported by all including those who have not chosen to do what she is doing.

    • What would Mandela say in response to you:
      “She ought not to be doing that in the first place….”
      Expecting people to use their personal resources to solve public problems while government renders the government unnecessary. We don’t pay taxes to pay Chagwa and his minions. We contribute to the Public Vault to address people’s concerns such as what Edith is doing. The government has been on a borrowing spree and not a single community can say, we have been made better and enriched because of that. Not one!

  5. That is proper propanganda those dont look like pf cadres they appear to be hungry farmers who were not included seems the selection was bia. Nawakwi thinks prostitution is everywhere. Dont cheat pipo.pipo refused to attend u feel its pf cadres ala abantu balamona.that is typical forest u followed farmers in the bush take care u will be beaten one de as u move without permits. Question are u also going to buy maize from those farmers?

    • Mweetwa. I don’t how old you are but Nawakwi maybe older to be a mother. Being in politics she has not lost dignity. She deserves some respect like any parent

    • @ mweetwa

      You are absolutely right. PF cadres do not carry mach-sticks, they carry guns.
      PF cadres are “sharp” dressers. Our dear leader has set example.

    • Look at these PF theiving supporters, even showing off that their caders carry guns and dress well while the population is brutalised and suffers. All they know with their dull leaders is borrowing, stealing and violence.

  6. Some comments confirm exactly how far down the sewers we have come as a nation. It is very disheartening for those of us with national memory to bear. This state of affairs has been a gradual build up from the “by air” days of UNIP and vigilante phenomena that brought purpose (albeit misguided) to unemployed youth and those generally bereft of analytical skills. What is it that makes us hate each other so much that concepts and dogma will drive us to be so callous. The Afrikan is one of the branches of humankind that exercise hate and stu.pidity to its maximum extent. It is NOT any President – it is a condition ALL Presidents have failed to quell but have harnessed to their short-term ends!

    • Dear Kalok, unfortunately, this is Zambia in 21st century. It makes me wonder about “brain power” of “expert political annalists” and theirs political idols.

  7. Edward this does’nt imply she is a prostitute but if u feel it that way its yo interpretation. A mother shud care for her actions to be respected thats direct attack on my party pf fdd stop attacking pf. Yo president and hh have no points to tell zed they feel mentioning pf then they have solved pipo s problems sad to these prostitutes who have no solution for zednes.

    • @Mweetwa or whatever you call yourself. The last person I heard call himself Mweetwa was a wise one.

      Listen up dawg! A party in power is a target of anyone called Zambian. If you don’t want your party to be attacked keepp it out of politics, it is that simple. As long as Chagwa who survives on my tax contribution flashed the PF symbol when he is touring the country, spending my money and flashing PF symbol, he and PF are putting themselves in cross-hairs. It is just the nature of the beast buddy. Get used!

  8. The only party cadre I see in the picture is the woman dressed in FDD regalia. The rest look like villagers quarreling about something, maybe not enough farm inputs distributed by Nawakwi.
    We must watch out for fake stories filed by party cadres or so called officials. For example every party leader now moves around with party “journalists” to take pictures which convey what they would like to show as harassment. It’s campaign time remember? you will be fed on all sorts of stories especially to show that their parties are popular and gaining ground.

    • Edward, Edward, Edward……….

      In today Zambia “non practicing partisan politics” amounts to betrayal of the “soul” of basic requirement to qualify as “patriot”: stupidity, 1mbecility, ignorance, greed and self imposed “knowledgeable” importance which is a dream.

  9. ba Nawakwi she is just an attention seeker bp yakwela pa last ati ba PF in kawambwa pipo in kawambwa are very peaciful my shikulu has buit a leap bangalow there so what the hell is she talking about chipuba uyu mayo attaaaa cheap and useless politckin

  10. Lungu is a shameless and stupid drunkard who should removed from the corridors of power. Lungu is a disgrace to humanity.

  11. How can that silly man threatened to beat a woman with that log over Political Party issues….someone needs to show his mother that photo!!

  12. But why do Nawakwi and HH follow president Lungu wherever he goes?president Lungu was in Kawambwa this week,from nowhere Nawakwi also goes there,why?they just provoke situations!!whether Nawakwi and HH like it or not,Luapula is PF stronghold,so PF supporters cannot accept a bad message from Nawakwi about PF!!in the end those are the results.PLUS SHE IS LUCK THAT SHE WASNT BEATEN!!SINCE NEXT WEEK PRESIDENT WILL BE ON THE COPPERBELT,WE WILL SEE THESE 2 LOSERS (HH AND NAWAKWI) ALSO CRYING TO HOLD MEETINGS THERE-SHAME!!!WHY CANT THEY WAIT FOR CAMPAIGN TIME KANSI?WE ARE TIRED OF THESE DAILY POLITICS!!

  13. Hh just marry nawakwi instead of stealing molin she is still mourning may be u can win these coming elections. NB DO NOT FIGHT POLICE THEY LEAVE U WITHOUT GUARD U WILL EVEN FAIL TO GO THRU THE ROOF NEXT TIME.FOR GBM HE WILL FAIL TO RUN ONE DE

  14. Nawakwi is raising the education and the food security of our nation; then a vagabond threatens her. How does that even make sense. We know from hence that thug originates.

  15. There is something fundamentally wrong when the President of a country on government business goes round waving a party symbol in everybody’s face. PF government must learn to lead a nation of different pipos. There is no need for arrogances.

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