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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Islamic Council of Zambia opposed to Grand Coalition plan to de-campaign PF

General News Islamic Council of Zambia opposed to Grand Coalition plan to de-campaign PF

Grand Coalition
Grand Coalition

The Islamic Supreme Council of Zambia has admonished the announced plans by some civil society organizations to de-campaign the ruling PF.

Council President Suzyo Zimba says there is no need for civil society organizations to start engaging in active politics just to please a few individuals.

Mr. Zimba says there is no doubt that they are some elements in the Grand Coalition on Campaign for the People Driven Constitution that are not serving the interests of Zambians.

He says the Muslim community is there to support progressive ideas and not decisions made to please a certain minority in society.

Mr. Zimba says the Islamic Supreme Council of Zambia, which is a member of the Grand Coalition, will not side with the decision announced by the Grand Coalition as it will not take part in active politics but only support progressive ideas in the country.

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  1. The truth is that the Grand Coalition is asking PF to give people what they want, not want PF want to select from the Draft. The Grant Coalition are right and fighting for the right just cause. When PF was in opposition was crying and fighting for the Draft to be translated or adopted as a New Constitution without Changing anything. PF lacks integrity and honest. From the article and action of PF it is very clear that PF wants to please the minority. Why would any reasonable government not give its people all what its citizen needed in the constitution? The government should stop making noise about money, all that is required is to adopt the Draft in it form as New Constitution through parliament. Then no extra money will be spent.

    • Michael – You Grand Coalition wants to prolong the process to the detriment of Zambians so that they can continue milking the process and seeking funds from donors. Are you not surprised that the donor community is with Govt. on this? What did the US Ambassador say just a few days ago?

  2. Grand Coalition is now a disgrace, why are they still called Grand Coalition when some of their members have disowned and continue disowning them? The police call it impersonation I think.
    A coalition can never succeed as long they have funny clergymen and women in their midst. Some clergy women are known members of UPMD, already biased when you hear them say they will de-campaign, Actually they achieve the very opposite because their church members know them inside out and will never be misled

  3. I also failed to understand why my contribution to the constitution was removed. Am very annoyed. Today we would have been witnessing the first ever gay marriage and strip clubs in Zambia. This is what has annoyed the gc too.

  4. What is to de-campaign? Does this terminology exist in normal English parlance or its a Zambian creation? I am not sure of its usage. I know you can campaign FOR or AGAINST, but to de-campaign? What the hell is that?

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