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Davies Chama accuse VJ of trying to use a back door back into politics

Headlines Davies Chama accuse VJ of trying to use a back door back...

Edgar Lungu and Vernon Mwaanga
Edgar Lungu and Vernon Mwaanga

VETERAN politician Vernon Mwaanga has been accused of trying to blackmail Government Patriotic Front secretary general Davies Chama has charged.

Mr. Chama said that Mr. Mwaanga had been critical of the Patriotic Front (PF) Government of late because he was ‘‘trying to use the back door to come back into politics for a living’’. Commenting on Mr. Mwaanga’s statement that he doubted whether Zambia would stage a free and fair election next year following traces of political violence with the latest being the police attack on the MMD in Eastern Province last week, Mr. Chama wondered why Mr. Mwaanga had continued to actively participate in politics despite his declaration that he had retired.

Last week, police teargased MMD members who were attending a mobilisation meeting for party structures being addressed by Dr Nevers Mumba in Lundazi.

He charged that Mr. Mwaanga’s behaviour of late was testimony that he was desperately trying to attract the attention of the ruling party by waging a smear campaign against.

“He (Mr. Mwaanga) is now trying to attract the attention of PF by making comments about anything, even issues he does not understand, with a view that he will creep through the back door back into politics so that he can make a living but the PF will not tolerate that.

“He has resigned from politics a number of times and had managed to bounce back using the same tactics of holding governments at ransom so that he can be co-opted into the system because he thinks that it is the only way he will manage to make money. Why can’t he emulate other veteran politicians who have retired from politics?” Mr. Chama asked.

He said politicians should not take advantage of the peace Zambians had continued to enjoy by bringing in unnecessary tension by thinking that they were above the law and conducting themselves in a way that would bring anarchy in the country.

“If there were no free and fair elections, we would not have managed to get into power to replace the MMD and the MMD itself would not have won the election against UNIP and we will have free and fair elections even next year because that is what we are known for.


    • chi davies chipuba i know it very well worked with it before. What he is talking about makes no sense. Anyway next year its UPND and HH, chapwa. Only a f00l would vote for PF

    • I think that Zambia needs an AU peace keeping force to oversee 2016 elections. We are breaded for genocide like Burundi. The Bemba Hutus are bent on staying in power at any cost and will do anything to anybody to get their way.

  1. I think Chama is being unfair. When VJ says he doubts if country will have free and fair elections owing to increased violence. Why is Chama not happy with such a statement because he has always said his party is a violence free party and just like his boss, EL, he is of the view that UPND is the party fanning violence. I had hoped Chama would embrace VJ’s statement and use it to reinforce his narrative.

    • VJ Mwaanga has extensive knowledge of political diplomacy and tact. One would be committing suicide to attempt to ignore his advice. VJ fought for the independence of this Country and has held very senior positions in previous Governments that Chama will never do.
      The sentiments by VJ are spot on and genuine. Any sane person would’ve taken that advise and not to pour scorn.
      This violence being perpetuated by PF will haunt them one day.

  2. But uli chokopo iwe. Surely even if some one has retired and he is invited to make a comment and observation does that amount to returning to politics. The man is jut stating what he saw and heard and responding to what he was asked.

    What would you expect one to say with what transpired in Eastern Province when MMD was tear gassed, Kabimba attacked from a radio station? Avoid to answer a question because they have retired? If you have nothing to say just shut up.

  3. Chama uli mwaiche sana, ukubula bena VJ & other veteran politicians, iwe nga uchili uleamfula. Politicians RETIRED OR NOT, as Zambian CITIZENS, have a RIGHT TO COMMENT & HAVE AN OPINION of how our/their country is run – iwe mposa iloba, bushe kuti watinya bena VJ????? wa mena amasako te????

  4. What are they smoking there in PF? they are taking turns, next comment will come from chichibwili kashimba. Ifisushi fye…cant wait for next year to clean up up my our once beautiful country of Zambia

    • You are right! That has been my question always: What do they smoke in PF? Even the new IG has also started smoking.

  5. It is sad that some people do not understand the word ‘patriotic’. Can one retire from being patriotic? Does patriotism only affiliated to active politicians? VJ ought to be concerned and worried for the country he loves. Those scenes of Nevers and his supporters being choked are unfortunate and send wrong messages to all citizens that love Zambia. Besides the incidence may mean that Nevers was bringing anarchy if he didnt follow procedures and that if that continues elections wont be peaceful or that the ZP errored in their excution of duty and if they will continue in the same path then elections wont be fair – now for CEO of a known party to belittle Dr Mwaanga then it simply shows that all in all his interest is being served. This is actually what worries all patriotic Zambians…

  6. Firstly, unless the reporter has left out some key part to this story of what Chama said otherwise I don’t get the sense in Chama’s argument. Secondly, I’m alsoalso trying to understand where istatedstated anywhere that once someone retires form active politics then he/she shouldn’t make any comments about their political observations in their country. Anyway that’s the calibre of our current leadership in Zambia, sad really.

  7. Comment:Chama and Chishimba Kambwili most of the times their comment are irrelevant.Iwe Chama where did you learn your Political Science?

  8. Who told you that VJ is broke? It seems some are happy to see Dr Nevers teagassed in a such manner. Even Zimbabwe our baby in politics you can no longer see such brutality on defenceless citizens. British Ambassador, USA and the powerful nations where are you and what are your roles as High commissioners? Is it that Chagwa Lungu is so powerful?

    • The US police are also busy shooting and beating up their citizens. They have no right to speak about a sovereign nations law. Especially when MMD and other opposition partys have done nothing to change it. Davies Chama though is another type of wrong.

  9. Insults are not the way to go and I don’t think the people insulted even see these insults. Let us contribute respectfully like the respectable people we are.

  10. No wounder PF is bankrupt morally and intellectually, with people like this guy in key positions. All they know is violence, exciting kaponya supporters and stealing. Chama has never made any sense when ever he is aired.

  11. This is ridiculous of Chama and as usual, when he opens his mouth to make a political statement only garbage comes out. I was appalled to see the MMD leader being tear gassed for no apparent reason – would have expected the PF leadership to come out and condemn such anarchy displayed by the police and even suspend the Police person that ordered such an outrageous attack on innocent people.
    As for VJ retired or not he is a citizen of Zambia and can express his views anytime. Let President Lungu get rid of this major liability to PF

  12. Just the very site of this Chama does not give one confidence.If Rupiah and KK make similar comments it is ok but for those condemning PF violence it is not.How did Edgar manage to surround himself with such *****s.Add the deputy Mumbi Phiri the face of the government Kambwili.i can only conclude that Edgar wants to loose.How does one just get gifted of identifying and surrounding himself with complete *****s?

    • Political intelligence, by putting people like Chama and Kambwili in the forefront. President Edgar Lungu has ensured himself victory at any convention. No one now would ever want to replace him with the likes of president Satas team. For even PF hooligans would sooner see him stay president of Zambia than the characters that form up the PF’s kantemba hahaha. That is the reason I say, let us vote for Edith Nawakwi. Zambia’s only true next president.

      Viva president Nawakwi.

  13. Please you guys it is very irritating to see these editorial mistakes repeated over and over. It is: Davies Chama accuses– not accuse. Accuse is for the plural subject.

    • You are also wrong. The form “accuse” can b used with any person in the present except third person.eg. I accuse you of ….

  14. Chama is right…..retired politicians who campaigned for UPND in January 2015 elections are at it again.Let them come out in the open and support their so called tribal party than using fake diplomacy to confuse Zambians who are geared to bring PF back in 2016.

  15. These UPND supporters risk having high BP again after the 2016 elections.They have so much hate and envy due to the good works done by PF.Some of these old men were in govt for many years and yet their home districts had dusty roads.PF has made a difference and yet some of these people want to continue yapping any how.

  16. FDD and our galant president Nawakwi have a very reputable and robust party. Our Vice President is very articulate and thoughtful. As small as we are we harbor no violence or misguided individuals. You have never seen our Secretary General, only when helping small scale farmer grow better crops and use environmental friendly irrigation.

  17. This statement does not make sense ” why can’t he emulate other veteran politicians who have retired from politics?” This his hypocrisy at it’s highest level. The ruling party is supported by RB a “retired” politician but no one from the ruling party has asked him to emulate any one.

  18. @Jessica: It is fine with you because you transact in dollars. May be you are minister may be you are a daughter to Kambwili or Willie Nsanda. Otherwise, how do you think others are envious? Is it this same imaginary pride that has rocked the country to an extent that majority zambisns feel Chelsea, Man U etc mamagers and players know them by their names even dreaming of drinking and sharing money with those teams. This kind of pride is as good as chasing the wind. Be real.

  19. The Post Urinal in today’s editorial comment: “..Why are we allowing Lungu to trample on our freedom of expression and assembly…?”

    Mr Urinal Editor, that is very simple, you seem to be the only one who does not see simple answers. Look here, Mmembe, as decent citizens we prefer civilized language not urinal language. So we would rather tag along with Edgar Lungu, rather than you the urinal boxes.

    • Decent citizens say NO to corruption , violence, huge dollar denominated borrowing, high cost of living , high cost of fuel-mealie meal-bread-fuel-power, unemployment, etc

  20. Is VJ not allowed to bounce back like out very own RB and others that have gone and come back. We need riggers on the arena. VJ embodies a huge character in the art of rigging and we demand that the man comes back to the art he loves.

  21. Chama, how far did you go in education wise? Mwanga, even at the UN , he left a mark with respect on the wall. Ambassador at 21, chama, who are you? You cannot even write a page, moreover a book, mulichipumbu sana, Mwanya muleya 2016, with fail

  22. Mwaanga zambians don’t know this man this is the chap who has grouped and divided ~ he collects information gives to hh for a song. He was mobilised together with the old man former sp minister in a TONGA MUST BE A PRESIDENT COMPAIGN. Actually he is the vice president of ulya palya nachi dobo upnd .GBM WILL BE K~ TO SHOW ITS PF WHO HAS DONE IT CAREFUL U VE BEEN WARNED MANY TIMES. Me, I Dont Support Anyone Tribal Like Hh,mwaanga And Many More Its Primitive To Do Such. Vote For PF 2016

  23. This chiwawa thinks he can take away other peoples freedom of speech and no wonder his party looks directionless cause they do not take advise, criticism and counsel.
    Ba VJ is a very experienced hand in these issues yes he has his shortcomings but listen to what he is trying to say more so that your party is devoid of sober minds, awe sure kambwili,mumbi davis chiwawa,father bwalya,tayali the list goes on and on.
    and ala b

  24. You ka Chap (Mr. Chama) violence is not political it is a cancer that must be condemned by all Zambians whether they have retired from politics or not. If violence breaks out even those who have retired from so called politics will be affected. So you dull chaps stop embarrassing the nation. We do not want to loose our trade mark of being a peaceful nation just because of dull misguided politicians like yourself.

  25. Iwe chi….k.a….la Chama! VJ can make comments on the happenings in the country without necessary being in active politics because that is his right as a Zambian. Kanshi mwaba inshi mumutwe wobe!

  26. Does retirement mean you cannot voice an opinion on what is happening in the country? VJ has every right to comment on issues affecting Zambia and Mr Chama has no right to castigate him. What VJ said is true and represents the feelings of many Zambians that the continued abuse of the opposition by the police will not make the election free and fair. Throwing a tear gas on peaceful people by the police is an abuse of the public order act. If the PF thinks they will become more popular by preventing the opposition from campaign you are making a mistake. Zambian people don’t like it. Please do not take us back to cha cha cha days where the people were holding meetings in the bush in fear of colonial police.

  27. Jesca and Obtala I hope you are not Chama himself hiding under these names. Surely a normal person to support PF with what is obtaining. If you are not chama then I do not know the calibre of some of you.

  28. If my memory saves me right VJ has pretended to have retired from politics four (04) times.
    Why doesn’t he announce his return to politics by renouncing his retirement.
    Is politics the only way to survive. I thought hes supposed to be at a farm some where
    just supplying us with farm produce like maize, tomatoes, onion, paprika, green peper, cabages etc.

  29. VJ CAN T CHEAT A RAT HE IS THE CAMPAIGN MANANGER FOR TONGA MUST BE NEXT PRESIDENT TOGETHER WITH MUKOMBO BEING THE CHIEF ADVVISER. GBM /BANDA ARE UNITY SHADOWS WHO WILL BE DROPPED INTO THE PITY. Lundas ,kaondes,luvales join pf one party lets make a say in one party which has a national character not a party which is popu just in three provinces


  31. @ Buck Teeth Lungu or is Meno Pamatako Lungu. I don’t why you keep insulting Bembas even when it is Lungu and hus Eastern Mafia who are calling the shots. Chama, Mumbi, Kambwili are just being used because of their empty tin noises. So insulting every is very d.ull and unproductive.

  32. Davies Chama has spoken! Really I don’t understand the reasoning behind his statement. Is he just trying to cause trouble or what! VJ might have retired from politics but he cancomment. I doubt if he is trying to get into politics through the hack door. Total paranoia!

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