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Wynter Kabimba marks his Rainbow Party 1st Anniversary celebration

Videos and Audios Wynter Kabimba marks his Rainbow Party 1st Anniversary celebration
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    • Why don’t these politicians just speak in vernacular? My ears bleed listening to mis-pronounced words and the lack of eloquence. I may have been really young in the Chiluba era but the man was a natural orator with charisma and gravitas compared to these tired politicians we have today!

  1. The newspaper bwinjinfumu party is a non starter.Kabimba and ECL should just reconcile and begin working together.Are there no wise men and women who can mediate ? Even GBM who is frustrated and wanting to find solace in the tribal party can still be counselled so that he comes back home to PF where he belongs.He is a misfit where he is now…..we told him in Lubanseshi to think twice and we look forward to receiving him as a prodigal son.

  2. According to the Urinal Post this is the Rainbow party General Secretary and the party’s presidential candidate. Talk about desperate persons, haven’t they heard about the 50%+1? This guy is so unlikeable that he cannot even make an alliance with anybody. With the running mate clause, even UPMD does not have a window for him.

  3. @Obatala, if I were you I would not worry about GBM, he will come crawling back to the fold once he discovers what UPMD holds in stock for him and that is soon, I mean soon. As for Kabimba, not welcome anywhere at all, let the Bwinjimfumu party keep him busy forever.

  4. Damaged products are hardly bought unless in a very desperate situation. Unfortunately Kabimba is not worth it. The moron dribbled himself…..

  5. Yaba – You can’t beat Edgar Lungu in politics, you can’t beat Edgar Lungu in dancing – just call him Kabotolo….yaba yavuta baba!!!!

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