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Friday, February 21, 2020

Macky II vs Slap D at Hollywood City

Headlines Macky II vs Slap D at Hollywood City

macky2 vs slap dee

As they say in hip-hop, the ‘beef’ between Macky II, representing Kopala Swag, and Slap D, the XYZ leader, will take another dimension with a show this Thursday, 24th December, at Hollywood City in Lusaka involving the two artistes, who have undoubtedly dominated the genre since CRI$I$ released the first Zambian hip-hop album , “Officer-in-Charge.
They say beef fuels hip-hop, and it seems the two want to religiously tag that line.
The beef between Macky II and Slap D may not be on the levels of, say, Tupac vs Notorious B.I.G,  NWA vs Ice Cube, Jay Z vs Nas, Meek mill vs Drake ;but it still has own place locally.
Debate as to who is better between Macky II and Slap D tends to be emotive, exposing the divide between those with roots on the Copperbelt and those who have grown up in the capital city.
It is a debate that can never be settled.
But the two camps have now decided to take the beef to the stage for fans to judge who is the best.
“The beef has been on-going for a long time now, so we thought let’s do this once and for all. It’s taken us like three months to convince them [Macky II and Slap D] to do this. So, we’re going to have XYZ on one hand, and Kopala on the other. We’re calling it judgment day; it’s not a reconciliation thing,” Macky II’s manager Shawn, flanked by Slap D’s manager Harry, told the Weekend Mail in Lusaka.
“They will perform all their songs, throughout their journeys. The two have shared the stage before, but that’s in nightclubs, say, where East Point invites them. But this is the first exclusive show organised by the two camps.
“In terms of security, we’ll have about 26 police officers providing security. So, safety-wise, we’re not worried. And also, this being the rainy season, we thought Hollywood will do as a venue because its in-doors,” said Shawn.


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  1. Com on we y’all knw slap dee’s level hip hop wise aint for macky 2 I mean no disrespect to mk but that’s the fact and not just my opinion


  2. Easiest way of earning end of the year bucks ( Masagali, Mankucha, Makhobili, that’s gr8 & I like u all guys. I hope there will be no violence.

  3. Comment:Guys macky 2 quit hip hop,he has never done a hip hop song in the recent past,slap d has the most hip hop awards followed bt chef,macky 2 has none,so let’s turn up in numbers and vote 4 the king of hip hop slap dee,if it was king of dunka yes macky 2 wud hav won buh its hip hop,vote wisely pipo

  4. Good move, at the end of the day you both get paid!!!!!! Leave the fans to empty their pockets and argue who is better while you guys pocket the Kwachas. Like I said really smart guys.

  5. Comment:hey guys these two guys are really hot.. but let me tell you this when it comes to perfoming on stage mark is bad news.

  6. The KING is DIZO …even mk mark 2 knows that, thus y he decided to be calling himself that mark 2 mupondo (why?) because he knows that the king is Already there KING DIZO XYZ FOR LYF

  7. Comment:Please try chef 187 and slap d cuz they are all zed hip hop not macky 2 you allready know he has quit hip hop!!

  8. Mark 2 isn’t the hip hop star. I wonder why he is included rather than chef , I am going for slap dee because between these two he is the hip hop star. Go go king dizo u’re the hip hop star jealous down.

  9. Commented go king dizo we can’t compare this guy to any one here in zambia he is the best any we’re he has done a lot of jobs like bringing of muscians no fever we follow music not money mk with money of steeling copper


  11. MK mackey 2 basambike they dnt knw wat they ar saying ,ts jesus frgv them McKy. Bugar forward>…………………………..

  12. Slap dee has been running things. Ba mk kuwayawayafye. Ba kopala muikoseleshafye but in the actual sense you know dat marky 2 is not on slap dee’s level.

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