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Friday, December 3, 2021

Zambians living in SA hail dual citizenship

General News Zambians living in SA hail dual citizenship

Ambassador Mwamba shares a light moment with PF official   Sunday Chanda at KKIA on Tuesday before departure for South Africa
Ambassador Mwamba shares a light moment with PF official Sunday Chanda at KKIA on Tuesday before departure for South Africa

Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Emmanuel Mwamba says Zambians living in that country have praised President Edgar Lungu over the adoption of a dual citizenship clause in the amended constitution.

Mr Mwamba said most Zambians living in South Africa feel that President Lungu has achieved a lasting legacy over the new constitution.

He said in an interview in Lusaka that Zambian citizens in that country are happy as it was long overdue.

Mr. Mwamba added that the absence of such a law has had a lot of restrictions for Zambians living outside the country.

‘The community in the Diaspora and speaking for South Africa to be specific is happy President Lungu for firstly passing the new constitution and secondly a constitution that allows for modern spaces such as dual citizenship. They feel this is one of his lasting legacy,’ Mr Mwamba said.

He added, ‘For a national to attain the statutes they attain in South Africa, if they are not citizens, they can only rise up to a certain level, so they are forced to assume citizenship in those areas so that they could be Directors, CEOs, they could be board Chairs but they still love Zambia, their roots are here, their relatives are here and they still want the sacred nationality of been a Zambian.’

Mr Mwamba said this is one of the biggest milestones for the people in the Diaspora.

He said Zambia has one of the most educated people working as professionals in the Diaspora working as Engineers, Doctors and nurses who would like to bring those skills home with no restrictions.


  1. while this a good and welcome legislation I tend to wonder were the excitement from our politicians has come from all of sudden….what legacy is Mwamba talking about when ECL was looking for sympathy vote he said he will go by and maintain MCS legacy…and we all know what MCS thought of dual citizenship…..he was not against Zambians having a dual citizenship…but the allowing that would mean everyone residing in Zambia will have the right to have dual…his concerns were that indigenous Zambian will be at the disadvantage…..because Labanes, Indians, the Chinese will apply for Zambian citizenship and will be entitled to what Zambians are entitled…currently you have to a Zambian to buy this or that…..houses, land etc…now when the guys with money are brought on board…Zambians…

    • ..cont’d..
      ….Zambians will be at a disadvantage…..if only this dual clause was restricted to indigenous Zambians only…

    • ..by the way non of the excited politicians especially in those in the ruling party dared to challenge MCS on dual citizenship….so were do they base there jubilation…..

    • This is our constitution which we gave ourselves as Zambians. It is not a gift. We are not at the mercy of EL to have a new constitution. That mentality from an ambassador is sickening.

    • We get exited with silly things and leave serious issues unresolved. The clause is not that clear and seem disadvantageous for Native Zambians. So what?? Zambian in South Africa think SA is better than Zed?? damn? shallow thinking get your acts and move your country forward. Dual Citizenship is Laziness. The ambassador is dull thinking this is a big achievement by PF.

      Nothing comes from these embassies that benefit our country, with HH we will close them down.. waste of resources.

  2. most Zambians living in South Africa are illegal anyway.. so dual citizenship doesn’t make their being in South Africa better.. but this is a very welcome development to Zambians legally abroad…


  4. It is a shame that only black Africans seek dual citizenship from the west running away from ignorance and poverty perpetuated by our ancestors just after attaining useless, stupid independence and freedom or whatsoever gives us (Africans) a meaningless pride………

    • You are such an ignorant twat. Americans living here in the Uk as do Australians, Canadians etc (all White) also like dual citizenship. Just shows how untraveled you are…

  5. Those opposing dual citizenship have a serious misconception. The issue is about allowing Zambians to acquire another nationality without sanction, or allowing those who have become citizens of other countries, to become Zambians again, in addition. It is not about Lebanese, Indians or whoever, applying for Zambian citizenship. They have always had the right to do so, and if they qualified, they were given Zambian citizenship. It is not for Zambia to deny them the same on the basis that they already have another citizenship. That is between them and the laws of their country. Just as the British, for example, will give British citizenship to a Zambian irrespective of whether Zambia allows dual citizenship or not. It is up to that Zambian and his/her country’s laws. It is Zambia that may…

    • Muna, well said and well put. Zambians living abroad do not intend to disadvantage their brothers and sisters back home. Zambians living abroad want to unite with their families without visa restrictions.
      The law says if born in Zambia, you remain a Zambian national and descent for the rest of your life, even if you live in New Zealand, Papau New Guinea or Ghana

  6. The Zambian law provided that if you acquired another citizenship, you lost the Zambian one automatically after three months. Or alternatively you could expressly give up the Zambian one when you acquired a new one. If found with another nationality, while still professing to be Zambian, through the use of the Zambian passport, for example, you could be prosecuted (remember the Sikota Wina case years ago when he arrived back in Zambia on a Sudanese passport?) Zambia actually used to allow dual citizenship until Kaunda decided we do away with that law. Now it will mean getting another nationality without having to give up your Zambian one or the Zambian passport.

    • Sikota in this case is a bad example. He was a mandrax dealer and he did not want to be traced, hence his use of so many diplomatic passports.

      Kalusha Bwalya has two nationalities – he got Dutch nationality when he married his Dutch wife and played for Holland, and kept his Zambian passport even at a time when Chiluba banned dual nationality…! many people got harassed and arrested by immigration, but people like Kalu were never harassed or asked about their passports..!

  7. Comment:The *****s who are opposed to dual citizenship are dull who are arguing about something they dont understand. Travel beyond the Zambian border and understand half of what the ambassador is talking about. Appreciate good things sometimes instead of being blid fundamentalists!!!

  8. Comment:The *****s who are opposed to dual citizenship are dull chaps who are arguing about something they dont understand. Travel beyond the Zambian border and understand half of what the ambassador is talking about. Appreciate good things sometimes instead of being blind fundamentalists!!!

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