THE Zambia Medicines Regulations Authority (ZAMRA) has said it will
soon carry out raids on illegal drug stores and pharmacies that were
not following the right procedure in Kabwe.

ZAMRA Public Relations officer Ludovic Mwape said his organization was
carrying out country wide raids and that they had conduct them in two

Mr Mwape said they had conducted the raids in Lusaka and the
Copperbelt were a number of people had been prosecuted.

He said a total of 48 arrests were made in the two provinces while
other cases were still in court pending judgement.

“We arrested a total number of 48 people in Lusaka and Copperbelt
while 8 cases were still in court just waiting for judgement,” he

Mr Mwape said people dealing in illegal drugs and were not registered
with ZAMRA were putting people’s lives at risk because only qualified
pharmacists were supposed to administer medication to people.

He said it was unfortunate that even unqualified people were being
allowed to prescribe medication to customers even though they did not
have any experience.

Mr Mwape said any one found wanting risked being imprisoned with a
minimum penalty of 5 years in prison and a fine of K 600,000 or both.

“I would like to urge those people that are dealing in this trade in
Kabwe to stop because they risk being imprisoned with a minimum of 5
years or a fine of K600, 000,” he said.

He said ZAMRA would not relent in bringing the culprits to book and
that people that were involved needed to follow the right procedure.

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  1. They will only do it when a political rival shows up with earnings from this sector of the economy. It is the Zambian disease of delayed punishment and ignored injustice.



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