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No load shedding on Christmas, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day-Siliya

Economy No load shedding on Christmas, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day-Siliya

Energy minister Siliya unveils the plaque during the official opening of Solwezi Fuel depot
FILE: Energy minister Siliya unveils the plaque during the official opening of Solwezi Fuel depot

Energy Minister Dora Siliya has revealed that power utility ZESCO will not cut off power supply on Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve including New Year’s Day.

Ms Siliya also announced that the Ministry of Energy and Water development will strive in 2016 to reduce the electricity power deficit.

She disclosed that the first unit of Itezhi Tezhi power station was successfully commissioned on Thursday.

‘During this festive season we will not load shed customers on Christmas day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Investment in hydro and solar remains a priority as we continue to pray for good rains,’ Ms. Siliya said.

She also said the Ministry will also strive to have consistent supply of fuel to avoid disruption to economic activities.

‘Climate change is a reality. The Ministry will review its Master Plan to accelerate water harvesting and better manage water bodies,’ she said.


  1. Comment: If you can do it for even a single day, it means there is capacity to supply power to all every day. where have you suddenly gotten excess power from?

  2. I think the question is how have you managed to d this? Is it because of the newly commissioned itezhi or its just one of those sacrifices in the name of festive season?

  3. Really laughable you can afford not to do it for holidays but you can not do it for working days ….no priorities whatsoever yet the selfsame are paying millions of dollars for importing this electricity only to routed to mines at subsidized rates. Oh I forgot Zambia is Christian Country.

  4. The virgin birth story was not unique or indigenous to christianity and that it was a borrowed concept from the far east, from which it entered the Near East, from where the Europeans adopted it into their religions including christianity.

  5. DIONYSUS – GREECE: Born of a Virgin on December 25th, placed in a manger. He was a traveling teacher who performed many miracles. Turned water into wine. Followers ate sacred meal that became the body of the god. He rose from the dead March 25th. Identified with the ram and lamb’s and was called “King of Kings,” “Only Begotten Son,” “Savior,” “Redeemer,” “Sin bearer,” “Anointed One,” the “Alpha and Omega.”

    HERACLES – GREECE: Born at the winter equinox of a virgin who refrained from sex with her until her god-begotten child was born and was sacrificed at the spring equinox. He too, was called “Savior,” “Only begotten,” “Prince of Peace,” “Son of Righteousness.”

    • Everyone who is perceived to be eccentric is thought of as being special. There was and still is nothing special about the mythical figure named Jesus.

    • Can you stick to the topic, rather than expanding on this drivel. Fact is all religion in the world has some shared borrowing and it is not limited to Jesus.

      Jesus DID walk this earth and gave us HIS word personally. We can believe in Him.

  6. Having access to power/energy should not be a treat or a favor but a right for all, especially in a world where technology is the lifeline for many businesses that are key to developing Zambia

  7. PF suporters you have to be careful with some of these comments. Deep down their hearts they know how hard working you are and how difficult it will be for them to win. your success is their failure and your failure is their success

  8. Power (Electricity) has become very expensive beyond the reach of ordinary Zambians after the increase of electricity tariffs by PF President Edgar Lungu and the ERB. What is it that ordinary Zambians can celebrate about today under the PF administration because life has become so hard and unaffordable ? Who will redeem us from this mess we have been subjected to under the PF thuggery government that we see today ? It’ s really a crisis and if we make a mistake by voting these goons back into power next year, Zambia in the next five years will become another Zimbabwe. What surprises me is that all the guys in the PF government seem to have been born from the same mother because they are heartless people who do not feel for an ordinary person in the street. Non of them own property in form…

  9. Well done Dora ! We know that you will make it in that Ministry because you are hard working.Forget about the arm chair critics.

  10. @mushipi Chewe,well said,
    Tariffs are too steep .where are the investors who are supposed to come in,or is it money for campaigns

  11. These Perpetual Failures (PF) are telling us that they cannot load-shed us during the festive season and do so when it suits them! Shame on them.

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