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Kanganja becoming unprofessional – UPND

President Edgar Lungu Greets IG Kakoma Kanganja
President Edgar Lungu Greets IG Kakoma Kanganja

President Edgar Lungu Greets IG Kakoma Kanganja
President Edgar Lungu Greets IG Kakoma Kanganja

The opposition UPND has expressed worry that the Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja has already started showing signs of unprofessionalism.

UPND Chairman for Rural Reconstruction and Development Moono Mapani says when the new Police Chief was been sworn in recently he swore to defend the constitution but that it is worrying that he has opted to start serving the interests of the party in power.

Mr. Mapani says the opposition political party is making frantic efforts to engage Mr. Kanganja so that there is fair application of the Public Order Act in the political sphere.

He says Mr. Kanganja is an educated lawyer who should understand well that he is in that office to protect all people and not do things to appease the appointing masters.

He has reminded the Police IG that he is in office to uphold Article 104 of the Constitution of Zambia and not to serve the interests of the PF.

Mr. Mapani says the UPND is worried that the Police IG is slowly loosing focus and has started showing fruits of unprofessionalism.

He says it is for this reason he is hoping that the police IG will keep the doors to his office open so that the opposition and other stakeholders can freely engage him on matters of great concern to the peace and stability of the nation.

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  1. Why should we expect one lawyer to behave properly when he was appointed by another lawyer that behaves the way the appointee is expected to behave?

    • @Patriotic, I totally agree with you. The problem is always not that the IGs do not know what is right and what is wrong. They need to be as bold as former IG Francis X. Musonda, who probably was the most professional IG ever. Under Musonda, the police were not intimated by ruling party political parties.

    • “I was the vice-president and I am the one who took that new change for notice for public meetings. We removed the permission aspect; so as we stand now, there is no need for that,” Brig Gen Miyanda recalled.

      Who needs further clarification? The flood gates opened a long time ago but short memory among Zambians and phobia of reading places us where we find ourselves giving fertile ground that our rights be trampled upon! What say the police now? It’s NOTIFICATION chapwa! Let the games begin!

  2. This time police is governed by Lungu. Ubuchushi pali ifwe fwebapina nabashili mu PF , Tatukwete ukwakubutukila, nga niba police ukukwipaya, caba ichintu cayanguka kuli bena. Mugabe formular in Zambia…eccchhhh….

    • Just obey the law and all will be well with you. If you want the feel the weight of the law simply break it. Am a faithful law abiding citizen and will never complain about the police. To me they are just doing a commendable job.

  3. The Kanganja family has always been people of integrity, wisdom and fair play, it would be a shame if these qualities get sidelined to serve the interest of the political masters. I sympathize with Kakoma in that the appointing authorities expect those appointed to serve them, rather than be the professionals that they are. It is being placed in a very difficult position and Kakoma must be having a hard time reconciling his conscious and professionalism with the political demands being required of him.

  4. I wonder how charles kakoma publicly denounce Md Libongani as he thought kanganga would add value to the IG position,simply Md libongani was better off than this new police chief,let kakoma start praising kanganja once more

  5. Kachemas re always ‘cry babies’ in nature from HH to a cadres.They re also vulgar,tribal and critical of anything and everything coming PF.Bitterness and regionalism re their main agenda in this nation and they re up to no good at all.What wrong has Kanganja committed in just two weeks of being in office.Just for once be reasonable and OBEY the law.Its not yet time for campaigns,give ECL chance to govern properly without your noise!!!

  6. Upnd thot kangaja being a tribal cousin will put a blind eye at there violent actions. Proper cops at hand. If U follow the law u are free,but if u follow to break the law there two things involved its either u are teargased or u are arrested if u are teargased u are ok but if u are arrested there two things involved its either u are acquitted or u are imprisoned continue ig be firm and fair no campaigns until govt announces these idi~make alot of noise and cause confusions.tekanyeni mukalusa fye bwino

  7. Kanganja, is not a graduate, he was just constable, who did not further his education. What do you expect from him. WORSE things to happen, he does not know anything, there be blander after lander. That what chagwa wants dull people, who just says YES Sir, to everything. This one will go in the record of the waste IG in history, any way even his boss chagwa is also dull lawyer. Cry my beloved country.

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