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HH accused of telling Chief Hamusonde; it’s shameful for you to speak in Bemba

General News HH accused of telling Chief Hamusonde; it's shameful for you to...

Chiefs Hamusonde( Right in white shirt and brown hat) and Monze (left in brown t-shirt and black hat) were among some of the invited guests at the Zambia College of Agriculture’s (ZCA) 4th Diploma and 64th Certificate General Agriculture graduation ceremony held under the theme, “Continued Innovation and Quality Agriculture Training Beyond the Golden Jubilee Year” , in Monze
FILE: Chiefs Hamusonde( Right in white shirt and brown hat) and Monze (left in brown t-shirt and black hat) were among some of the invited guests at the Zambia College of Agriculture’s (ZCA) 4th Diploma and 64th Certificate General Agriculture graduation ceremony held under the theme, “Continued Innovation and Quality Agriculture Training Beyond the Golden Jubilee Year” , in Monze

UNITED Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema has allegedly criticised Chieftainess Mwenda of Chikankata for welcoming and speaking to Patriotic Front secretary-general Davies Chama in Bemba.

Details have emerged of a telephone conversation in which Mr Hichilema complained to Chief Hamusonde of Monze that it was shameful for some chiefs in Southern Province to speak to Mr Chama in Bemba.

Sources close to Chief Hamusonde and Mr Hichilema said the chief was quiet throughout the ‘furious’ complaint last week.

The source quotes Mr Hichilema as having said: “I have just returned from North-Western Province and people there are warming up to us but it’s shameful that some of the chiefs in Southern Province did not just welcome Chama but spoke to him in Bemba. This is shameful.”

Mr Chama wondered what kind of president Mr Hichilema would make given the traits of tribalism he is exhibiting.

“Mr Hichilema is a tribalist who will never preside over the critical affairs of this country. How can he become bitter because I visited Southern Province when we are One Zambia One Nation?” he wondered.

The UPND has struggled to shrug off the tribal tag following the death of its first president Anderson Mazoka as its members insisted that it would only be led by a Tonga.

And Mr Chama has lashed out at Mr Hichilema for accusing the PF of using police to stop opposition parties from organising their structures.

Reacting to Mr Hichilema’s allegations that the PF is using the police to prevent opposition parties from organising their structures, Mr Chama said the ruling party does not control the police.

He said police would not stop any political party from organising themselves.

Mr Chama said President Lungu is on record directing police to adhere to professionalism as they execute their duties.

“The police are just applying the law to people who do not abide by it. It is, therefore, important for the UPND to do so to avoid problems,” Mr Chama said and described the opposition party as a cry baby.

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    • More PF lies from the chief liar of the party of LIES!

      We have all seen through your lying, they do not work anymore.

    • One wonders where this level of politicking by Chama emanated from! Can someone help with detail of Chama’s education level? His is very cheap and mediocre approach at trying to cleanse himself of the insult he directed at Tonga’s which is haunting him! HH has become PF’s nightmare at assured retention of power come 2016 thus the smear campaign being directed at HH where HH is on every PF members lips who opens their mouth! Where are the other parties with their leadership for PF to only make seem its only UPND that is opposition? With such lies perpetuated by Chama going unchallenged through courts, dignified politics is doomed! Politics of idiocy as exhibited by Chama is destroying the camaraderie Zambians have built over the years!

    • Ands whats wrong with him condemning the tonga chief. He is a chief, the custodian of the cultural practices of his people. Chama is a politican who should find ways of speaking tonga or use a translator when speaking to a chief. Putin speaks more than average good english and perfect german. Yet when he is in meetings with americans or germans, he does not use english or german but uses russian through and through. they translate for him and those he speaks to. This is more than just mere tribalism. it is bigger. it is about cultural identity mwebantu. Havent you wondered why its always the african teaching their own children foreign european languages, yet the european dont teach swahili, tonga, bemba or igbo in their schools. This is how languages die. in zambia, we have accepted too…

    • Where is the telephone clip ba LT. When ZWD reports about such they provide hard evidence.

      Just because the chief refused to yield to Chama ‘ f00lishness they are now trying to drag HH into it. Shame on PF minions.

    • These are lies bent on slowing down (not halt) the wind of change. HH cannot and will never rebuke anyone for speaking in any language. HH himself does not speak in Tonga when he visits Kasama, Copperbelt or provinces. He speaks the locals’ languages. Please give HH a break!

    • Did Chama greet the Chiefs in Tonga? I doubt very much. He is a serious tribalist. To him the only tribe and language is Bemba.

    • HHis right. why should the chief speak to Chama in Bemba? Instead, Chama should speak the chief’s language or he should have an interpreter. When we are in the Northern parts of the country, we try to speak bemba. we do ask the locals to speak in Tonga. So if HH told the chief this, HE HAS MY TOTAL SUPPORT AND RESPECT!!!

    • I am not surprised. HH should for sure come in the open and dissociate himself from these claims or we shall take this as gospel truth. I Remember when Sata was president esp in the year 2012, the watchdog was busy insulting Bembas at any possible moment. If they pick some bad news about a bemba, they would publish that and write all kind of rubbishiii about Bembas and yet we know that the Watchdog is financed by HH. They openly insulted Bembas without HH saying a word. It is from watchdog that I have decided not to give my support to UPND because they encourage tribalism and yet HH keep on supporting them. UPND should know that they can easily win elections even without the support of southern province only if they remove this tribal Tag. If Sata practiced tribalism and he managed to…

    • Continuation……. If Sata practiced tribalism and he managed to win, that was very wrong. A sane leader can not adopt a similar evil behavior and embrace. Sorry Mr HH, with this kind of behavior, 2016 may just slip your hands again. Bembas are your people and brothers. love them and don’t demonize them. The same applies for Mr Chama. Mind your mouth about other tribes. You people are going to divide this country. Our children will start fighting because of your behavior.

    • This is how languages die. in zambia, we have accepted too much nyanja and bemba at the expense of other languages. we are killing our own ethnic languages. And a chief should know better. Its not wrong to speak bemba or nyanja or lozi or tonga. but for the sake of identity and preservation of culture, it behooves the chiefs to speak in their native tongue as a symbol of cultural practice and language preservation.

    • In zambia, we have accepted too much nyanja and bemba at the expense of other languages. we are killing our own ethnic languages. And a chief should know better. Its not wrong to speak bemba or nyanja or lozi or tonga. but for the sake of identity and preservation of culture, it behooves the chiefs to speak in their native tongue as a symbol of cultural and language preservation.

    • Typical PF, no substance. This is a fabrication…play the recording in your ZNBC…deadNBC. HH and us who follow him are concerned with developing the country, stopping the PF corruption and violence. Davies Chama has no credibility whatsover

  1. HH, you are an *****, you think Tongas are the only pipo in zambia and you want to rule zambia, twakana, dont sell and divide zambia. what do u think u are? satanic and trible ***** man go to hell.

    • ghs
      Be real. I don’t think your dullness forbids you to believe that this story about HH is a lie. Zambia is a sinking titanic under PF the wisdom Lungu got from Zimbabwe.

  2. What is it that Bembas have done to Tongas? one thing HH needs to know is that Bembas did not chose to be Bembas. Anyway its upto GBM and his sister Nalumango. Atleast Mutati has made up his minds

  3. Another fake article by lusaka times who are used by the hyena and Mr. Hippo! Useless and be professional!! Do in Rome ad Romans do!!

  4. Mazoka went to Mporokoso Secondary School right in the heart land of Bemba land. He spoke fluent Bemba. No wonder he won our hearts.

    Chama is not Bemba but Lala. No wonder GBM is taking a crash course in Tonga.

    Zuma speaks nearly all languages in South Africa. But people speak to him in his native Zulu language whenever he interacts with them to avoid misquotes.

  5. Ba Lusaka times please in this generation lets be factual not always telling lies about others.Lets suppose HH wins the 2016 elections what will be come of you what next lies are you going to be telling this poor nation?

    I can bert with any one HH can not and can never ever lower himself that low, mind you he is above Chama, Mumbi Phiri, Sunday Chanda, Tayili, Kambwili and the rest finish the list.

    This is one Zambia One Nation. Surely you PF are a group of evil people, even after the so called reconciliation prayers, thats when you nhave even become even more evil. GOD CAN NOT BE MOCKED WATCH YOUR SPACE

  6. Where is the source of your article u imbeciles? Shame on u! I have Neva heardvof ourcin coming president talking about tribalism! Umuntu ni hh! Fintu in lungu sangoma! 2016 izibika and izula bayangana!! Hh a wina!!

  7. This is another lie from PF. Even if it was true I would say that it was shameful for a chief to speak in Bemba instead of him speaking in his own language which was to be translated to the visitor. As a Royal Chama is the one who was supposed to speak or greet the chief in the chief’s language. But this story is not true. PF is trying its dirty tricks on HH but they will not succeed

  8. Why is it that when this site says things against PF, the people who comment praise it. When it reports that ZNBC unfairly treated UPND, people praise the site, but when the site report things against Nevers Mumba, I don’t see people attacking this site. It is only when it reports anything against HH. Who is this HH that nobody can report anything negative against him. I can understand ZWD because he owns that site.

    I have read stories on this site for and against HH, ECL Nevers Mumba , Nawakwi you name them ..Bottom line, I think LusakaTimes is a fair media platform and gives platform to everybody ..keep it up and don’t be distracted my HH’s hired guns on this site

  9. Destroying one another may never help you politicians. Remember what Rupiah BANDA had done to late M C SATA on stand-up Zambia Chanda CHIMBA III where people Humphrey Siulapwa were paraded to reveal that Sata said a Tonga will never rule just to bring hatred among tonga and bembas. It worked but not so much. That was a telephone one to one discussion but because you want to malign HH yoy decided to broadcast. You may achieve something in a short run but these effects will divide your children forever. Remember at Anderson MAZOKA’s funeral it was Kenneth KAUNDA who said “if you dont want then zwa” and people like Mwananjiti and Madyenkuku who are now members of the PF who advocated fir a tonga take over. These individuals are in PF now but every has been taught in the minds of bemba…

  10. Hh has been country trotting that he has neglected his stronghold, southern province. The pipo in southrn province are feeling neglected so much so they are seeing hope in other parties. Believe me UPND has the weakest political structures in southern province than any other province. UPND s strength in southern province is simply tribal. Look at the local govt. the councillors they are the worst in in illegal land allocations in the country. By the way chances are the chief grew up and worked on the copperbelt or lived in a metropolitan town so wats wrong with speaking bemba if he is able to

  11. @ shebele manda
    I totally agree with you.The only strength for UPND in Southern is tribalism.The MPs do not even spend money to campaign.If PF,MMD or any party had well organized people on the ground,UPND was going to cry in 2016.At least Munkombwe could make some noise and be listened to.The rest are just time wasters for their respective parties.They are not adding any value.

    It is shamefull however for HH to criticize the Chief because she used bemba which is a Zambian language too.Hope he is not misquoted.This is the man using GBM as a bait to get votes from Northern province !

  12. LUSAKA TIMES IS FULL OF FAKE AND BLIND SUPPORTERS OF PF even when they can see that Zambia is a sinking titanic under PF.

  13. Zambians are aware that Pf is a party of liars. There is no tribalism in zambia. The pf tribalism is political just to try the ‘divide and rule’ tactic which apparently is not working well for them ( pf). HH is the next president.

  14. This realy not any for people to bust their guts. The truth is that in their typical self feeling of supremcy, Chama can only speak Bemba not Tonga or any other language for that matter because it is CHITUNDU, so to welcome him the. Chief spoke to him in Bemba. Contrast this, would a Tonga party official been welcomed in Tonga by a Chief in Kasama,Mansa,Chnsali? No chance. Even HH speaks Bemba, Nyanja, Kaonde and Luvale when he pays a courtesy call to chiefs in the respective areas so why can’t Chama speak Tonga in Monze..The simple reason is he does’t know because he has not taken the intrest to learn other languages typical of the majority f Bembas. Ku itemwa. I know Bemba colleagues who spent 5 years at school in Souther Province and some in Western Province but never took an…

  15. I’m afraid, in Tonga land, HH is too junior to confront the chiefs in a telephone conversation for that matter. Tongas are very respectable to their chiefs. This is what we call mud slinging in politics which is only practiced by individuals whose IQ is almost or equivalent to those chaps admitted at Chainama Hills Hosp. Even his(Chama’s) own last born son would wonder how on earth would anyone come up with such a childish stup1d thought….’Dad, wouldn’t you have thought of something sensible than this cheap hallucination sure..??’

  16. Certainly not but English is the official language as of now. Next is the local language, which in this case is Tonga. Tell me which. Tonga politician has gone to visit a Chief in Kasama,Mansa,Chinsali has been welcomed in Tonga. Chief are custodians of culture and courtesy require that when you are in their presence you respect their culture and by extension language, no matter who you are. HH speaks Bemba when in Kasama, Nyanja in Chipata, Kaonde in Solwezi Lozi In Mongu. Why, because he has made any effort to learn them to be truly Zambian and inclusive. Chama does not speak Tonga because to him it is inferior like any langUage to the self proclaimed mighty Bemba.

  17. Comments reserved, I have seen this story on Zambia Reports which openly promotes tribalism so I hope LT didn’t get the story from there. The Post always produce recordings in cases like this so I hope you also have one. Will wait for that before condemning HH especially since you are quoting another tribalist, Mr Chama.

  18. This story is on Zambia Reports, a site known for promoting tribalism i hope LT didn’t get it from there. Provide us with a recording like the post does then I shall condemn the man. But quoting Chama a known tribalist in the story doesn’t help in proving the claims.

  19. Pf’s poor style of governance & high poverty levels have already decampaigned pf. The country is already in a mess economically. Zambians are ready to vote out pf on the 11/08/16.

  20. I will never understand the selfishness and blindness of these southerners…deep inside they know that that’s the character of most of them. However, since it was said by their god, they can never accept. If it was Edgar Lungu reported, they would be falling all over each other to insult. HH can pretend but will never hide his real character. And for those calling for the recording, what are you going to say If the recording is made available……? You will still say it’s a fake…..we know you

  21. Let all cadres here be aware that those supporting HH and ECL have already made up their mind. Even if LT today together with Davies Chama or Charles Kakoma engage a corrupt jounalist and malign HH or ECL like Chanda CHIMBA III did against late Sata, it wont help them. Remember Chimba had evidences from James Lukuju, Humphrey Siulapwa where late President Sata was quoted by Mr Siulapwa as having said “mwaiche teti tuleke umu’tonga’ kuteka icalo”. That was done to reduce votes for Sata from Southern. It worked but good enough. RB lost. Whether Davies Chama produces evidence like Chanda Chimba III when pipo are decided he cant change them. It is always those with message of hatred, witch-hunting to a level of tracking pipo’s phone calls who go into oblivion. Ask Lt Gen Rev Hon…

  22. Comment: This is what is known as propaganda the purpose is to fabicate issues to destroy opponents Dont blame LT this article was posted by PF propaganda depertment which has pipo like sunday chanda other parties including UPND hv such departments

  23. To: @ FRED SIBEYA et al

    • @ Arm Chair Critic: Such statements were made by people like Kenneth KAUNDA, Ngande Mwananjiti and Siacheye Madyenkuku who are now supporting PF. Zambians should hold such people accountable. What are historians doing if not to allow misinformation of our past for our present and future by lazy people who cant research like this Arm Chair Critic.

  24. UPND is a tribal party period.I have lived with UPND supporters especially in southern province.Always for its about tribalism.I can’t believe and understand them.They even threaten to chase bembas from southern province.We need one another pipo please.Tonga women are so gud but most of the guys are so selfish and tribal.HH has had a bad background coz he thinks bembas stop him from ascending to presidency.There is so much hatred in HH.sometime he even speaks that he would have been the president if he was not a Tonga.U can read that this man loves tribal politics.This is why we tell UPND supporters that it was wrong to allow HH to lead UPND when Mazoka died.It was publicly declared that he could be only succeeded by a Tonga.Bembas showed us how succession should be when Sata died.

  25. UPND iwe sure is a tribal party.I don’t know why HH hates bembas.He even shows it when talking.Iwe kwena uyu mutu can bring civil war.please HH is a bad leader period except for one tribe who can’t hear what this man talks about bembas

  26. Wasting time on this shameless tribal HH and his tribal UPND… He thinks by flying on the wings of GBM and Mutale Nalumango he can change thinking of people in Northern, Luapula and Muchinga Provinces…… He is in for a rude shock….
    HH knows that he will never be president of Zambia.. Who will allow him to come and put Zambia on SALE.

  27. Those who truly know HH are not surprised by this. The man ia a devil. Too bad for people like GBM and Canicioys Banda. UPND and HH are tribal and don’t ever doubt it.

  28. Now we will see Times of PF dance to the tune of their lies. HH is suing if they don’t apologise for their fake story within 24 hours. We will see what you PF cadres will say since you accept every lie that comes from your mother of all lies.

  29. What is wrong in opposing the bembafication of the whole of Zambia and preserving other languages and traditions ?? You can bembasify E province but you won’t sucssed in the south.. Remember when chiluba went to livingstone and addressed a meeting in bemba??, the audience walked out.
    Zambia is not a one language country. You will never find a chief addressing any one in another language in bemba land.


  31. That’s why I don’t believe in this theory that all presidents are God given,if that’s what you believe do you think our current tea car ra is God given the answer is certainly No because God always give good things to his people and their no way God can gives us a visionless,clueless,brainless,useless and a drunkard as our president unless you say we are a cursed nation.

  32. He has been caught up again in tribal ranting!! He never learns kwena. GBM and Nalumango should leave UPND as it adds no value to Zambian politics. It is only there to divide this country on tribal lines. Let Hechi Hechi drop from UPND Presidency now before he is humiliated for a fourth time consecutively in next year’s elections. Hechi Hechi has failed UPND indeed.

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