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MMD’s Response to Edmond Miti’s call for National Convention

Columns MMD's Response to Edmond Miti's call for National Convention

Lengwe Bwalya MMD National Youth Treasurer
Lengwe Bwalya

Edmond Miti, claiming to be a a young concerned man who loves the MMD, has written an article published on Lusaka Times saying that there is nothing wrong with debating the issue of the MMD convention. Whilst he is correct in that assertion, he is unfortunately displaying ignorance on the issues and the points he raises suspiciously sound familiar. Let us set him straight.

If you examine all the statements from people calling for a convention, they are ALL WITHOUT EXCEPTION people that were expelled, resigned or defected from MMD and who are working against the party. We can list them here one by one, including Watson Mtonga who falsely claims to be Lusaka Province Chairman yet he was expelled last year when he joined Rupiah Banda in supporting the Patriotic Front (PF) against his own party.

Our National Secretary Mwansa Mbulakulima on 10th December (http://mmdzambia.org/news/2015/12/10/mbulakulima-cracks-whip/) issued a statement in which he mentioned the impostors who are calling for a convention and claiming to be MMD party office bearers such as Moses Mumba, Obby Mwansa, Faustina Sinyangwe and George Kangwa. Yet they are not our officials. This is a fact and not just a claim as records at our party Secretariat readily show.

For example, Mr Mumba was last an office bearer in MMD TEN YEARS AGO! A former office bearer calling for a convention is as absurd as Wynter Kabimba claiming he is still PF Secretary-General and then calling for a PF Convention next year. Does Edmond really think it makes any sense for us as MMD to accept statements from impostors who are not office bearers?

Edmond claims the issue of the convention after 5 years is “straight forward”, which proves how ignorant (or dishonest) he is. Does he know for example that the MMD held a convention in 2005 and the next one came in 2011, SIX YEARS AND NOT FIVE YEARS late? Does he also know that it is only the MMD National Executive Committee that has powers to call a Convention and decide the exact date as per Article 14 of the MMD Constitution?

Edith Mataka is not a “disgruntled” woman but is the Copperbelt Chairlady and has been in that position for some time. The people who gathered at Hotel Edinburgh were not “innocent” MMD members but paid people. Edmond’s statement on Ms Mataka is very insulting and demeaning. This, among other reasons, suggests that like all the other impostors calling for a convention, he is just another hired gun.

The MMD intelligence wing gathers information every single day about all these schemes against our party. We already know about impostors sponsored by Lunte MP Felix Mutati who are calling for a convention in 2016 so that those who lost to Nevers Mumba at the 2012 Convention can have another shot to remove him and then negotiate with PF to be running mate under the 50%+1 electoral system. We already issued a statement on this issue and even named the people involved (http://mmdzambia.org/news/2015/12/24/mutati-being-secretly-funded-by-pf-to-take-over-mmd-says-copperbelt-mmd/).

Edmond Miti, you cannot fool us. We know all the signs of hired guns who think we are dumb and cannot see what’s going on. Sorry to let you know that we are ten steps ahead of you. Just go home and do something else.

Lengwe Bwalya


  1. Several holes have been punched in Nevers mumba evidence of claims of evidence of police permit issue in eastern province. for instance place of permit request being in sinda while meeting was in lundazi. secondly permit was for 22 nd while the police interrupted meeting on 18 th. I would imagine the MMD would come forward and clarify or at least apologise to the IG for calling him names

    • Iwe munjali, as explained on the earlier story, those were just a sample of the notifications and not all of them. There were many meetings held in many places. Sinda and Lundazi were just two of the many places visited.

  2. Mutati should be ashamed of his actions. His plan is an open book. He is not a stable guy. He failed to perform under UPND.

  3. ….there is definitely something amiss here….its like two secondary schoolboys exchanging letters over a kama girl…
    ..reading between lines it looks like Lengwe is avoiding to clarify what the provision of their constitution entails on holding of a convention. Giving reference to historical data which happened to be wrong is not convincing at all…..if they had taken six years previously(2005 to 2011) that does not mean they would do the same any other time…two wrongs does not add up to a right thing…the question is…was a 2011 extra-ordinary convention considered to be some sort of a ‘by-election’..???…trashing the calls for a convention because those calling for it are perceived to be Mutati sympathisers is not right…soon PF camp will ignite the same fire…just wait…

    • Scrutinizerer, the 2011 convention was a full convention. It was not extraordinary. Suppose there is a war in the country or some other big problem, should the party still go ahead and have a convention? Please use some common sense. Those Mutati people are paid and bought as the article says. What part of that does your brain fail to comprehend?

    • ..Kapalala…
      …sorry I meant to write a 2012 convention at which Nevers was elected president….im sure my point of view now makes sense to you…if it doesn’t then you need to examine your brain…

  4. Lengwe is a very disturbed character. We remember how he was hired by Nevers Mumba when he was the Mulungushi University Union President and organized Students to protest against RB.

  5. That as it may, wouldn’t it be wise to go the national polls with a fresh mandate and united? That is what the convention will do, renewed confidence and a united front. It is not possible to win an election without being united. The Former President Banda come back caused a division and merely expelling them is not the answer. The convention will heal the divide. MMD is an organisation that fought for democracy and I can assure you, those that appear in the newspapers aren’t the only ones that want MMD to sort out their mess. The rate at which you are going about this issue is alarmingly destructive and you may end up like UNIP. You are too quick to dismiss opposing views. One wonders what will be the difference between PF and your selves!! President Kaunda agreed to cut short his…

    • Joseph, what you are saying makes no sense. Nevers Mumba was elected in 2012 for a 5 year mandate. What’s 2012+5? Do I need to explain basic arithmetic to you? MMD would be foolish to allow divisive fools like Mutati to remain in MMD. Mutati was expelled in January but given another chance. Now he starts paying people to fight Nevers and you say we should embrace him? What nonsense is that surely?

    • Joseph, what you are saying makes no sense. Nevers Mumba was elected in 2012 for a 5 year mandate. What’s 2012+5? Do I need to explain basic arithmetic to you? MMD would be not smart to allow divisive people like Mutati to remain in MMD. Mutati was expelled in January but given another chance. Now he starts paying people to fight Nevers and you say we should embrace him? What nonsense is that surely?

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